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Old 07-26-2018, 04:01 AM
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Originally Posted by SexyJ View Post
I got my drunk sister naked and then helped her give her husband a foot job
...and now we need the full story!
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Old 07-26-2018, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by SexyJ View Post
I got my drunk sister naked and then helped her give her husband a foot job
You can't leave it at that. We need to hear the whole story.
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Old 07-27-2018, 04:02 PM
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The story doesn't really end with that much excitement, but it was still a fun night.

A little backstory: I have recently divorced my husband. My sister and I have always been really close, and I have moved in with her and her husband. Her husband is a cool guy. He and I get along really well. My sister told me a long time ago that he is turned on by feet, and specifically that he thinks that my feet are great. Over the years I've teased him with that knowledge, and let him play with my feet from time to time. He likes it, and I think it feels amazing, so we both win.

Since I've lived with them, and admittedly since I don't have a man of my own to play with, the teasing has become a little more intense. There has been nudity involved on several occasions. No fucking or anything like that. He has no intention of leaving his wife and I have no intention of stealing my wife's husband. But that doesn't mean I can't like to get naked for him, right?

Back to the story at hand. We had an extended weekend at their family cabin for the 4th of July. It's a small cabin that is pretty secluded. On Friday night of that week, we started drinking, and my sister, who doesn't get drunk hardly ever, started drinking too much. When I noticed this, I decided to see if we could have a little fun, and I suggested a strip game using the dart board we had there. We kind of made up the rules on the fly, but my sister was in no shape to accurately throw a dart, so she got naked pretty fast.

I could tell my brother in law was pretty thrilled just with the idea that his wife, who is normally pretty conservative and shy, was hanging out naked with someone else (being me) in the room. But we had started the game saying that we were going to keep playing until there was only one winner.

When my sister got naked, I still had on a t-shirt, bra, and panties, and my brother in law was down to his boxers and a t-shirt. We kept playing, and we ended up with each only one item left. I had my panties and he had his boxers. My sister was watching us play and chatting with us like this was the most normal thing ever.

By the way by brother in law was totally hard for most of the game after his wife got naked, and then especially after my bra came off. It was kind of funny to watch him try to keep his boxers covering his dick.

When it came down to the last turn I knew that either way he was going to be a happy man. Either he got to be naked with his naked wife and his topless sister in law, or he got to hang out with two naked chicks.

I have a hunch that he might have missed on his last turn on purpose, so that let me know what he wanted, so I one. I took off his boxers while his wife (my sister) cheered me on.

Keep in mind that my sister usually is very shy about nudity. She usually gets shy if her husband and I both see her naked at the same time, even though we've each seen her naked thousands of times.

So we poured a few more drinks, and my sister sits on the couch with her legs up on the far end. My now naked brother in law sat at the far end, putting her feet on his lap. I sat in a chair that was close to him and turned so that I could put my feet in his lap, too. I commented that he must love this. Then I asked my sister if she ever gave him footjobs. She said yes, and that he loved getting them, and she started stroking his dick with her feet.

So, being the good sister and sister in law that I am, I started doing the same. It didn't take long, though, until she passed out from the alcohol, but that didn't mean I had to stop, right?

Like I said, nothing more than that happened, but we did hang out for another hour or two naked (or mostly naked, in my case) with my sister right in the room.

It's kind of funny now to watch my brother in law try to get my sister to drink more when we're just hanging out since then! But so far there has been no repeat of the show.
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Old 07-31-2018, 09:24 AM
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This is my wife's 3rd marriage. She has at times has been pretty easy. She has never been shy about telling me of her past and that's one thing I appreciate about her...no surprises. I was told that her 1st husband also liked sharing her and watching. Her 1st husband used to take her on extended weekends, "Deer Hunting" with a small group of his male friends in her early to late 20's (young blonde with a great figure) where they stayed in a cabin. She was to cook, clean, and be sexually available to all the guys whenever they wanted her and she was never allowed to say no to anything they wanted her to do, and from some of the things she told me that was pretty intense.
She told me at most of the "deer hunting trips" she was the only dear bagged. She said that most of the time in the cabin the guys wanted her to be either dressed in the kinky outfits they bought her or completely naked. I was told that the guys usually played poker at night and she was the prize and it determined who got to sleep with her that night. She told me most nights she slept with 2 guys, one on each side of her and not her husband. If they woke up in the night and wanted to play she was expected to entertain. I guess in her 20s and 30's she was at her sexual peak and she told me she was a cute true blonde with a great figure and it was easy to get guy’s attention in a tight top and short shorts so his friends jumped at the chance to go "deer hunting" with her.

From what I was told by her she was pretty much fucked, dp'ed and ganged every way a woman could be fucked. She was told by her cuck hubby when this was set up that she had to do anything the guys wanted and not to refuse any requests. I guess that made it an easier request when we started playing with others.

The second husband was pretty normal. She worked at a steel plant in the office where the truck driver's got their paperwork and route assignments. She was now in her 30's and generally wore short skirts, had a great body and killer legs to show off. She said she enjoyed the attention the drivers paid to her and the nice comments about her looks. She told me it started off by her meeting 1 really nice looking driver she had given an assignment at a local truck stop and letting him fuck her in the cab of his truck. She said she enjoyed it, he enjoyed it and everyone was winning and it got pretty regular. She said he must have told a few of the other drivers and she was getting hit on quite a bit. They too wanted to fuck her in their trucks. Some she said she did some she didn't. It seemed she was known as a great lay, willing to do anything asked and pretty easy. She told me her 2nd husband was pretty drab and only thought of his business, not her. He never knew she was enjoying being more sexually active outside of their marriage.

Now here I come into the picture. I have always had a wild kinky streak. I love showing her off to truckers when we are out for a long drive on the Interstate and in Adult Bookstores and their parking lots. I would let the guys feel her up and do anything up to fucking her. I had a Swinger friend introduce us to the Adult Lifestyle Scene. He and his wife took us to a local adult club and we were like kids in a candy store. That same night he fucked my wife and I fucked his. The rest is history. We started going on our own and doing our own thing. We love the 'Hot Wives Night' at the club where the single guys have free access to go upstairs and play with the couples. One night alone she had myself and 6 other guys licking, sucking, rubbing and fucking her at one time. One guy was only left with one of her nylon feet available so he started sucking her toes. She was placed over a couch arm with her ass in the air and every guy took a turn with her. She told me she was sore for the next 3 days and one guy, "in the excitement hit the wrong hole", and did anal on her ( I'm sure he knew what he was doing). She had on white thigh highs and garters but lost the heels really quickly after the action started. She has been ganged a few times, sometimes never seeing the guy that was fucking her.

I do not consider myself a cuckold but I do enjoy watching her in action, hearing the moaning and sounds, and knowing she is getting pleased as she is giving pleasure. We feel our marriage is stable, everyone is winning and it keeps our sex life charged. It's also great to know she is willing to do anything sexually to please me and that I ask of her. I have asked her fuck a few friends and she has never refused to strip for or fuck anyone I wanted her too.

We are getting older now and are starting to slow down some. We still get that wild hair that must be satisfied that comes with including others into the action. Just this Monday we had a friend of mine over to bang her. I am extremely proud of my wife and she and I have made a great match over the past few years. One thing for sure it has been a life to remember.

To say the least she has been a dream come true for me in the sex department (for me every man's perfect wife) even though we are getting older and starting to slow down some. She still let's me invite an occasional friend, even if she has never seen them before, over and she always goes above and beyond to entertain them with out question.

I love her dearly and she is the most fantastic and exciting wife a man could have. (Pics attached)

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Old 07-31-2018, 09:32 AM
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Default Mrs. Dan Troop

Thought you might like to see her.
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SandiAssPanties1 (2).jpg   SandiAss.jpg  

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Old 07-31-2018, 01:00 PM
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Great pictures, I can see that ass bent over the couch arm.
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Old 07-31-2018, 02:33 PM
dantroop dantroop is offline
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Default Glad you guys like, she's my real wife and real experience.

Not a couch arm but I hope you like Sd45.
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Old 08-01-2018, 02:18 PM
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Default BJ by coercion

OK, not so much perverted, more like dastardly, underhanded.... or disrespectful...

Think wild 1970's. I was young and married to my first wife, a very attractive woman. We were at a house-party with a bunch of close friends. We were not swingers, except for a very rare wife swap, almost a requirement for all "happening" couples back then. During those parties, heavy drinking and smoking weed was the norm. There was a very cute single girl there that we knew, a recently divorced early 20's MILF named "Sandy". She was rather shy and reserved, and was a close cousin of the hostess. At some point later in the evening I found myself sitting next to "Sandy" on the living room couch. My wife was sitting at the dining room table with others about 20 ft. away, but she could see me if she looked over her shoulder.

The hostess was a real bossy-b*tchy alpha female, and was by then drunk and acting crazy which was not unusual for her. Meanwhile "Sandy" was extremely toasted, likely with the help of her hostess-cousin. For a while the conversation in the living room was about how "Sandy", was so busy with her two little kids, she hasn't had a date in over a year. She was getting teased by the other girls about her lack of sex.

I forget the details of how it all actually unfolded, but "Sandy" ended up lying on the couch with her head in my lap face up, in what was a platonic situation. The hostess sees this and somehow sees an opportunity and tries to convince the sex deprived MILF she should just roll over and give me a blow-job! The logic she was trying to convey to her cousin was that she needed to do this as practice since it has been a very long time for her.

This doesn't go unnoticed by others in the living room, and with her cousin prodding her on, the totally drunk and stoned "Sandy" rolls over, and unzips my pants, but I had to help, and out springs "junior", already hard as nails from just the thought of her sucking me off. And she gets right to it slurping away with her cousin still egging her on.

Meanwhile I am shit-faced myself, but I still knew this is wrong at so many levels: First, my wife is likely to freak out, secondly, this girl is not in her right mind, especially by being totally manipulated by her crazy cousin, and third, I am an acquaintance of her ex-husband! But with your cock getting sucked, while stoned, morals and logic go out the window. The girls in the living room were wide-eyed and some seemed concerned, the guys, their facial expressions were like, Go Steve, Go!

Then I heard one of the girls in the living room holler to my wife, "Sandy is sucking your husbands cock!" My wife looks over at us and laughs, and says "OMG, they are soooo trashed! Let them have fun!" and goes back to the conversation at the dining room table.

By then I think everyone involved was having second thoughts about this, and I forget exactly how it ended, probably the hostess/cousin telling her MILF-cousin to cool it. Bottom line, I didn't get anywhere near cumming, and had to stuff my hard cock into my pants.

The good news is the wife wasn't angry with me about the whole sordid deal. She just felt sorry for "Sandy" as she knew the cousin manipulated "Sandy" into doing something she would be very regretful for, presuming she remembered any of it!

We met "Sandy" and many other parties and functions afterwards and we all acted like it never happened. But yes, wrong on so many levels.
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Old 08-09-2018, 08:44 PM
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Default Perviness is in the eye of the Pervert

This isn’t the worst thing I have ever done, or the most embarrassing, or the one I regret the most. I will post those stories in other threads. But this was the time I really felt slimy and the most like a pervert.

Once upon a time I helped chaperone my son’s middle school class trip to one of those mega water parks. It was close enough that we wouldn’t overnight, but it would be a long day. Inside the park the kids were free to go wherever as long as they were paired up or checked in with an adult. This worked well for me since I didn’t have to follow them around all day. So I picked a comfortable spot in the shade that looked out over the tanning area and next to a major walk way between attractions. It was the perfect place for people watching and I had my dark shades on so no one could tell exactly who or what I was watching. And there was plenty to watch. As it turned out the day we picked was very popular. It was full enough that all the attractions were open, but not enough be crowded. There were several groups like ours at the park. Also families and several hot young mothers with their little ones and several coconut brown Cougars who were ogling the young men as much as we were the young women. The really good news for me (and the Cougars as well) was that it was spring break for several colleges so the place was packed with students. The boys were showing off for the co-eds and the co-eds were showing off for the boys. It was a really nice spring day after an exceptionally cold winter so there was a lot of skin. Of course there were more than the requisite number of folks, men and women, who should cover up more, but the good made up for the bad.

I was definitely enjoying all the eye candy, but there was one young woman in particular that caught my eye. She wasn’t particularly flashy looking or doing anything that called attention to herself. She had the well-scrubbed girl next door look with curly medium brown hair that went just past her shoulder blades. She was toned without being muscled but she had a softness about her, definitely no eating disorder. Her stomach was flat and behind was tight with small but perky breasts. The bikini top had some padding, but she was close to a B cup on her own. I watched her for quite a while. She would lay on her lounge chair for a while then go to the wave pool to cool off and back again flipping over each time. She made me uncomfortable in my shorts and I did manage to snap a few discrete pictures with my phone.

Everything was fine until my son came by to tell me he was hungry and wanted money for food. Then he did the unthinkable. He called out to the girl and asked her if she wanted anything. As soon as he said her name and she looked up, I recognized her. She was one of his classmates. The last time I saw her she was a skinny, frizzy haired girl with big glasses and nothing but knees and elbows. She had definitely blossomed in the last year. Still I was mortified. I couldn’t look her parents in the eye for months after that. And no, you perverts, I do not have the pictures. I deleted them off my phone and emptied the trash folder that day. Even now I am still embarrassed about it.
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Old 08-14-2018, 11:50 AM
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Default Ex-girlfriend

I don't know if this qualifies as pevy, but I don't know where else to post this. I dated this girl my senior year in high school (let's call her Jen). I had known her since 8th grade, and she always came across as a bit of a priss. Our dating soon evolved into kissing and some under the clothes fondling. One evening we were at her house making out, and things started getting a little heated. However, she stopped me and told me she told me she was a virgin, and would not have sex until she was married. But she said she gave a great hand job. This surprised me, as she always struck me as the type who would kiss and fondle, but never anything further. In fact, she enjoyed the fact that everyone thought she was a prude, but in reality she thought she was rather a dirty girl. I was also a virgin, having received a few hand jobs, and one blow job, from a couple different girls. Her parents were just down the hall, so she rubbed me off with her hand outside of my jeans. After I came she assured me the next time would be better, that she would take me in her hand. A few days later we were at my house after school. My parents were at work so we were alone. We started making out, and eventually we both ended up naked. This was the first time we had seen each other naked. She started rubbing my erection while I kissed, licked, and sucked her nipples. I eventually started kissing her lower and lower until I was at the top of her pubic hair (this was the 80's, so no one shaved/waxed). To my surprise, she spread her legs and allowed me to lick her pussy. She was already wet and very horny. I had gone down on a girl before, so I had an idea of what I was doing. Anyway, it didn't take long until she came. In fact, of the girls I have been with she came the most easily. Jen had no hang-ups about nudity, sexual contact, or orgasm. I could always tell when she had an orgasm. Her chest flushed red, her nipples got hard, and her pussy leaked out a very clear/thin discharge. Anyway, once she was finished she sat up, laid me down, and proceeded to give me an incredible hand job. It was clear she had done this many times before (something she later admitted, and took pride in).

Over the next few weeks we had regular sessions where I would eat her pussy and she would give me a hand job. As time went on, I desperately wanted her to suck my dick. One afternoon, while we were fooling around, she decided to jerk me off before I went down on her. As she stroked me, I laid her head on my chest. I then asked her to put it in her mouth. She looked at me with a bit of apprehension, but she was very horny and said okay. But she said she didn't want me to cum in her mouth; which I eagerly agreed. Well, it wasn't as magical as I had hoped. In fact, for several minutes it was the most excruciatingly painful sexual experience I had ever had. This was clearly the first time she had ever sucked a dick, and she was ALL teeth. I endured it because I didn't want her to stop, but eventually I had to stop her before she drew blood. I was surprised when she asked me to tell her what to do. After a little explanation, she went back to work with her mouth. She was much improved, and within a few minutes I was laying back with my eyes closed enjoying her mouth on my tool. After several minutes I could feel my orgasm approaching. I warned her, and she immediately took my in hand and finished me off manually. Once I was done, and she had cleaned the mess off of my chest and stomach, I returned the favor. This was our sexual activity for the course of our relationship. Although eventually she allowed me to cum in her mouth, she never swallowed.

We each had enrolled in different colleges, so when the freshman semester started we went our separate ways. We professed our love for each other, and promised we would make this work. During the fall semester we saw each other twice. I visited her at her school for a long weekend in October, then she visited me for a long weekend in November. During Christmas break we spent every day together, and engaged in our form of intimacy as often as possible. However, by Spring Break it became clear we were not going to last. So by April of our Freshman year we had broken up. I did not see Jen for another 3 years.

Jen graduated college a year early, and took a job in a big city down south. I graduated the following year, and got a job in the same city. Before starting my new job, I ran into Jen's mother back home. She told me that Jen had met a young man after we broke up, and they became very serious. In fact by the time she graduated they had become engaged to be married. However, during their engagement she realized he was too controlling for her and she called of the engagement. Jen's mom confided she was relieved, as they felt he was not right for her.

Knowing she was now single, and still having feelings for her, I decided to look her up. We started dating, and quickly fell into a comfort zone. I soon realized that the girl I had known in high school, who was moderately religious, had become a bit fanatical. You know the kind that praises Jesus for everything. She had told me that her fiancé was a devout Southern Baptist, which is what led to their break up. But the four years they were together, his religious zeal had rubbed off on her. Anyway, the first nigh we started to make-out and fool around, she stopped and told me she was still a virgin, and asked me if I was still a virgin. When I told her I wasn't, she said she was worried that our form of intimacy wouldn't be enough for me. I assured her that it would be fine, and that I didn't expect anything more from her than what we had done in the past. After a brief pause, she said the 7 words that left me speechless. She looked me in the eyes and said, "you can out it in my butt." Apparently, the fiancé had convinced her that anal sex allowed her to keep her virginity. Being a typical male, I asked if she had any lube. She told me she had petroleum jelly in her bathroom. So after some heavy petting, and lots of pussy licking, I lathered my dick in Vasoline and slid it into her ass. She was on her back, as she felt doggy-style was demeaning. As I went to enter her she warned me NOT to put it in her vagina. Once I was inside of her, it was obvious she had done this before, and really, really liked it. She came several times before I orgasmed. For the next few weeks I fucked her in the ass three to four times a week. But our relationship was short lived. I could not handle her preachy, holier-than-though attitude, and broke it off. However, we remained friends. A few months after we broke up she started dating a youth minister at her church. They became serious, and within a year they were engaged. I met her fiancé, and the three of us become friends. I even attended their wedding. After they married they moved to the Pacific Northwest when he was offered a job as the minister of a new church.

So now the "pervy" part of the story. Jen and her husband had been married about two years when she called me to tell me she was coming to town for a friends wedding and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her for lunch one afternoon. I agreed and we settled on a date, time, and location. We met for lunch and spent a few hours at the restaurant chatting and catching up. We talked about our lives since she moved, future plans, etc. Jen doesn't drink, so I abstained from alcohol. As the afternoon wore on, she asked if we could go back to my place. She said she was having a great time talking with me and wasn't ready for the day to end yet. She followed me to my apartment (I was living alone at the time). We settled on my sofa and began talking about "old times". Within a few minutes, she was sitting next to me and we were holding hands. Then we started kissing. The kissing became very passionate, and she began rubbing my erection outside of my jeans. She smiled at me and asked if I remembered the first time she had jerked me off. We laughed, and continued kissing. I was incredibly aroused, but figured nothing more would happen since she was married. After a few more minutes of intense kissing, her rubbing my dick, and my massaging her groin with my hand, she pulled back, looked me in the eyes, and said she wanted me inside of her. Since she was married, and not a virgin, I assumed she wanted sex. When I asked if she was sure, she realized I thought she wanted intercourse. She then said we couldn't have sex because that would be wrong, but that I could put it in her butt. She had reasoned that if she was a virgin after having anal sex with me before she was married, that allowing me to fuck her in the ass while she was married didn't equate to adultery. Without batting an eye, I scooped her up off the sofa, carried her into my bedroom, and stripped her naked. I went to my bathroom and got a bottle of lube, then returned and stripped naked. We 69'd for awhile (something she never liked doing before) before she said she wanted me inside of her. I lubed up and spread her legs. But before I could enter her she rolled over onto her hands and knees, and begged me to fuck her. In all of our time together I had never heard her say anything worse than shit. Now here she was a married woman (to a minister no less), naked, one her hands and knees, begging me to fuck her in the ass. Well, who am I to refuse such a request? I eased into her tight little hole, taking my time to allow her sphincter to relax and allow me in. Once she relaxed I started with slow, short strokes, allowing her to relax and get into the spirit of things. Apparently, I was moving too slowly so she started "bucking" into me, forcing me to fuck her harder. I grabbed her hips and started pumping her harder. She then started moaning loudly (she had always been a very quiet fuck) and started demanding I fuck her harder. When I obliged she told me to slap her ass, which I did; several times until both her ass cheeks were cherry red. As she approached her first orgasm she told me to pull her hair and fuck her harder. When I did she quickly came, moaning louder than I had ever heard her moan before. Once her orgasm subsided she was far from done, and kept extolling me to fuck her harder, slap her ass, and pull her hair. After several more orgasms she told me she was getting sore and that I needed to cum soon. I stopped pumping into her, but didn't pull out. I told her I wasn't close yet, and didn't mind stopping. She paused for a minute, then told me to pull out gently. As I did, she winced in pain. To my surprise, my dick was free of fecal matter. Once I was out, I rolled onto my back to catch my breath. Jen stayed on her hands and knees for a few seconds, and I asked if she was okay. She looked at me, smiled, and said she was "Fantastic. A little sore, but felt very good". She reached down on the floor, picked up my t-shirt, and wiped the lube off of my still very erect dick. She knelt beside me and began stroking my dick slowly. She told me to lay back, close my eyes, and let her finish me off. I did as I was told, and allowed her to take me in hand. After a few minutes of her stroking she surprised me by taking me in her mouth. Less than 5 minutes before I had been balls deep in her ass. Now, with nothing more than a cursory wipe of a cloth, she had my dick in her mouth. I raised my head up to see for myself because I could not believe this little church girl had just gone ass-to-mouth. She looked at me and said she wanted me to cum, that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. At that time I saw she had one hand between her legs and was playing with herself. I laid my head back and allowed her to continue. As I approached my orgasm I warned her I was about to cum. But she didn't stop. In fact her cock sucking became more vigorous. As I unleashed into her mouth I could hear, and feel, her moaning. She continued to suck and stroke my dick with her mouth and tongue well after I had finished cumming. In fact it wasn't until my dick began to grow flaccid that she took me out of her mouth and sat up. She smiled at me and asked if I felt better. It was then I realized she had swallowed my load. She placed her head on my chest, I wrapped her in my arms, and we laid there for more than 10 minutes before speaking. She ended up spending the night with me. Although I didn't fuck her in the ass again, I did lick her pussy for hours, bringing her to multiple orgasms. She sucked me off two more times that night.

The next morning I made us breakfast and asked her about why we did what we did. She explained that she still had feelings for me, that she always felt comfortable "doing stuff" with me, and that sex with her husband wasn't very satisfying. Since I was never in her vagina she felt like she hadn't technically cheated. After breakfast, she showered, dressed, and headed to the door. I kissed her good bye, told her I enjoyed seeing her, and wished her a safe trip home.

It has been more than 25 years since that afternoon with Jen. She remains married to the minister, has two kids (a boy and a girl), and teaches Sunday school at the church. She also leads a woman's group. We have remained in touch over the years. We talk on the phone a couple times of year, exchange emails monthly. During that time we have never repeated that afternoon, and we have never talked about it. But every time I see a picture of her and her perfect family on Facebook, I smile and remember the afternoon she sucked my dick after I fucked her in the ass. It still gets me hard when I think of it.
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