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Old 03-08-2015, 11:16 PM
anusman6969 anusman6969 is offline
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Default In front of friends parents

About three years ago my twenty five year old gf and I took a ride down to a friends beach house to stay with him and his parents for the weekend. It was a great trip and when Sunday morning came around his parents were up in the kitchen preparing for their morning. We slept on a fold out couch in the living room connected to the kitchen. My gf had slept in shorts and her teal t-shirt sans the bra. Waking up we went into the kitchen and she sat at the breakfast bar and talked to my friends parents. I walked around in the picking at food when I realized you could see my gf's dark nipples through her shirt as clear as day. There she sat showing off her nips and tits in a tight tee to my friend's parents. What a great morning!
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Old 03-09-2015, 01:24 AM
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Default getting ready for work

Back when my wife worked nights she would many time be getting ready for work when I was getting home from mine. In the summer often after she showered she would put on this short cotton dress (no bra and sometimes no panties) instead of a robe for a while before actually getting dressed. Being summer she would crank the air conditioning just before I got home so of course her nipples were usually poking out through the thin material. A few times one of our neighbor ladies would come over to talk to my wife about whatever before she left. I always found it extra hot seeing my wife's nipples like that in front of our friend.
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Old 09-02-2015, 03:37 AM
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whatnow3 whatnow3 is offline
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Default two things from today.

One of our female neighbors came over tonight around 9pm talk to our kids about babysitting a couple of weekends from now. I want to say she's in her late 20s, early 30s, cute brunette. Anyway, she was dressed in some flannel pajama pants and a white t shirt. When she came in from the hot and muggy air into the air conditioning, it made her nipples rock hard instantly. Her shirt wasn't skin tight or see through so it wasn't totally obvious, just when she moved just right. She also had the nice braless jiggle when she moved. She stayed and chatted maybe 10 minutes or so, nipples hard the entire time.

Second story was told to my wife today who then told me. One of our friends who is normally braless signed up for a few classes at the local tech school and today was the first day back to school. Anyway, she was running late so she was literally running from the parking lot. When she got to her first class she found out they had changed the class room location but she didn't know where they moved it to. She went to the information desk and the lady working there gave her a funny stare. So after telling our friend where the class got moved to she said "you may want to put that away" while looking at her chest. During her run into school, one of her boobs had worked it's way out of her tank top. Our friend who is in her later 30s, thanked the info lady and put her boobs away, realizing quite a few people in the crowded hallway probably got a nice peek today.
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Old 09-02-2015, 04:55 PM
SandyM SandyM is offline
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Default Neighbor

Years ago, we lived around the corner form a couple who were about our same age; we were all in our early thirties. We never knew them that well, but since we both had dogs, we would see them in the park that was across from our houses. The wife of that couple, who I will call Mary, was slim with a-cup breasts, a great pair of legs and a nice ass. Face wasn't bad, either.

So, one morning I was walking our dog, and came across Mary walking hers. I saw her from a distance and headed over, to say hello, as was our custom. She looked a bit dodgy as the Brits might say, and I noticed her trying to hold her t-shirt away from her body. As I got closer, I could tell she was braless and trying to hide that fact from me. So, of course I tried to chat with her as much as I could, and after about a minute she just let the thin, well worn tee shirt go, and it hung down across her nicely shaped perky little breasts.

I found out through that conversation that they had been out late at a friend's wedding, and she was hung over. I'm guessing she was wearing what she had slept in- a comfy old tee shirt and sweat pants. To my delight, we walked together for a few hundred yards back towards her house, during which time I was able to discretely check out her nipples, which showed through the thin material pretty well. Quarter sized brown ariolas, my favorite. The absolutely glorious part of the whole thing was, though, that between when I first started talking to her and when we said our goodbyes her nipples got rock hard, and she never made any further efforts to hide them.

Last edited by SandyM; 09-02-2015 at 04:58 PM.
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Old 09-03-2015, 08:50 AM
prophetx prophetx is offline
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braless women are great. I live in a big city, so they are everywhere - especially in the summer. i enjoy people watching and see the bouncing braless boobs pass by over and over.

back in high school, i had a long term girlfriend. she was super skinny and had nice c-cups. (i dated her into college and you can see her pics if you search for my threads). sometime during junior year, her and bunch of her friends started a no-bra club, so 5-10 of the hottest chicks in school never wore bras. she would always wear spaghetti strap tank tops. around the same time, i also convinced her to wear thongs. i think back about how i didn't realize how good i had it to be dating a hot teen with nothing but one piece of cotton between me and all her best parts.

she really took to the no bra thing. in fact, if you check out the last few pages of my thread - i included vid caps of her at 21 years old coming home from work and undressing. she wasn't wearing a bra, but her nipple was pierced. she always went to work that way. no wonder the guys there loved her.
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Old 09-03-2015, 11:21 AM
yellow_fever_01 yellow_fever_01 is offline
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Default When I Live in China

I lived in the northeastern city of Shenyang. It is in the region that used to be called Manchuria and the winters are legendary for their cold. It is situated above North Korea and ethnic Koreans are a significant minority of the population. In the winter, everybody wore thickly padded coats. However, once spring arrived, you would see the young Korean girls bouncing around town in their traditional hanbok full length dress, which the most daring wore without either the traditional Korean undergarments, or western bras, especially in the hot summer months.
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Old 09-03-2015, 03:52 PM
captbobwi123 captbobwi123 is offline
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I've told this true story before and apologize if you've already heard it. My wife has a-cup tits with nipples that are always standing up like proud little soldiers. She works in a conservative downtown office and wears traditional office clothing. When she gets home from work she likes to relax by working in her garden. She changes out of her office clothes and into cut off jeans and a t-shirt with no bra. It usually doesn't take long before her sweat makes the t-shirt cling to her chest. We have a neighbors who are good friends and the wife also has a-cup tits. All of us are dog lovers and own several dogs. While my wife is out in the garden, I like to take our dogs to the neighbors so they can play with their dogs. The neighbor wife likes to wear t-shirts or scoop neck shirts that make it easy to look down the front and see her tits. When I'm there with the dogs, she frequently bends over to pet them and I get a great view of her lovely little tits. Her husband is a gardener and like to go to my house to talk with my wife and discuss garden stuff. I know he gets a great view of my wife's tits while he's there. I find it hilarious that the two husbands pass each other as we walk to each other's house to check out the other wife's tits.
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Old 09-03-2015, 07:47 PM
southrn500 southrn500 is offline
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Default Relaxing more

My wife has always been reluctant to go braless. She will but only in certain situations. Her nipples do not stand up so when she does goes braless, you're not going to get obvious pokies. Her 'objection' is size. She is a 34-A, but they are firm and full and come close to a small B. Part of it I'm sure was upbringing, but she will comment that she needs a bra to make her feel like there is something there. One observation I made and am not 100% sure she grasps, it that the bras she chooses most of the time, have cups that swallow her breasts and can make them appear smaller. Same with a bikini. I've shown her that a small tri-top is much more flattering than a regular 'cup' with lining. She has some bras that are sheer lace and two 1/4 cup (though it is very difficult to find these in small sizes).

On those occasions when she would go braless, it was never with light fabrics. Had to be black, navy, brown etc. She worried her nipple would show through the fabric. The first time we went to a clothing optional resort, as we were packing and dressing to leave, I suggested she not wear a bra for the drive home (about 3.5 hours). She agreed, but since we were at a clothing optional, we didn't pack much. She had a yellow tank top. She stood in front of the mirror a good five minutes trying to see if her nips were visible. In the end, she went without. We stopped at a mall in Tampa on the way home. She occasionally commented, but I think for the most part, it wasn't bothering her.

Fast forward to the last couple years. She's been wearing more dresses without bras, as well as shirts. Still adhering to the rules about light colors. On a recent trip out of town (when she's more relaxed), I suggested she leave all bras and panties at home (except what she was wearing as we left for the airport from her office). She agreed. She was much more comfortable. During a conversation about that trip, I was telling her that nothing terrible happened. No one called the cops. No one pointed and called her sl*t or wh*r* for not having a bra. She agreed and I can't remember the comment, but I said, "you've been saying how over the past few years, your nipples have lost 90% of their pigment, so even white I don't think would have been an issue. She agreed. The other day, we were going out and she asked me to iron a dress while she finished her hair and makeup. It was a nice black & white patterned lycra type material. She wore a bra as the place we were going as she felt it was not appropriate to go without, but as she put on the dress and I was commenting how nice (first time I'd seen it as she bought it the day before) it looked, she was looking in the mirror and commenting that she thought even though it was white, she did not think going braless would be a problem. (she also bought a halter dress and was going to surprise me, but couldn't wait until such time as we went out, so she let me know she got it).

I suspect that I will be seeing more outings where she is leaving the bra behind.

Next step is to suggest one of those plunging halter style tops (example below) for a trip out of town, say New York or Las Vegas. A little over a year ago, we were going away and shopping. She tried one on and it looked great (got a boner right there as she modeled in the dressing room). She said it looked really nice, but she'd have to wear a bra with it. ??? I said they are not designed for a bra. Some comments back and forth and the top went back on the rack. With her newly found 'freedom', things may change. Patience has gotten me this far, I need to be patient a little while longer.
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Old 09-03-2015, 09:24 PM
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Default my 20 yr old neighbor

So we got new neighbors. One day looking out our back window I notice my neighbors basement window and the light was on. It's her bedroom window no curtains. Well she's on her laptop and pulls her top up to show on Webcam her tits. I'm blown away and don't believe what I'm seeing. She took her shirt off. Well I moved away. Now neighbor is t busy at all. More nipple than boob.

So year later she's out one morning walking the dogs. I think nothing of it. She's on the cotton shirt. Turns out it's what she sleeps in and the shirt is clinging to her tits. You can clearly the out line of her nipple right down to every little bump on her areola.

Now I've got thank know her dad and several times he has said my daughter is not that smart.

Can't wait to see her in her bikini. Happy summer
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Old 09-04-2015, 04:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Alicia269 View Post
I used to run a preschool and one particular morning I got to work and as I removed my suit jacket, my assistant discretely informed me she could see through the back of my blouse and noticed I missed a hook on my bra. I went into the ladies room and removed my blouse to see and adjust my hooks on my bra. As I unhooked my bra and looked at it in the mirror, I noticed I was actually missing a hook. I know it was there when I put it on in the morning but must have broke on my way to work. As I rehooked my bra, the remianing hook pulled out and my bra fell over my shoulders. At first I thought I just missed the hook, but then noticed it too was gone. Sine I had no way of hooking my bra, I was forced to take it off and throw it away. Worst part was I was wearing a pretty sheer white blouse. My suit jacket was in my office so I had to go from the ladies room to my office with my breasts bouncing and my nipples standing out like it was 30 degrees below zero.

Of course I passed a couple of parents in the hall dropping off their kids and I shielded as much as I could but didn't want to look obvious. Being the principal of the school, of course everyone I saw would speak to me to say good morning or try to chat about something.

I never felt so embarrassed in my life (adult life anyway). I finaaally made it to my office and my assistant immidiately noticed my issue...

I wore my jacket the rest of the day and hoped no one else noticed.
I'm fascinated that a women who was happy for her bra to be seen through a see-through blouse in the school situation you described would be embarrassed to have her breasts seen through the same blouse. Nevertheless I would appreciate you in either situation and thank you for sharing this vignette.
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