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Old 05-25-2018, 08:45 PM
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Superheroes and sex) What could be better?)
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Old 06-01-2018, 09:39 PM
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Post New Superheroines Story Board

Hey, if anyone is interested , I've just started up a new Indices board featuring stories featuring superheroines in sexual situations, stripping and ENF stories are allowed too.

If you'd like, you can visit the link here to start posting:
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Old 06-24-2018, 01:57 AM
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Default Story Board Sample

Here's a sample story from one of our new authors on the board, hope you enjoy!

A Sensual Showdown by magicmerlon

“Drop the vault, Titania!” Dynamo Girl demanded. She struck a pose in the street to the delight of onlookers

The villain snarled in reply, still holding the huge vault above her head easily with one hand. “If you insist!” she said, and threw it at the buxom hero.

Dynamo Girl leapt to the side, narrowly avoiding the ten ton cube of steel. The vault smashed through the asphalt and threw up a cloud of dust. Dynamo Girl would have to be careful; Titania was world renowned for her superhuman strength. She walked out of the dust cloud unharmed, with a long confident stride that gently shook her breasts, tight as they were in her skintight suit.

The hero wore a golden suit, as tight as latex and as flexibly as spandex. The suit was gold, and she had black gloves, black boots, and a black sash around her waist. She was a short girl with DD breasts that looked even larger on her frame. Even though she kept them contained in a sports bra under her suit, they still never stayed completely still. She was skinny, at least enough that her tight suit flattened her tummy.

Dynamo Girl came to a stop and struck another pose, sticking a hip to the side, thrusting forward her chest confidently, and pointing an accusing finger at Titania. “Last chance to come quietly, fiend!” the little hero announced.

Titania was a full head taller than Dynamo Girl and a whole heck of a lot more intimidating. She had the muscles to nearly match her super strength, her biceps and glutes flexing through her own tight olive green suit. She lacked a sash around her waist, but otherwise had her own black gloves and boots.

“Why don’t you make me, Dynamo dike?” she roared back, flexing at the hero.

Dynamo girl mentally cursed. Her only power was indestructibility. Titania couldn’t really hurt her, but she had no way to actually defeat the villain. Dynamo was used to working on a team, she wanted, desperately, to have just one solo villain capture. ‘I’ll figure something out,’ she thought.

“Uh,” she coughed, “I will!”

Neither Titania, or the bystanders behind the police barricade, were very convinced. In fact, Titania gave a sharp bark of a laugh and crossed her arms over her modest chest.

“Ok munchkin, I’ll give you the first move then.”

Dynamo Girl swallowed and took her time walking over. Think think think, she thought to herself. She had to do something to stop Titania. As far as she knew, the villain had no defensive powers. Even still, her strength made physically attacking her impossible. Come on! Think!

“Ah look at her, she’s scared!” Titania mocked. She turned to the crowd, away from Dynamo Girl. “Is she really gonna stop me?” she rhetorically asked, to the dismay of the bystanders.

Something metallic flashed on her neck, just where her suit ended. It was the zipper! Dynamo Girl could just make out the long line that ran down to just above Titania’s butt. She got a devilish idea.. Could she really do this? It’s to detain her! Nothing more! It’s her only option! It’ll just be a side effect that she’ll get to see Titania’s toned pale body, her breasts, her high and tight ass, her… Dynamo blushed and shook her head. She’ll only have one chance and needed to focus.

Titania was still distracted with heckling the crowd. She obviously didn’t consider Dynamo Girl a real threat. The little hero snuck up on tippy toes. She licked her lips, tried to focus.

Are those her shoulder blades?! She’s so ripped! She could tear me in half! She could split me in half too if she wanted…


Dynamo Girl leaped, closing the remaining difference.

“What the-” Titania said, momentarily bewildered.

Dynamo Girl worked fast. She deftly tore the zipper most of the way down, exposing a wide view of Titania’s pale, freckled back, along with the backstrap of a black bra. Dynamo kept Titania distracted by headbutting her (a move suddenly useful to someone who feels no recoil).

“b*tch!” Titania roared, and tried to turn around.

Dynamo had a split second before she would be thrown halfway across the city. She could even have been punched into the crowd, hurting civilians. She did the only thing left to distract Titania. Her hands went into the villain’s suit and wrapped around to her breasts, giving them a firm squeeze through the thin bra.

Titania stopped and blushed a deep crimson, playing beautifully on her pale face and matching her short red hair. “Hey~!” she squealed, her tough girl demeanor melting away.

Dynamo Girl got lucky that the move paralyzed her instead of pissing her off further. The hero was also blushing herself and on cloud nine. This was for justice! Despite how much she was enjoying it.

She held on for a few seconds, groping and squeezing the villain’s bra-clad breasts. Dynamo Girl would not relent! So long as she squeezed these tight, perfect handful sized breasts, this villain was going nowhere. She tried not to enjoy it too much, as much as she did anyway.

“Surrender!” she yelled out, her voice shaky.

Titania didn’t seem to fully register the demand. “Ah!” she blushed deeper as her nipples got pinched through the bra. “Cut it out~” she meekly demanded.

“Surre-” Dynamo began.

“I said cut it out!” Titania seemed to have found her courage and was reaching back to grab Dynamo Girl.

Another split second, panicked decision. Dynamo Girl had to keep the villain restrained. She fumbled with the bra as fast as she could and found a clip between the cups. She pulled the cups apart and gave a desperate squeeze directly to the naked mounds.
“Ah~” Once again, Titania’s demeanor melted and her knees shook. Dynamo felt the villain’s nipples grow hard and her body go limp.

Yes! I’ve disabled her!

Dynamo bit her lip and tried to focus on why she was doing this and not how much she was enjoying this. The villain tilted her head back and licked her flushed lips. Something was wrong, Dynamo Girl thought. She wasn’t angry or shocked anymore. She looked… uh oh.

“If that’s how you wanna play~” Titania purred.

Dynamo Girl had no time to react before she found herself pinned to the ground. The villain straddled her, sitting on her legs. Titania’s unrestrained breasts thrust up against her suit, her hard nipples apparent through the fabric. She licked her lips again.

At least she’s still distracted…

“You’re the indestructible girl, right~?” Titania purred. She telegraphed a punch by pulling her arm far back. Dynamo Girl desperately grabbed at Titania, pulling at her loose suit as hard as she could. The villain’s free arm had been limp at her side, so Dynamo successfully pulled it down too her waist. Her perky breasts sprung free and kissed the air.

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Titania chided. She covered her chest with one hand and punched Dynamo square in the sternum with her other. A shockwave loudly boomed out, and Dynamo stared in horror as, while her body was unharmed, the upper part of her suit shredded clean off. Her copper skin from the waste up was exposed save for part of her sports bra that stayed intact covering her impressive boobs.

Titania cruelly wrapped a hand around the garment and yanked it off.

“Hey~!” Dynamo squealed. Her indestructible breasts wobbled free, jiggling in the summer air. She was sweating with more than the heat, and her nipples stood at attention. Titania flicked one, watched with pleasure as the boob vibrated. Dynamo clenched her teeth and barely held back the moan.

“Glad to know you’re so durable.” Titania said, she leaned forward, letting go of her chest. Her boobs pressed into Dynamo’s as she brought her mouth to her ear.

“I don’t usually get to cut loose with my… partners.” she whispered.

Dynamo Girl gasped. She felt the villains breasts on hers. Things had gotten out of hand for sure. The civilians watched with wides eyes and cameras. She was half naked in the middle of the city and it looked like she was about to have sex with the person she was supposed to be arresting.

“I think you can handle me.” Titania playfully growled, grabbed the hero's heart shaped ass. Dynamo Girl moaned softly again.

Not here, not now, maybe later…

The villain scooched further down and grabbed hold of the rest of Dynamo Girl’s suit. The hero was occupied with both hands barely containing her chest.

“H-hey, there’s people watching!” Dynamo squealed in panic. She wasn’t sure why that was her main concern. In the course of the strange fight, she decided that being naked with Titania wouldn’t be so bad. But the people watching… not in public!

“Oh, does that scare you?” Titania asked.

“Just d-don’t!”

“Hhm.” Titania considered it.


She literally tore the suit off, along with the pair of panties beneath. Dynamo Girl curled up her legs as best she could, but the crowd could see her trimmed brown bush and slightly wet lips peeking out regardless. She was completely naked in the city, only her mask on now. If she put a hand over her womanhood, she’d let loose a nipple.

“Halt villain!” A heroic man’s voice rang out. Ultra Fellow arrived on the scene.

Titania shrugged. “Guess this is my exit cue. You win this round heros!” She stood up and zipped her suit back up. Her nipples still impressed through the fabric. She tossed her bra to the naked Dynamo. Inside one of the cups was a business card.

She held her pinky and thumb up to her face and mouthed “call me” before leaping away with her super strength.

Dynamo girl groaned. The bra was too small for her and everything else had been shredded. It’d be a long walk to where she stashed her street clothes. And she’d have to somehow lose the paparazzi! Why in the world would they let a scoop like this get away?

--Breaking News!--

Rookie Hero “Dynamo Girl” Rendered Naked in Rowdy Rumble with Super-Ruffian Titania!

The hapless lass arrived on the scene of an attempted bank robbery by the super powered villainess Titania. After trying to detain the bicep-bulked beauty, the hero took an unconventional approach. Dynamo Girl attempted to strip the villain, hoping to buy time for a better equipped hero to arrive! She nearly had the malicious mammaries bared when the villain turned the tables on our heroine! The redheaded rascal pinned Dynamo Girl, who briefly tried to defend herself. In the ensuing scuffle, finally the pale pair bounced free. Two perfect handfuls of freckle flecked breasts on the toned evil body! Things evened out fast as Titania similarly bared the massive mounds of our hero! The crowd and this reporter alike couldn’t help but notice that both ladies were sporting impressively deep blushes and diamond hard nipples. This villain wasn’t done yet! After pleading from our hero, who was occupied with needing both arms to contain her bust, Titania finished the job! Dynamo Girl, naked save for her mask, in the middle of downtown! Help arrived soon after, but all present knew the brown d****s certainly had matching, neatly trimmed carpet. We tried reaching Dynamo Girl immediately after the fight, but she seemed unwilling to answer our questions.

Does her invincibility protect from back pain cause by her massive breasts? The world may never know.
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