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Old 04-05-2016, 09:26 AM
outbog1 outbog1 is offline
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Default Might not be Perverted enough,but it was for me..

This happened a long time ago just once,Wife Jen and sis in law wanted to go to a local bar for a holloween party,I had a few beers in me and they said were going as hookers,I said fine,she said all 3 of us are,ya right,after she told me what she would wear I said OK with another beer,we went to her older sisters house to get ready cause she had some sleezy stuff,Jen had a black sheer mini dress with a g-string and a sheer demi cup bra,she put that on and you could see her nipples and boobs plane as day,he bra was under her boobs and just held them up,and high black boots,wow,I was getting a woody looking at her knowing all the guys would see her boobs and ass..my sis in law was getting ready too bet nothing to sexy,Then Betty her older sis said lets get you ready,First she gave me a pair of pantyhose and said go in the bathroom and put these on,after pouting alittle I did,walked into the bedroom and all 3 women laughed there asses off at me,my dick was against my left leg with half a woody,Betty said I meant for you to keep your under pants on,I didn't know so I took them off and thought it was pretty sheer,as Betty got me ready Jen went to get a drink and show her brother in law her outfit,Betty put her 36DD bra on me that she had when she was pregant with stuffing,then a sheer blue shirt and a black swade mini skirt that didn't fit around me so she used a safety pin to hold it,blond wig blue crap on my eyes and we all had bright red lipstick,Betty got out her shoes she wore a size 10 ,I tried a few pairs and found one that fit,It was a wood sandle 5" heel and 1" platform,I walked around the house a bit and went out and satdown and my brother in law laughed his ass off,the Jen went back to the bedroom- Crap,when she came out 15 minutes later the sheer dress was gone and she was a green witch and ugle big green nose black wig and witch hat,she told my later Burt her brother in law said she shouldn't wear a sheer dress cause all the guys would just look at your tits and ass that night,we parked about 2 blocks away and I had to walk in 5" heels 2 blocks,I danced a lot in the mini skirt and heels and only used the mensroom once and got laughted at,wife was pissed cause a cute little witch won the contest and she was second.That night we got home and I took off everything in the livingroom and exept the pantyhose my sis in law was still laughing at me,I went to walk and I could not,I had to put the high heels back on to walk,my feet were in a fixed position.I was excitied and started feeling up my wife infront of her sister ,wife was very horney that night we went in the livingroom and had sex on the floor infront of her sister wheo was passed out on the couch,that night I fucked my wife wearing high heels and pantyhose and it was a good one too.I couple times after that night I would take a shower put on the high heels and try to get the wife to fuck again in the livingroom and it did work till my sis inlaw took her shoes back.....
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Old 04-06-2016, 11:35 AM
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Default I was paraded around naked

I'm sure I wrote this story here, probably a couple years ago.

I was once involved in a submissive experience.... Only once.
Am I into it? I really don't think so.

But I was publicly humiliated, simply because I was so horny.

This happened at Sandy Hook (Gunnison) nude beach, a long while ago, when I was single. I used to hang around this beach, and a few times got lucky, getting laid back in the dunes. etc. This beach is still active, but since then the beach has gotten so popular, rangers now patrol and they watch closely for any overt sex. Nowadays, simply walking into the dunes can get you arrested.

Anyway, I was there alone, with no obvious choices for female companionship. Then I did notice a woman alone, nude, who wasn't particularly breathtaking, sort of "full" bodied, probably 20 lbs. too heavy, but she was young enough so nothing was hanging. So, being the horny guy I was, I started talking to her, sat with her, and soon, with encouragement from her, some good weed, and a few beers, we were talking of sex, and soon talking quite explicitly talking of sex.

Soon she was spreading her pussy and touching herself for me to see. At this point, my cock was rock hard. She liked all of this attention, but was adamant, no touching and no sex!! But, she still continued teasing... and wanted me to stay with her. I begged for at least a handjob, to relieve my state of arousal. No dice.

Then, she suggested that we go for a walk. Since I desperately wanted my cock stroked, she said she would do this as we walked. At this point, I would have done anything to get some "service". By now, the beach was thinning out, but still quite a few people around, and all adults. Well, we got up, and what happened then wasn't what I expected.

I had hoped that we'd simply walk side by side with my cock getting a little covert attention. But no. She basically towed my along, grasping my cock at armís length. When I protested, she asked if I wanted her to play with my cock or not...... this way or no way. She really was enjoying all of this, and she certainly wasn't shy as she strutted nude over that beach, attracting plenty of attention to herself with her "toy" in tow. I know I felt humiliated, but strangely enough, yet was enjoying it too, or at least my cock did, as it stayed plenty hard.

Well, she finally got tired of this and when we sat back down, and she finished me off with a very clinical handjob. Not very fulfilling in that respect, she was even careful not to get any cum on her hands. She then said she needed to get home, packed up and left. She wouldn't share any personal information or a phone number. Never saw her around there again, never did figure out her out. Was it a "master-slave game"?. I've often wondered if I would have allowed her to do that if I wasn't majorly buzzed. And if I really would enjoy being submissive.
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Old 04-06-2016, 04:02 PM
padrerik padrerik is offline
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Default My latest

I came up with idea to create a youtube channel and maybe eventually a site of sexy teasing vids. Ive put ads on craigslist looking for models and had minimal response to that but the last model was excellent! My idea for the shoot was "getting ready to go out" so she was dressing in a couple different lingerie outfits. I could tell she was getting very turned on by the dampness of her panties. We finished the shoot with her in the shower. i cut the camera off and thats when she started to rub her pussy and stared me in the eye as she came.
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Old 04-07-2016, 03:22 PM
captbobwi123 captbobwi123 is offline
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Let me tell you about 3 different things and let you tell me which one is the most perverted. Two involve my wife.
1. Fuck her up the ass.
2. Fuck her in the morning so she didn't have time to clean up before work. She had a wet pussy from my cum all day.
3. Watched our neighbor's house while they were on vacation and jerked off using the wife's panties.
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Old 04-07-2016, 03:54 PM
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stevezr1 stevezr1 is offline
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Originally Posted by captbobwi123 View Post
Let me tell you about 3 different things and let you tell me which one is the most perverted. Two involve my wife.
1. Fuck her up the ass.
2. Fuck her in the morning so she didn't have time to clean up before work. She had a wet pussy from my cum all day.
3. Watched our neighbor's house while they were on vacation and jerked off using the wife's panties.
In my opinion, definitely #3! you perv! ............ LOL!.
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Old 04-07-2016, 04:03 PM
Honeys poppet Honeys poppet is offline
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Hi friends

I let a strange guy I'd just met fuck me straight in the ass in a nightclub once....that felt kinda 'pervy'

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Old 04-08-2016, 03:34 PM
ripstar1 ripstar1 is offline
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Default Masturbator

I was at a swing club one evening and this couple was there and they had an electronic masturbator - kind of like a fleshlight with batteries. The gal had bought it for her guy, but he wouldn't let her use it on him. She was a real "salesperson" going around trying to get guys to let her use it on them.

She was a very attractive gal with a huge clit. She had showed it off at one point to anyone who wanted to see it. Well I love sucking on clits - the bigger the better. I got her aside and said I'd let her use it on me, but in exchange she had to let me go down on her. I didn't really think she would agree as they never played around with single guys at the club.

To my surprise she asked her guy if it was ok and he said for her to go ahead if she wanted. I made her sanitize it for me first. I took off my towel and laid face up on the bar. She did a real good job of getting me hard with her hands and tits. This was now drawing a crowd. Being an exhibitionist at heart I had no problem getting hard.

She gave the tip of my cock a kiss and began to put it over my cock. She gradually slid it all the way in and jacked it back and forth a few times. THEN she turned it on. Oh wow I tell you it really felt good. She massaged my balls as she stroked up and down. Mind you at least a couple dozen people were watching this. I finally told her I was about to cum. She pulled it off and I emptied my nuts on my belly as she continued to massage them.

True to her word she got up on the bar and nestled her pussy in my face and I enjoyed eating a very tasty pussy and licked and sucked that clit until she came on my face - very wet - while she licked and sucked me.

What she didn't reveal until after was that she had a bet with her guy that she could find a volunteer. If she did he had to let her do it on him. He agreed, but he insisted on a small corner of the place where only a few others could see. Of course I was one of them.

The three of us and another gal retired to a private room and I got to enjoy that clit and pussy even more.
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Old 04-13-2016, 12:08 AM
wildfire54 wildfire54 is offline
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Default Crack-ed

Several years ago I was walking out of a convenience store after work when I was approached by this ratty-looking brunette.She said she was really hard up for money.And she'd give me a blowjob for $10.00.I figured right off the bat that this girl probably had some drug issues.(Duhh...Mr Sherlock Holmes)I was still a little aghast at how forward she was about it.'Where?' I asked. She pointed to a rundown trailer park across the street,and gave me a lot number.Part of me said this was a bad idea.But of course I ignored it.I walked over to the park,knocked on the trailer door and she told me to come in.I half expected to get mugged at that moment but it was just her.The place looked as you might expect.And smelled about the same.She asked to see the money first before we started.I pulled out a $20 and told her I wanted her naked. She didn't have a problem with that.She didn't have a great body obviously.Rather thin and not well kept.Her tits were small and floppy.I unzipped and let her do her work.She actually sucked pretty good.My guess she'd done it a lot lately.She told me to warn her when I was ready to cum.Of course I didn't.She got a mouthful of sauce that she gagged on,spitting it on the floor.'Bastard!' she sputtered.I looked at the $20 on the bed.Probably enough for her next hit.But not much else.'We both got what we wanted.' I said.Quickly exiting the trailer. On hindsight I felt a little guilty taking advantage of her like that.But she'd offered.And I took it.
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Old 04-21-2016, 09:04 AM
Cervino Cervino is offline
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Just saw this thread. What's the perviest thing?
A threesome.
When I was a lot younger, there was a woman who was a vague friend of my mother's who enjoyed 'young meat', so to speak. She would have been about forty, I suppose. Blonde and curvy, the kind of woman the tabloids describe as 'vivacious'.
Anyway, she got me involved, and she initially told me that her husband didn't mind. And then when we were in he bedroom, she said he wanted to watch. And eventually, he joined in. I got sandwiched!
Definitely the perviest. If the Mods want to remove this, I understand!
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Old 04-21-2016, 09:50 AM
swisschris swisschris is offline
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Default photo collection

I just let a guy look through all my private photos, via ********. and gave him control of the mouse to look at the photos hewanted too see of my wife.
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