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Old 05-24-2018, 08:54 PM
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Awesome story.. Thanks for sharing
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Old 06-04-2018, 06:29 PM
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Haven't heard from you in a while hope you plan to continue, what you've written so far is quite good.
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Old 06-11-2018, 01:39 AM
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Default Bit busy

Sorry everybody for the long delay, been busy dealing with personal issues, but am eventually going to get back to writing this.

I do have a little gap filler I will upload for you guys to read soonish...

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Old 06-17-2018, 01:57 AM
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Default Mass Effect: The Armax Arsenal Arena's flower fights! Part 3: The second bout

Shepard bit her lip as she sat in the locker room. She hated waiting almost as much as she hated the reapers. The three members of the N7 trio had gotten dressed in hopes of entering and succeeding in the second match and making their way to the finals.

"I would've preferred to not have to worry about exposing myself to a crowd of hundreds, but at least the money will be a welcome addition..." Liara mentioned.

"Yeah and who knows what that sleazeball has planned?" Ashley added.

Shepard nodded when the camera came on showing an image of Jackson Jones.

"Well, don't you ladies look purdy?" He scoffed before continuing. "I have to be honest the ratings are a little bit sketchy what with our star players not being even a little bit exposed to the public."

"You will have to try harder than that to expose us." Shepard chuckled.

"Apparently so..." Jackson Jones looked down. "I will warn you that things will be harder from here on out though, so get ready for a bit more of a challenge."

Shepard and her crew watched the man fade from the screen before looking amongst themselves.

"What do you think he meant by that?" Ashley asked.

"Not a clue." Shepard replied.

"It appears we will have to remain on our guard." Liara added.

The three women made their way out of the locker room and onto the field. It was similar to before in that it was a wasteland-like space, but was slightly different in that there were many more places to hide and many large rocks that littered the arena.

"Okay it looks like the ladies of the hour are here." Jackson smugly smiled. "I guess it is almost time to start the second round!"

The crowd outside the arena roared. It appeared to be bigger than before, probably more people were hopeful to see the great Commander Shepard naked on arrival.

"Now I know you ladies and gentleman are incredibly eager to get the next round started, but this time since our player's are clearly more skilled we are adding some extra rules to our game." Jackson smirked as he called Holly over.

"What do you want this time you perverted old man?" Holly muttered wearing another suit.

"Now I am sure you know that these outfits have sensors that keep the outfit in place, but did you know the reason they work the way they do is that they are batteries for the suit?" Jackson smirked. "I bet you didn't, and neither does my sweet flower Holly here."

"What does he mean?" Ashley whisper to Shepard.

"Well, in this match I have these very delicate and very rare draining stars."

Jackson lifted a small crystal from his pocket and handed it to Holly who just looked confused.

"These stars drain the battery of any energy-based substance, like a battery for example."

Jackson smirked and turned a little knob on a controller he was carrying and all of a sudden the draining star flashed and then Holly was once again butt-naked. The crowd cheered, Holly cried and ran off the stage, her bubbly butt getting many flashes from many cameras.

"Anyway, well for this match we will be using that technology here." Jackson then pressed another button on a controller in his hand causing a big star to end up in the middle. "This will slowly drain your suit wherever you are on the field and once you have run out of fuel you will be naked, to add an extra layer of trouble with a time limit to this match."

"I see so if we don't finish this match quickly we are all liable to end up naked." Liara whispered.

Jackson then walked off the field and Shepard's team met their opponents. It looked like three women, two of large size, and one smaller one in the middle, all of which were wearing purple suits.





As soon as the timer ended both teams dashed for cover and drew their weapons.

"It is hot..." Shepard muttered as she noticed the star above the field raising the heat.

"I think the draining star is burning like a light bulb." Liara muttered.

"Whatever! If we don't get this fight over with, we'll end up showing our ta-ta's to the crowd!" Ashley yelled.

Shepard peeked up from cover, but she couldn't see anyone. It appeared that the added cover was going to make this match a lot more difficult.

"We don't have time to wait." Shepard muttered.

Shepard ordered Liara and Ashley to move with her in cover. If they stuck together there was less chance of a surprise attack or so they thought, but then out of nowhere moved a large figure which grabbed Liara from behind covering her mouth and dragging her away. Shepard and Ashley who were moving in front didn't notice their friend had been picked off.

"Okay we have an angle." Shepard smiled as noticed a balloon slightly visible.

"Yeah it seems so." Ashley smirked as she aimed her gun.

Shepard then felt a bad feeling fill up her chest and right as Ashley shot she realised something.

"Williams, wait!" Shepard yelled, but it was too late.

One of the balloons popped and then thrown from cover was Liara, whose blue feet and face were revealed as parts of her outfit dissolved.

"That's Liara!" Ashley yelled as she felt herself get thrown and forced to the ground by a biotic force.

"Williams!" Shepard could hardly react as a large figure came into view and started trying to hit her.

"Oh my, it appears that the N7 gals are struggling!" Jackson cried over the intercom.

Liara was in a daze as she landed on her back, the other large woman, clearly a human saw her friends engaged in combat and seemed like she was about to chase after her when Liara used a biotic push to knock her off balance before drawing a gun and shooting her balloon!

The woman's boots and face got revealed showing off a surprisingly cutesy freckled face with short red hair. The large woman was human and turned around in hopes of pinning Liara who wasn't having it and kept her down with another biotic push. Liara then fired again destroying another balloon, and revealing her skin-tight outfit.


Shepard was struggling to keep up with the other woman who was both skilled and sizable. She couldn't get a shot in and the worry of being hit by a biotic attack meant she couldn't drop her guard. Then the woman she was fighting seemed distracted it appeared that one of her friend's balloons had popped and shepard used that opening to trip her and shot one of her balloons revealing her face and removing her top shoulder guards!

"Damn you got me!" She yelled jumping back.

"Only barely" Shepard smirked.

She was a black woman with long braided hair and a muscular top body with breasts of surprising size. She flexed and got back into a fighting stance.


"Ouch my head..." Ashley moaned as she staggered to her feet.

Ashley had been thrown pretty far, but even still it felt like danger was all around her. She drew her gun and got ready, but she couldn't see the opponent skulking out in the stony shadows around her. Soon another force wave sent her flying forward, but she managed to stop herself by using a rock to stop her momentum. She then tried to hunt for the opponent, but it seemed impossible.

"Hmm, I think it is about time for maximum suction." Jackson muttered as he turned on the draining star.

The star flashed and began to glow brighter for but a second. The fighters had no clue until they looked down that at least one of their balloons had been drained fully.

Ashley bit her lip as her boots vanished and so did her bottom guards, Shepard's guards vanished, and Liara lost her undersuit leaving only her guards to protect her body. Their opponents however, lost more. The woman fighting Liara screamed as her naked muscular figure went on display, whilst Shepard's opponent suddenly became barefoot and topless! Ashley's opponent was still hidden.

"Kyaaaaaahhhhh" A cute cry came from the woman fighting Liara as she ran towards the locker room.

"I need to end this fast." Liara muttered as she made her way over to Ashley.


Shepard was surprised at her opponents indifference to her breasts being out, but the woman she fought didn't seem to care.

"Don't you have any shame?" Shepard asked.

"I have a good body and I am proud of it!" The woman replied.

Shepard continued fighting her opponent and it seemed to be a close match, with neither side giving up, but the other woman was clearly more experienced in this type of combat.


"Damn, how do I fight somebody like this!?" Ashley yelled as she hid in cover in hopes of avoiding biotic attacks.

Then a cry began and out of nowhere flew an Asari that she had never seen before who was lacking a helmet and shoes.

"Was this what you were looking for?" Liara said as she used her biotics to keep the other woman down.

"You got my back, thanks Liara." Ashley replied firing a couple of shots at her opponent's balloons popping them instantly.

"Noooooooo!" The Asari ran off into the locker room trying to cover her parts.


Shepard struggled to keep up with her opponent. It was a close match, but the size difference was clearly making this tough. Shepard was soon pinned down and couldn't move, but then a flash occurred and all of a sudden the woman's bottoms were gone as were most of Shepard's outfit (except for her skintight suit). The match was concluded, but only when Ashley showed up, did she understand that the cheering was for more than just their victory.

"Oh it appears that the N7 Gals won, though not without their own casualties." Jackson chuckled.

The other woman got up and proudly walked naked to her team's locker room and Shepard, sweaty and exhausted made her way to her own, but much to her surprise only one of her team was waiting for her.

"Williams? Where is Liara?" Shepard asked.

"...I don't know..." Ashley replied.

Then the screen turned on and much to their surprise Jackson was smiling in his chair.

"Ah I see you are missing a member!" Jackson smirked.

"You bastard! What did you do to Liara!?" Shepard replied.

"Well, you guys were winning and she was naked so we just decided to even the odds a little."

The camera moved to Liara whose naked blue body was chained up with a blindfold around her eyes and a gag in her mouth. Holly was standing nearby in some spare clothes and was dipping her hand in a jar.

"Let her go!" Ashley cried out.

"Like I said a naked asari would do wonders on a private stream." Jackson smirked. "Besides I don't have to do anything you say until you win."

Holly's hands started to rub down Liara's body starting with her feet and moving up her legs. Liara began to grunt and fidget trying to escape the tickly, but arousing feeling filling her body.

"We will show her a good time and when we're done well, who knows what will happen?" Jackson chuckled. "We will let her go however, if you maybe throw the next match." Jackson smiled.

The feed shut off and Shepard and Ashley were shocked, what will they do? Throw the next match and sacrifice their dignity? Or abandon their friend to a naked shameshow?

Stay tuned and sorry for the long wait!
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