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Old 11-11-2017, 01:20 AM
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Ex and I have been talking about not still fucking while kids are in school, because it gets in the way of moving on. So last night at around 1:30am, she texts me that the guy gets an excruciating headache after he cums. That resulted in 2 hours of texting about his cock, whether I really like fucking her, and about sex in general. She got me to tell her about all the girls and same with her. HOT
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Old 12-30-2017, 02:07 AM
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by daskers View Post
It was a ways back, but my wife was once telling me about a married guy she was dating before we met. She said he had a ten inch dick and would take her into the mountains and fuck her as hard as he could, then afterwards would make her suck him. She said it felt good at times and that she would squirt all over his dick, but over time he started getting way to rough with her and really demanding. She ended up dumping. She as well told me about an incident when she was in high school. Two boys took turns fucking her, one waited outside while the other one fucked her. After he was done with her the other one came in and fucked her while the one who had just finished waited outside. It was the first and only type of threesome she ever had. She told me how they felt in her. After her telling me about all this, I had some of the dirtest nasty sex with her that you could imagine.
Originally Posted by Xxjohnny View Post
I know, right! My wife wouldn't discuss this with me for years. Finally one night she did, and the sex was incredible. Now it's something that comes up frequently.

Sometimes she describes experiences with other guys to me while we are having sex; sometimes she seems to be transported back in time and acts like she is with a particular guy right then. It never fails to turn me on.

Wish I understood why; but no clue. I'm just excited beyond words when thinking about her receiving pleasure, no matter the source.
There have only been a few times through the years when I was able to get my wife to tell details of the other Boys and men she Let inside her pussy before me. Have always found it Very exciting to hear Her speak of the sex she had with other Cocks as evidenced by how rock hard I would get. I have always Wondered while masturbating what they did together , where did they squirt their sperm , did she suck them , did she swallow , how big or small were they , and always wondered how I stacked up. I know at least one of those Cocks was longer then mine but she told me it was skinny and mine was much thicker ( Iím guessing there were bigger ones that she wonít tell me about ). The story she told one night when very drunk about a boy she fucked just days before she left the midwest to come east to be with me always gets me horny when I think about it. Funny thing is I never told her that I fucked a co-worker Sheila the same time she was Fucking her friend Shawn!
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Old 07-12-2018, 03:14 AM
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Default Knew some but not others

Wife had told me her ex-boyfriend since high school had a longer cock, but he wasn't very good in using it. All he knew was missionary and doggy positions and only good for one shot. Stupid boy lost her when he decided to take a break with her so he could meet others when he went to college.

She had other cocks, most notably an older man who she met on a blind date set up by one of her girl friends. He was smooth and charming. Who charmed the pants off of her on that date. Showed her she multi-organsmic when he had her that evening until the next morning. Putting her through her paces and then some. She never said if they had met again later.

There were others when I met her. One she described as a sloppy kisser, but did not volunteered much details about any them. She has to be in the right mood before she will let something slip out. She had told me when I met her that she was taking the pill to control her acne, which I remembered and didn't think much of it.

Recently we were talking about one of her friends becoming a grandmother because her son knocked up a girl, who was supposed to be on the pill. I mentioned she never had to worry about that since she was taking the pill for her acne. She said not really. That's what she told her mom, but she was fooling around with her boy friend during high school. I think her mom knew too but didn't say anything. Anyway, I did enjoy the benefit when I met her having her bareback.

I don't think I will ever know all about the other cocks that had been inside her, but love very bit she let slip out.
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Old 07-12-2018, 09:39 AM
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Default Jeanne

My wife told me that the guy she was fucking when we first met would always wear a condom. She was 24 then and he was 48. She wanted him to do her bareback and cum inside her in order to feel all the pleasures related to intercourse but he insisted on the condom, so she went along with it. She felt that a cock in a condom was better than no cock at all. when we started to have sex she was happy that I did her bareback from the start. This is her then and now (I'm sure you will understand why that 48 year old guy wanted to bang her)
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Old 07-13-2018, 05:55 AM
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My wife always said that she didn't notice much difference in all the cocks she had except one, where this guy had was fairly small when erect.
She didn't mind that so much because she comes easily regardless of penetration or not.
It was the fact that he commented on a dress she had hanging in her room, that was perhaps a little old fashioned for a young girl. He said 'that is the most hideous dress I've ever seen'. She said that in her mind she though 'Yeah and that is the smallest cock I've ever seen'.
Unlike him she was too polite to say it out loud,
I was his manners that were his loss rather than his small cock, he was soon an ex.
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Old 07-13-2018, 09:17 AM
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Default my wife

I met my wife at a bar when she was 21 and fresh from college. she was the most stunning beautiful woman I had ever seen. tall thin long curly brunette. striking eyes and cheek bones. she is the girl guys see for the first time and say "who the fuck is that!" anyhow she came and asked me to dance. the next date a few days later we fucked. on the first date. she is 5'7" weights 118 and had a great tight athletic bod. a tennis player in high school. we dated a few months then one night she came over to surprise me only to find my old blond girlfriend with a killer body on top of me getting after it. not my fault I came home from date and this hottie was in bed waiting for me. after that me and the hot tennis player didn't date for two years. I moved away. then back. as soon as I moved back to town she immediately moved in with me. one thing led to another and a year and half later she was pregnant. now it's 25 years later and 3 grown kids and she is still gorgeous...fake tits, weighs 120 pounds and works out and runs 4 miles a day. i'll put her body against damn near any 25 year old and she is 50 now.

I've asked her in the heat of sex many times how many she has fucked and she has admitted to around 10. she had a steady boyfriend in high school and lost her virginity to him at 17. they broke up In college and she dated around. then she dated an old friend of mine and I know he use to screw the hell out of her.

i said you ever have a guy with a big dick? she said,"this one guy, i was 18 or 19 he was 25 we had a date drinking went back to his place. he started playing with me and he was very good with his fingers and i had several orgasms he knew what he was doing. so i reached down to grab his dick and unzipped his pants and this HUGE thing came out i was like OMG. so, he finally mounted me and put it in and it hurt at first and kept hurting all the way it was so big but it was a GOOD HURT a good feeling hurt and i liked it. After that i moved off to school and didn't see him any more" i said u never saw him again? she said..." a few years ago we were at a bar one afternoon and i saw him and he saw me and we just said "hi". i can just imagine he was eyeing her remembering how good she looked tall thin new tits and how he had enjoyed that tight pussy of hers and how he wanted it again....and at the same time she looking at the bulge in his pants remembering that big cock inside her...i bet they both were a bit wet!

i had another good friend that had met her before i did and he told me on their first date she sucked his dick...but she would not bed him. i think that was her way out of sex with lot of guys. just suck their dick and avoided having sex. and she does and has always swallowed.

I've been trying to get her to have sex with another man while i watch and we have talked about hit for a couple of years. she says she will not but i believe under the right circumstances..drunk it's a slam dunk deal. this lady is classy...super gorgeous...and fun and has a tight pussy. great tight...and she has as many as 40 orgasms in one setting!!! with her sybian and hitachi vibrator. she always has minimum of 10 orgasms.
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Old 07-15-2018, 11:24 PM
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For the longest time I never wanted to know about my wife and her past sexual partners but after years of marriage I became intrigued and started asking questions. The more jealous I would feel the more turned on it made me.

One of my favorites now is about a guy she had sex with a few times before we met. She told me the below as she remembered it and said it was one of her most memorable sexual experiences.

When we met they worked together but I knew who he was for years before they met as he used to work in another restaurant next door to the one I worked at. Eventually one of the girls he used to work with there quit and started working where I did. We worked together for years and would all hang out and drink after work. We would see the guy out and she would talk about when she fucked him and how good he was. He was a really tall guy and talked about how he had a huge dick. They fucked on and off even then.

Well fast forward a few years, I start dating my now wife. She happened to work at the same place as this same guy. Before we met, she had also fucked him on a few occasions. When she originally told me I was still young and jealous and didn't want to know any more. But after years of marriage I became curious and turned on by it. After much persuasion and promises of not getting mad or jealous she considered it. After she realized I would not, she let me have all the details. It was kinda crazy because I had actually heard details of this guy from my co-worker on several occasions.

She told me that after she had worked there for a while she would go out drinking with the others waiters after work and one night, spent the entire time talking to this guy after flirting at work for weeks. She said she thought he was hot and liked the fact that he was really tall. She was attracted to him though he was a player. After several drinks his skills worked and she went over to his place and hung out. They drank some more and hung out with his roommate playing cards. After a while his roommate went to bed and they went to the couch and put on a movie. Before long they were making out and clothes were coming off. She said she was a little nervous because they were right there in the living room and the roommate could have walked in at any time but that didn't stop her. She was really horny and really wanted to fuck.

At this point she had her shirt and bra off and he was playing with and sucking on her tits in between making out. She said he spent a lot of time on her tits. She had felt his cock while they were dry humping and could feel that it was huge. She said she unbuckled his belt and unzipped is pants and pulled it out and began stroking it. By this time had pulled he pants and panties off and she was completely naked.He started fingering her and sucking on her tits. After a while she moved on top and started sucking his dick. She says this is the biggest dick she had ever been with and was a little overwhelmed by the size and thickness. She said he could have done porn he was so big. She enjoyed sucking it and was drunk and let all her inhibitions go, though she was still somewhat paranoid that the roommate could walk in at any time. She sucked it for a while and then said she told him she wanted that dick in her.

He hopped up to grab a condom in the bathroom why my wife laid on the floor waiting naked and rubbing her pussy. She said he had to knock on his roommates door for one because there weren't any in the bathroom. So he made it back and put it on and ate her out for a little bit and then got on top and began to work it in. She said though she was really wet it took a while to get in and hurt at first. He was really careful and worked all the way in. She said it was the most she has ever been stretched and the deepest anyone has ever been inside her. When she got used to it and fully stretched it felt really good. A feeling she had never felt before due his size. After she could take it all he started fucking her harder and harder on top. While her fucked her they would make out and he would suck on her tits. She tried to stay quite but wasn't very successful and became quite vocal. She said he would ask her is she liked his big dick and that she would say yes and to keep fucking her.

She eventually got on top and rode him still somewhat aware that they were right out in the open and the roommate could have walked out at any minute but was too much into the moment to stop and go to his room. She said it made it hotter and was a real turn on. At this point she began to cum like crazy as she rode his dick and he sucked on her tits that were hanging in his face. He then picked her up and bent her over the couch and fucked her harder and harder until he came. He then pulled out and pulled off the condom, she rolled over on the floor and he shot it all over her tits, stomach, and pussy. She said she was beat and he used his t-shirt to clean her off. They both just laid there on there backs next to each other naked on the floor in the living room. They dozed off and woke up to the roommate turning on the light and apologizing while he went to the kitchen. As she came to, he came back through on the way back to his room having seen them both naked passed out. After that they got up and went to his room. She stayed the night and they fucked again in the morning and this time came inside of her with the condom on. She said she wouldn't want a dick that big all the time but it was nice that she had that experience on a few occasions. She said it was a visual turn on to see it and suck it and play with it, but was also a plus that he knew how to use it.

He made her cum harder than anyone else has including me and before knowing all of these details would see him at her work when I would stop by to wait for her to get finished when we dated. Little did I know then how well he knew my girlfriend at the time and now wife. I love hearing her past sex stories! So crazy to think she did these things with other guys after being together for so long and not knowing.
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Old 07-16-2018, 10:06 PM
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Default Wfe

She likes to tell me how it feels when we swing w/ others.... especially when they cum in her, she tells me how warm it feels hitting her vagina walls....it usually makes her cum feeling it..

Read about it on.. OPEN- Sharing your wife- Thread
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..GRITS-- Girls Raised in the South.. I love interacting w/ your comments! PLEASE-NO friends requests..
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