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Old 03-14-2019, 03:49 AM
drewmas58 drewmas58 is offline
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Default Tattoos and piercings

I am interested in stories about tattoos and piercings in intimate places.
Any stories from girls who have had these done, how embarrassed were you exposing your bits to a stranger ?
Or are you on the other side of that scenario ? A tattooist or piercer who is regularly asked to do this and get great views whilst plying your trade. Do you get aroused and has it ever been obvious to your client ?
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Old 03-14-2019, 11:16 AM
DiegoJames DiegoJames is online now
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This isn't a photo of my current lady, I found this photo on the web, but it's a very similar tattoo (but much smaller) in a similar place.

She got it done as 'a laugh' while on holiday, and because it offered up 'a story' each time someone got her panties off for the first time (this makes her sound sl*tty, like there were dozens/hundreds of first times someone new got her panties off, which isn't the case. There's been a few men who've enjoyed the sight.

It was done while on holiday, and she says she wasn't embarrassed, even though her pussy was fully on display for the inking. She was drunk at the time, which she says lowered inhibitions (and I suppose a proper tattooist should have chased her out of the tattoo salon for being drunk, but not all countries have the same rules as where I am, the UK, where tattooists are legally obliged to refuse to ink someone obviously drunk).

I should add that since hooking up with her I've got an inking of my own, as in the second photo, in...well, you can guess the location.

Yes, I had to get my gear out for that inking, had to shave my pubes beforehand, etc, and it turned out to be a female tattooist as the fella I'd scheduled to do it had rung in sick that day, so his business partner (the female) said if I was OK her doing it (they try to do tattoos in intimate places according to the gender of the client, I learned). I said OK...let's do it, and it wasn't embarrassing or arousing. I talked to her about things like the weather (last summer's really hot weather in the UK) while she was inking me. I'm afraid to say I didn't feel inclined to ask her about how many cocks got thrown out for her to ink, or how many pussies her male business partner was likely to have seen.

Also, impulsively, I got my nipples pierced last year too, and it was done in a kind of communal area -four tattooist/piercing tables- entirely public (to those in the room, no screens up or anything) and a woman was lying with her tits out as I walked in while she was having her nips pierced.

I did get to speak to her about what the levels of pain were likely to be. She was a middle-aged Mumsy type who looked like she might not even go topless on holiday, but there she was, unconcernedly chatting to three other male clients and four male tattooist/piercers about pain levels of a needle going through her nipples!
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Old 03-14-2019, 09:31 PM
fenderbender357 fenderbender357 is offline
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A friend of mine is a artist, years ago when he was first getting his studio started it was a two man shop with no front help. A lot of times I would go help out in the evenings when they were busy. It never did cease to amaze me how a woman's inhibitions fell away when they walked in. I can't tell you how many times women flash their tits or ass even pussy right in the front room. My favourites where when a group having girls night out would come in.
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