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Old 06-08-2018, 11:59 PM
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Default The Masseuse

The Masseuse

I knocked on the hotel room door and waited for a response while I tapped my foot impatiently. I straightened my skintight white, barely there dress and knocked again. After a moment the door was opened and my mind went straight to the gutter.

He was tall with blond close cropped hair, stunning green eyes, and a body built for doing sinful things. Wow, I'm now excited about this call.

"I'm Cat, the massage therapist. Take off your clothes." Oops, that didn't come out how I planned but it's what I was thinking even if it wasn't supposed to be out loud.

He laughed at me as he opened the door and let me come in. "Cody" he said, "come on in." I about passed out...fucking sexy ass accent too, holy shit! "Where do you want me?"

"Everywhere..." Oops again. "The bed is fine."

He laughed again and walked by me while taking off his tshirt. He had a nice back and yummy shoulders too. He looked back over his shoulder and asked if he should lose the shorts. I nodded, maybe too enthusiastically, and he slipped them off. My hands tingled to grope that awesome ass and I told myself to be patient, soon enough I would be touching him.

I set my bag on the bedside table and took out my favorite oil, not one I used on clients but that I used on myself when I didn't have a man around and needed to get off. A few drops on my fingers then rubbing my clit was always enough to make me cum so the scent of watermelons and sunshine always made me super horny. Not that I needed help with that now, I was so wet and swollen I was practically dripping.

I asked where his problem area was and he pointed to his shoulders as he laid face down on the bed. "Stress" he said.

"I can fix that" I breathed and climbed on the bed, a knee on either side of his hips so I straddled his grope-able ass. I realized that in this position, in this dress, my ass was not covered but he couldn't see from his position and it made me feel deliciously naughty so I let it stay. Kinda glad now that I didn't wear any panties today since my bare pussy was just inches from touching his skin.

I poured the oil into my hands and rubbed them together. "Watermelon?" he asked, sniffing the air.

"Hope that's ok, it's my favorite." He nodded and I placed my hands on his shoulder blades. I smoothed the oil from his neck, down his shoulders, the backs of his arms, and then over to his upper back using light touches. Not light enough to tickle but just to get the oil where I wanted it.

Back to his shoulders, I used my thumbs to find the knots and firmly rolled them away. He moaned and my pussy contracted with arousal. The scent of watermelon filled the air and all of a sudden I felt something wet running down my thigh...I was so turned on that I was dripping, literally. I scooped up my juices from my leg and then dipped three fingers into my hot pussy for more. Then I used the same hand with my wetness on it to continue the massage. Rubbing my essence into him along with the melon oil scent.

I massaged deeper, kneading the muscles in his back. Making him moan again. Such a fantasy inducing sound and I let my mind wander to what I wanted to do with his hot naked body.

My hands kept going back to my clit, flicking it, and then deep inside myself for more cream. I saw him sniffing again before his eyes opened wide and a naughty looking smile showed on the side of his face I could see.

I couldn't help myself. I was so aroused, I started grinding my pussy onto his ass while I massaged his back and shoulders. His moaning was such a turn on! The oil from where I had touched myself several times, along with my arousal, helped lubricate me and I was so close to cumming when he said something that made me freeze.

"You know...my chest muscles are a little tight also. Could you get those?"

"Roll over" I told him and he did. I knew the exact moment he saw my hairless mound poised a breath above his wonderful erection because he inhaled deeply, his eyes widened, and his cock bumped against my slit.

My right hand went to my pussy, again dipped in several fingers, and then went to his chest. I saw him taking deep breaths through his nose, smelling me on him and felt his cock harden even more beneath me. I used the heels of both hands to massage his chest, circled a finger around his nipples, then leaned down and flicked my tongue over each nipple. I tasted watermelon and my own arousal and I was so turned on by that taste.

"Kiss me?" he asked...and I swooped in on his mouth, thrusting my tongue inside to meet his. Sucking on him, nipping his lower lip, and then dueling with his tongue again. He tasted incredible and damn he could kiss. I have always heard that just kissing could make a woman cum and now I believed it. If anyone could, it was him.

"Take it off" he ordered against my lips, and tugged on the lowcut neckline of my dress. I sat up and slipped it over my head, tossing it on the floor, now sitting on his lower abdomen with both of us gloriously naked. I leaned down to kiss him again and feeling my breasts brush against his warm skin made my nipples even harder.

I felt him reach over for the bottle of oil on the table and stopped kissing him to see what he would do. I was breathing hard, so turned on that it was almost painful.

He poured oil into his hand, rubbed them together then placed a hand on each of my breasts, pinching the erect nipples into bigger peaks. It was my turn to moan for him. His large hands squeezing my breasts felt amazing and I loved it.

He ran them down my torso, past my small waist, and to my vagina. Touching and exploring between my swollen labia before finding my sensitive clit and rubbing it firmly before he thrust two fingers deep inside my tightness. He made a "come here" motion with the fingers buried inside me and my first orgasm took me completely by surprise, making me scream! I felt his cock bump against my ass, the wetness of his precum leaking out and telling me he was as excited as I was.

When he removed his fingers and licked my cream from them I felt my pussy clench again. I kissed him again and tasted myself on his tongue.

I sat up, lifted my body, and grasped his dick to hold it steady before I placed his weeping tip at my opening and then slid myself down him until he was buried balls deep in my sopping wet tight pussy.

He grabbed my ass with both hands, guiding me into the rhythm he liked. I rode him hard, grinding my clit into his pubic bone with every thrust, getting tighter around him with every second.

His sexy accent talking dirty in between gasps of air was the hottest thing I'd ever heard. "Ride me hard, Cat." "Fuck me faster." "I love your fucking tight pussy."

I gave as good as he did. "You feel so good inside me. I want more. Harder!"

When I knew he couldn't go much longer I told him "I want you to cum deep inside me. Cum for me. Fill my pussy with your cum, it's so sexy!"

He groaned, such a hot sound knowing I did that to him, and I felt his cock twitch inside me. The thought of his cum inside me sent me into another orgasm and I milked the last of him with the clenching walls of my body. I nipped his yummy bottom lip before giving him another deep wet kiss and getting off the bed. I felt our mingled juices trickling down my thigh and somehow that turned me on again.

"Need a shower?" he asked. "Only if you're coming too" I said.

"Oh I plan to!" He said. "At least twice more tonight."
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