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Old 06-08-2018, 11:52 PM
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Default Movie Theater

I sat down in the dark and almost deserted theater, glad that there was almost no one at this late night showing. The movie started and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone walk in the door and stop to look around before starting down my row of seats. They sat in the seat directly next to mine and I was not happy. Seriously! 18 damned rows of open spots and they have to sit right by me! Hmph!

Then I noticed their smell. Damn! Had to be a man cuz that cologne was sexy, manly, and hot as fuck! Panty dropper for sure...so I did. I was wearing a loose knee length dress and very slowly slid my boy cut panties off my hips, past my ass, down my legs, and kicked them off my ankles to leave them on the floor.

I noticed that he glanced over and saw what I was doing, then kept looking instead of watching the movie and that made me even hotter. I was gonna masturbate in public, in front of someone. Fuck yeah...

I cupped my left hand onto my left breast and could feel how hard my nipple was through my bra. I rolled my bra down an lifted my nipple to my mouth to suck on it. When I heard a soft moan from my seat mate I looked over and saw him staring at me and rubbing his crotch outside of his jeans slowly, a large erection obvious beneath the fabric.

Sliding my right hand down my body, touching my still naked breast then my stomach, I finally reached the hem of my dress and pulled it up to my waist, baring myself to his hungry gaze and my playful fingers. I dipped one finger into my very moist pussy then brought it up to my mouth and sucked my own juices off while I moaned softly at the taste.

Back down to my pussy, sliding my finger around my clit, flicking it hard, then rubbing slow circles around it...this time I put my hand over under my neighbor's nose where he inhaled and then licked up and down, tasting me.

I reached down and slowly unzipped his jeans, pulling down his underwear and freeing his hard cock from its tight prison. I stroked up and down firmly, watching his eyes close in pleasure. I couldn't stand the wait anymore and thanking the theater gods for fold up arms, I leaned over and sucked him into my mouth.

I felt him reach over my shoulder and then he was kneading my naked breast, pinching the nipple and then flicking it hard. The pain was exquisite and I wanted so much more. I was drooling, making sucking sounds every time I slid my mouth and hand over the tip of his yummy dick.

I heard him whisper "I'm going to cum" and increased my stroking and licking. "Wait, I want to cum inside you" he said. I glanced around the theater and saw no one was paying any attention to us so I decided to give him what he wanted. I wanted it too. My pussy was so wet that when I sat in his lap facing the screen and slid him inside of me I could hear the wet squelch of him every time we thrust together and then pulled apart. Faster and faster. I was panting, so turned on, biting my hand to prevent myself from screaming and giving us away.

I felt him gather my hair, pulling my neck back at a sharp angle and then he bit my neck hard, sucking on my skin and leaving a dark mark I found later that night. I heard his breathing become more pronounced and knew he was close. Every time I thrust backwards I added a twist to my hips, his balls were hitting my clit with every thrust and I knew I was close too.

He let go of my hair and grabbed my hips with a punishing grip, making short fast thrusts into my very sloppy pussy. I whimpered very softly, covering my mouth to muffle the sound as I came hard, pussy walls squeezing his cock as he pistoned into me. He froze and I heard him grunt before I felt jets of his hot cum filling me up. He bit me on the shoulder and my pussy walls clenched again, milking him for the last drops of his cum.

I slid off of him and felt a little bit of his escaping fluid slide slowly down my thigh. I looked down on the floor, where I had left my panties and they were nowhere to be seen. Dammit! Guess I was just gonna have to go without. Wonder what happened to them, I thought. I looked over and the man was gone...like he never existed.

In the projection room above the theater two men were talking. "Damn dude, why do you always get to tap that fine ass and I just have to watch from up here?" "Because that's my girlfriend, you dick. Be happy I let you keep her panties every time."

"Oh, yeah...well thanks. I always appreciate the show and the smell of your girl's hot pussy from the souvenir underwear." "No problem man, thanks for making sure we never get interrupted."

"Anything for the police, my man!"
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