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Old 07-09-2018, 05:23 PM
mighty123123 mighty123123 is offline
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This isn't necesssrily the perviest...but the most memorable sex in my life. Possibly the greatest. Top 3 for sure.

When I was 24, I had a wife and two kids. We went through a couple of short term breakups, but then one day...it was done. We had broken up and I moved out. She cheated on me...again.

I went to live with three buddies who shared a house together....basically a massive nightly party house.

The break up to me was really hard and I was pretty much on the brink of emotional self-destruction. In my mind, I couldnt understand why my wife wanted to fuck other guys over me. We had two kids and she was fucking things up for our young family. First time, I took her back because of the kids. Second time same reason. The 3rd time I think she got a taste that she could do no wrong, and probably wanted to try and cuckold me....except thats not my cup of tea.

One night, there was a party going on, but I wasnt the mood. Probably 30 or so people there, I just went to my room. My ex-wifes sisters were there for some reason I couldn't explain at that moment.
Party is in full swing, I just went to my room and watched tv.

Knock at the door, and this girl that we all knew came in. A good friend of mine for years.
She sat down on my bed and was sympathetic with what was going on with my marriage. I will never forget her words to me. "There's a lot of women out there...dont get all hung up on one bad one. Not all women are like that". I thought she was talking about the party going on, but she meant at that moment...just her. She leaned in and went straight south.

She proceeded to pull off my sweats and blow me. Just like that. No more words, signs, nothing. Lips around my cock. This girl was nothing more than a friend for years with no prior attractions to each other. And straight to the dick with no foreplay, ect. Not thats a bad thing lol....just total shock. I mean, I was soft as possible...for about 3 seconds. I hadnt anytime to even think so I had no erection. Kind of embarassing but like I said, a few seconds later I was rock hard. My good friend....wow can she suck cock. And you can tell she was on a mission, hard, fast long strokes...she wanted me to cum. She looked up at me, I will never forget, and laid her tongue flat under my head...and continued to jerk me off. She wanted my load on her tongue.

After she finished me off in her mouth, she said "We're not done. We're fucking all night until you get this bullshit nonsense out of your head". She was really forward like that. She really intended to fuck me back to life. I never guessed it...but she knew how to fuck. She was clearly a master of men's needs. She wanted to fuck me all night and I had no choice.We did.

At some point, I heard a commotion outside my room. Here it was my buddies telling my sister in laws to leave the house. We kept right at it. They knew what was going on in my bedroom. My friend heard them yelling too, she looked down at me, smiled, and rode even harder. Almost laughing at scene outside my bedroom door.

My buddies apprently knew what she intended to do, and they all made damn sure the sisters knew, and then told them to get lost, knowing full well they would run to my ex blabbing. This whole thing was apprently planned from start to finish because I couldnt understand why my sister in laws were even there. Apprently....they were invited. They ALL hatched this plan. Now that friends.

Next morning, she and I are laying naked in bed, my ex-wife barges into my room. The sisters told her, as suspected. She was yelling, pissed off, kicked the door in. My friend told her to fuck off, none of her business anymore.Then while looking right at her, kicked the blankets off so she could see us butt assed naked, and she grabbed my very sore, beat up cock. My friend could easily kick her ass so she just left. My buddies were laughing at my ex as she left crying. Told her to fuck off and never come back. My friend wanted to make sure that b*tch left hurt. She was a master at doing it.

My friend and I went back to just being friends. We never had any discussion about trying out a relationship. She was single at that time but what happened was all about her giving my head a shake and wake up. It was a planned one nighter. The topic never ever came up. This was a problem solving mission.

This girl is a true friend. She understood how to fix shit like that with guys. Pretty simple actually, fixing a guys fucked up self esteem and ego. I was in a bad state...and she pulled me out. Dusted me off and sent me onto the next phase of my life a new man. I went from worthless to back to a human fucking being again with confidence. Overnight. Years later, I remarried to an incredible woman, my friend came to my wedding with her now husband. She hugged my new wife with a congratulations, then hugged me and planted a kiss on my cheek. At which point, she gave me a little wink and a smile. No words needed.....I knew what she was saying. She took credit for who I am today with my new wife. And she's right.
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Old 07-09-2018, 09:54 PM
wmnlvr wmnlvr is offline
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Ok so probably not the perviest little story you’ve heard on here, but my friend has a really hot sister, Mckenna. She just turned 18 a few weeks ago and has a really hot body. She about five feet tall and has a tight, fit body with beautiful features. She has a beautiful face and sexy, surprisingly tone butt. She has been going to the beach a lot lately, so she is not home a lot. I was recently at my friends house and again Mckenna was not there, but the door to her room was open. My friend was playing a game in the living room, so I snuck into Mckennas room. She had a bunch of dirty clothes on the floor so I went digging through them to find some used panties. I quickly grabbed a pair and shoved them in my pants, so my friend wouldn’t see what I had grabbed. When I finally got the chance to see the pair I grabbed, it was a small pair of lacey Victoria’s Secrect thong. So small as to fit on her petite figure. Now I use them to masturbate and cum inside them. It’s so hot when I talk to her just knowing I have one of her thongs for my personal pleasure. I included a couple pics just to show off how hot Mckenna truly is.
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Old 07-11-2018, 06:19 AM
Kelina's Avatar
Kelina Kelina is offline
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I let a really fat woman strip me in a crowded bar and hold me down while several guys and a few girls finger fucked me with lots of people watching. I managed to keep my purse but lost all my clothes. I woke up about 9 am in the back seat of my car. The drive to my apartment was uneventful but the walk into the complex from the parking lot got lots of stares.
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Old 07-11-2018, 07:35 AM
1rustywood 1rustywood is offline
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out of revenge I secretly shot a load in mother in laws sheets and pillow
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Old 07-11-2018, 06:33 PM
shoeripoff6 shoeripoff6 is offline
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Originally Posted by OPD940B View Post
For me was something I did unknowingly.
Hooked up with with a gal many years my junior and later discovered that
she was my niece through a marriage.

Called her after this discovery and asked her if she had an uncle X and an Aunt X
then told her that her Aunt X was my Sister in-law in-law and that Uncle X was my
brother in-law in-law in-law making her my niece. She had a screaming fit for a bit.

Every once in a while I remind her of the pics and vids I have of her on top and blowing
me calling me daddy.

Doesnt seem to be a genetic link going on there so why is it a problem?
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Old 07-13-2018, 12:06 PM
tonz42 tonz42 is offline
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Default MILF wank

Not necessarily the perviest thing....

Back in the 80's roller skating was all the rage.

I worked at the local rink part time and met this hot blond babe with the nicest ass I had seen.

We started dating, and she was hot - but compared to her mum, she was pretty ordinary.

Mum was about the same height, 5'3 ish, dark hair and tight body and HOT.

She was classy too, always well presented. She would wear short shorts or short skirts around the house all the time, I got quite a few upskirts during the time I was dating her daughter.

Anyway, we were going out as a "family" and I was at my GF's place in her room while the GF was getting ready. For some reason I headed to the lounge, as I came out of the GF's room I noticed a movement to the left, this was the master bedroom. Mum was in there pulling on her shorts, white panties in fill display. She obviously noticed me coming out of her daughters room, and looked me in the eyes while I pretty much stopped mid stride to perv at her pantied pussy. I had seen her in a swim suit before and knew she had great legs, while the panties didn't show any more than a swim suit anyway, I still got a thrill from seeing her in panties, I guess it's that "forbidden fruit" thing that turned me on.

Anyway, I jerked off over that image in my head many times, plus I took a photo of her sun bathing, I would often balance that print on my thigh while I jerked off to her.

On occasion I would be fucking the daughter but thinking of her mum.....

Then there was the time she was helping me prepare for a body building competition by rubbing fake tan on me,,,,,, but that is another story.

Attached the (ex) GF in pink and mum in green. GF was pissed when she caught me taking photos of her mum..
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Old 07-15-2018, 02:29 AM
SixPointFive's Avatar
SixPointFive SixPointFive is offline
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Years ago, in my single days I went out with a close female friend and her uni mates and to celebrate her birthday. There was about 20 of us and only 2 guys. One of the friends took a liking to me and we flirted most of the night.
My close friend was the life and soul as usual and got pretty drunk. Towards the end of the night she dragged me into the disabled toilet for a crazy drunken fuck (we had been occasional FWB over the last few years). It was the usual drunken, frenzied fuck that was over quickly as we both came. I let my friend leave first so as not to arouse suspicion and waited 10 mins in the toilet. Just as I was leaving, the flirty girl appeared and pushed me back into the toilet and proceeded to give me a blow job with my cock still covered in my cum and her friend's juices. She didn't seem to notice (or wasn't bothered) as she let me cum in her mouth. Thank God I was in my 20s and able to get hard straight away after cumming

I never told either girl about the other one, but it remains a great story for the wank bank....
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Old 07-17-2018, 11:59 PM
qazzy1749 qazzy1749 is offline
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Trying to be sexy by eating a hot dog out of an ex-girlfriend's pussy. Should have gotten at least a bun length or longer one, because the hot dog slipped inside of her and I couldn't get it out.

With some gyration she finally digged it out, like a lost tampon she said.
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Old 07-18-2018, 11:17 AM
LBnJB LBnJB is offline
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Default July 4th

Two years ago my wife and I were playing with a 58 year-old divorcee. John (not his real name) lived out in the country on a 70 acre ranch. He was a part-time rancher, and a full time executive at a telecommunications company. He was very rugged, which my wife loves, and very much a cowboy (she isn't a big fan). Anyway, he had a nice size house with a huge pool, hot tub, and no neighbors anywhere in sight. Since you could not see his pool from the road, there was no fence. We spent many afternoons and evenings naked and fucking in his pool, hot tub, and back deck. That 4th of July he invited us to his house for swimming, bbq, and fireworks. He told us to bring our kids. Our kids were in their mid-teens, so they each brought a friend. After arriving, everyone changed into swim suits and hit the pool. After about an hour, my wife got up to go make another pitcher of margaritas. A few minutes after she went inside John said he was going to see if she needed any help. As he walked past me he bent down and whispered that he was going to fuck my wife if I wanted to watch. I waited a few minutes before going into the house, leaving the 4 teenagers at the pool. When I walked in I immediately saw that John had my wife bent over the island in his kitchen. The windows overlooking the pool face the west, so they are covered with solar screens. This means you can see out, but not in. When I walked in the kitchen John's trunks were on the floor around his ankles, my wife's bikini bottoms were around her ankles, and cups of her bikini top were pulled aside. John was ramming himself into her from behind. They were facing the pool, able to see the teens playing and laughing outside. Knowing they could easily be caught was part of the excitement. Every time he thrust forward she gave out a little grunt. I undid my trunks, and started stroking my huge erection watching him fuck my wife, while also keeping an eye out for a wondering teen. My wife was moaning how good it felt, demanding John fuck her harder. John grabbed her hair with both hands, tugging backwards and pulling her almost upright, and started pounding her harder and harder. My wife's fingernails were digging into the granite counter as she started to cum. After a few minutes of this John started to grunt and moan, signaling he was cumming. As soon as he finished, my wife collapsed on the island. John stood there for a few moments before pulling out. When he did, a huge wad of cum fell out of my wife's pussy and hit the floor between her legs. He had dark wood floors, so the cum contrasted with the color. As she stood there, more of his jizz started running down her thighs. I dropped my shorts and entered her from behind. I could feel John's cum on my dick as I entered her, which always turns me on. It didn't take long before I shot my load into her as well. Once I was finished I pulled out, and pulled up my trunks. As I did, I saw my cum start to leak out of her. My wife stood up, adjusted her tits back into her bikini and pulled up her bottoms. When she did, she saw the large puddle of cum between her feet. She laughed and asked whose it was. When I told her it was John's, she grabbed a rag and cleaned it up. We grabbed our drinks and the three of us headed back two the pool. My wife never bothered to clean up, rather she lounged in the sun with two different men's seed oozing out of her pussy.

I don't know if this qualifies as pervy, but it was one of the hottest things we had ever done.
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Old 07-18-2018, 05:13 PM
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I got my drunk sister naked and then helped her give her husband a foot job
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