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Old 01-02-2016, 09:16 AM
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Thumbs down Sharking Spree

Harry the Humiliator had just escaped from his high security compound where he was serving his sentence for 43 counts of the Exposure of an Innocent Female. He got his nickname for the scandalous nature of his criminal record- the fact that over the years he had groped, sharked and otherwise exposed publicly dozens of young women. He was declared criminally insane due to his inability to control his actions when an opportunity to mercilessly embarrass a completely random hottie that caught his eye arose. He was caught due to the pattern that police agencies all around the country had recognized: he targeted beautiful young ladies with nubile, sexy figures. The detectives had also noted that the victims were never strippers, party girls or bimbos. He targeted unsuspecting babes who were just your everyday girl next door, but the one in a million mega babe girl next door.

So, Harry the Humiliator was once again escaped, at large, armed with expert skills in the art of sharing and Horner than ever after being locked up.

He made his way through the wilderness surrounding the prison until he reached the nearest town, Sunnydale. A medium sized town in a coastal state, Sunnydale had a multiplex theatre, a thriving downtown district and some of the best Universities in the nation. Also, it boasted the nearby prison that Harry had just escaped.

Harry snuck around, still in his jail clothes, remaining unseen with his ninja like agility and cunning ways. He wanted to rip at least one girl's top off as soon as possible in case the authorities caught up with him right off the bat. He found himself in a crowded park near restaurants and the local multiplex. It was a nice day and plenty of people were out shopping and enjoying the day. Amongst the throngs of people a hot 22 year old came walking through the park wearing a striped tank top which showed a glimpse of her supple cleavage, a little paler than the rest of her chest and yellow skinny jeans that hugging her curvy legs and showing off her trim waist. Her curly long brown locks fell down to her head turning DD boobs, that slightly bounced as she made her way to work. She worked at the coffee shop at the edge of the park after recently graduating school. She had an olive complexion and an adorably round face, despite her delicate neck and shoulders.

The fresh faced sweetheart happened to stroll pass a baseball diamond in the park where about 25 men and women were competing in an inter office leave. A few more dozen of their friends and family were barbecuing and cheering along with the game. The girl recognized one of the guys, Steve, who was manning the barbecue as an old classmate from high school, her best friends exgirlfriend who she had always on a crush on. She went over to say hello and see what he'd been up to these last few years.

Steve's stomach dropped as he saw his ex's sultry friend trot up to him with a warm smile and, oh man those tits, The soft, warm flesh of her boobies securely contained in her blouse with only a bit of cleavage to indicate the gifts that had her life such a breeze so far. Not that she ever let any of her pursuers got anywhere near her.

Steve waved to her and smiled as his friends stared at the foxy young tart bounced over, shocked such a hottie was approaching their friend Steve. They never would have guessed how nervous she felt as she approached the guy she had liked but was unable to approach for years. She was smiling ear to ear as she greeted him with a bubble, "Steve! Oh my god this is so random! I haven't seen you in years! How have you been, you look just the--"

Harry the Humilator had been hungrily following the buxom brunette, and as always waited for the perfect moment where his unlucky lady's embarassment would be most horrifyingly shameful. When he saw her approach the barbecue to say hi to Steve and the rest of the picnic he didn't think twice.

"How have you been, you look just the---"

SNAP! RRrrriiiip!! And like a phantom he had snuck up behind the girl and yanked down that striped tank top as hard as his powerful hands could, making sure to take her bra down with it. Her big flesh melons plopped free with a swaying wobble, the soft white skin almost blinding in the broad daylight. They were firm, but a little savvier without the support of her bra. Her nipples were softly defined and pinkish brown that instantly developed dozens of little bumps at the sudden exposure to the elements, ripped from the expensive bra and clothing that had shielded them from the world. Harry had come up behind this poor girl and reached over her shoulders, grabbing a handful of material around each shoulder and as his startled victim's eyes popped wide he pulled her top down to her stomach before she could react. Her boobs shook up, down, left and right like prisoners dancing for joy after escaping. Harry dashed off without being able to enjoy the humiliation he had inflicted.

Steve had seen Harry rush up behind the young lady but was helpless to help her as he watched in shock as those juicy tits he had jerked off to for years were forcefully exposed publically in front of dozens. "EEEEEEK AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" She screamed looking down and seeing her bare tits "NOOOOOOO!" Steve's jaw dropped as he took in the sight of the nipples he had for so long wondered about. Until the red faced babe grabbed her breasts, squeezing them hard in panic and hiding her nipples, but deliciously demonstrating how the soft tit flesh spilled out from her fingers. Steve looked up finally to the girl's face as she stood topless in front of her crush, the guy she had fantasized about dating, and her face contorted into a horrified expression as she looked around at the delighted old men, indignant girlfriends and wives, and horny teens. She screamed. Her long fingernails dug in violently into her jiggly titties. She ran away screaming through the park, tears streaming down her pretty face.

"Some guy just yanked that chicks tip down!"

"She probably is some little skank who wanted to be the center of attention"

"Looks like little miss Jugs finally got justice for being such a little tease!"

"Where'd that guy go? What he did to that poor girl is terrible!"

"What a violation of that young lady's dignity!"

"Check it out! Got some sweet pics of that sl*t that got her top ripped off!"

"You gotta post those man!"

Steve felt awful for her, but like most every other guy was secretly turned on at he sight of that supple body. For many her humiliation added immensely to their arousal. The ashamed girl sat panicked and trembling in a public restroom, unsuccessfully trying to squeeze, pull and stuff herself into her ruined blouse. She started sobbing as she thought of the people that had taken photos and laughed, and of the people she knew that had seen her violated like that. She would never be viewed the same again, and she knew she couldn't do anything about it. Why had that man done this to her?

Harry heard the scream behind him as he sprinted off, heading straight for the college campus. He laughed with glee at his memory of the way her tits felt as he robbed her of her privacy. For him it was just a game. He was obsessed with violating the hottest girls imaginable, knocking them off their pedestal.
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Old 01-02-2016, 11:38 AM
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Harry like college age girls with curvy figures, and he figure what better place than a college campus to run into the next star of one his twisted forced nudity crimes.

He walked by hundreds of girls for hours, searching. Some had gorgeous faces and fit bodies but small boobs. Some had amazing little bodies, big boobs and sexy asses but had faces that weren't quite up to Harry's standards. Some had busty little physiques but dressed sl*tty, therefor making them unsuitable for humiliation as they were already showing much of the goods. He was on campus for hours until he spotted Megan.

Megan was even hotter than the girl in the park he had just exposed. She could've been a movie star if she wanted, with her angelic face and her charming, goofy smile. Out of all the hot young tail he'd been ogling for hours, dozens of them knockouts, she stood out by a mile. She'd never had a real boyfriend yet, at 18 years of age she was a freshman eager to make a good impression on the people who would become her friends the next four years. Megan had light brown hair, cute little body with a nice round butt and nice legs that led to tiny little feet. For such a small frame her breasts were unusually large (not too big, though) and anyone would have thought they were fake except for the fact that she was such a wholesome, modest and even shy girl. That and the way they imperceptibly jiggled as she walked let any discerning pervert know that she was all natural. She have straight brown hair pulled back in a ponytail with bangs that went past her eyebrows and a soft mouth with big pink lips. Today she was wearing a knee length skirt and a long sleeve shirt unbuttoned enough to see the tiniest hint of cleavage. Her clothes were very hip while still leaving much to the imagination of every male student and teacher that she encountered. Right now she was headed to her Psych class, hurrying through the busy quad where hundreds of her peers walked to and fro, loitered in small groups and played Hackeysack or frisbee.

She walked in Harry's direction chewing gum and trying to ignore the staring from the less civilized students and hopelessly horny faculty and janitorial staff. It made her blush when she caught guys checking her out, which was constantly. Harry was walking towards her in the opposite direction, dozens of students flooding the Quad all around him as he "accidentally" knocked into the young hottie, stumbling as he grazed her breasts with his left and and chest, feeling them through the layers of fabric. He smelled her enchanting perfume and noticed her expensive jewelry, she just noticed a foul stench of BO. He grunted as he thought of how his first contact with a female in years had been this busty teenager. He was instantly lost in the crowd as she turned around with a pouting "this isn't fair!" kind of indignant look.

He circled around, following her and staring at her skirt because if you looked hard enough, you could see the way her nice round booty shook around a little bit as she walked. He walked right up to her and then, masterfully, threwup her skirt and stuck one hand between her legs and rubbed her crotch roughly, fingers shoving her panties inside her. Simultaneously he grabbed her chest from behind with his other hand, squeezing her entire left breast in his big open hand before yanking his hand away hard as he could, bursting the buttons of her shirt open and ripping it from her petit body. In the hustle and bustle of the crowd her shriek was drowned out. The shriek the girl made as she all of a sudden had a strangers hand in her virgin pussy for a shocking moment... And in public! The shriek she made because at the same time her luscious teen boobie was violently fondled and now.... Those big fat teen tits jiggled free, exposed to the dozens surrounding her. "ARRRGHRRRARGHHHH!" She screamed, throwing her arms around her squishy yet firm tits, yet failing to completely cover one of her bright pink nipples. She screamed as her mind raced, clutching her breasts...she could still feel his fingers shoving their into their pussy, her panties stretched into a wedgie in between her jiggly ass and sliding them askew so that her sweet teen pussy (kind of brown with tiny pink lips, completely shaved) was exposed under her skirt. Even as her eyes ran with tears, covering her nipples and breasts, she felt violating that a stranger had touched her most intimate place... And so roughly! She had never even French kissed before, and now a man had touched her... There!

"HOLY SHIT! That girl Megan is fucking topless!"

"Did you see that? Some homeless guy or something just tore that girls off!"

"Where'd he go?"

Harry was thinking of how warm and slightly moist that 18 year old's pussy felt! If he had only known he was the first to touch it. He smelled his fingers and could faintly smell her delicate pussy scent.

Shrieking at the top of her lungs, Megan tried to escape her embarrassing nightmare, dozens of kids snapping unflattering pictures of her face twisted crazily as she tried to hold her bouncing breasts as she ran. She had to push her way through the entrance and a few times she had to squeeze past a few lucky guys, boobies dragged across one guys denim jacket (much to his delight) as she struggled to get through the coarse material being dragged against her soft, milky, virginal DD's, the metal rivets and buttons on the jacket especially irritating on her sensitive boobs. Until now her boobs had only been touched by soft cotton and luxurious bras.... Now her tits were being pinched and sc****d against backpacks with zippers, opportunists that reached out and groped the poor lass crudely. As she ran for cover, mindlessly trying to escape this nightmare, in her panic she escaped through some bushes, pushing aside branches as her perky round boobs were poked and sc****d by little twigs and thorns. Her sensitive nipples were sore from running against that denim jacket and were red from irritation, and her cleavage was sprinkled with little sc****s.

Finally, she made it out of the bushes, with just a 4 foot ledge to climb down. Megan hoisted herself over the edge, lowering one curvy leg down as she stood on the ledge with the other. Just then she heard a bunch of male voices laughing, and she discovered, to her horror, that upon looking down that nine guys with their phone out had been standing there as she had been climbing over the ledge.... Giving them an obscene view of her pussy spread wide open, pink lips in a shape that was no longer secret. There are porn stars that wouldn't be photographed the way Megan was position at this moment. The lucky guys were speechless as "the hot girl from Econ" was spread eagle in front of their eyes, looking terrified and compromised. Girls of her caliber go their whole lives pampered and worshipped, but Harry had stolen her dignity from her.

For years to come, people would talk about that fateful day. "I got a nice fucking handful of little sl*ts tittie, bro!"

"She had to squeeze past me and my cock was so hard as she shoved her way through there's no WAY she didn't notice!"

"I grabbed her wrist so my buddy could give her a titty twister!"

The videos and photos were circulated widely and Megan became an Internet sex celebrity, all thanks to Harry the Humiliator.
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would really like to read more
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Old 01-05-2016, 12:16 PM
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Do you have access to a cloning machine? I'd like my own clone army of Harry's that I can deploy at weddings, beauty pageants, dance contests, and other events where pretty girls tend to congregate in the presence of large numbers of cameras.
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Old 01-05-2016, 10:36 PM
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Heee heee! When I first read the title I thought it said SHARTING Spree.

Which would've been a very different story!

Good job!!
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Old 07-14-2016, 04:52 PM
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Default More!

Any chance you will continue this story?
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Old 07-15-2016, 06:52 PM
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This is well written stuff! Very enjoyable. Also far less guilt-inducing than actual sharking haha.
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Old 07-16-2016, 02:22 PM
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Why is there a red "thumbs down" icon preceding this story? How did it get there and what is it's meaning?
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Old 07-08-2018, 02:29 PM
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Harry happily walked around town, chuckling to himself as he thought about that last little big titty teen he had exposed at the college campus. He didn’t know her name was Megan, or that her 18 year old breasts were still red and sore from the tree branches and twigs... as if she wasn’t constantly reminded of her complete humiliation by girls teasing the formerly pure freshman, calling her skanky names, her soft, angelic body was covered in little sc****s in all her most intimate areas, reminding her constantly of how that terrible man had ruined her reputation. She knew all her classmates and teachers had seen the pictures, she could tell by the way they looked at her now, further embarassing her....let alone the hundreds of thousands around the world who had seen the explicit photos of her naked voluptuous young body. Her delicate nipples were especially sore.

But Harry was eager for a new victim, and he headed to the beach. There were hundreds of pretty young girls from the university, and he loitered around for hours waiting for the perfect one. He creeped out plently of hotties, staring at them blatantly. It was a Saturday and everyone was out enjoying themselves, and then Harry spotted a cutie that really got his attention.

Actually, the word “cutie” wouldnt do her justice....she was absolutely gorgeous. A student at the university, 21-22 maybe, she was Latina and Japanese mixed. What caught Harry’s eyes were her enornous, swinging breasts hanging off of her tiny, petite shoulders, conceiled by her stylish white bikini, complimentung her perfect caramel skin. She had long black hair with trendy bangs and big round sunglasses. She had a slightly big bubble butt that got almost much attention as her huge titties did, she had a tiny waist, although she had some juicy thighs.

She was with a group of her girfriends, but she was getting all the attention and tons of dudes approaches her for her info, but she just giggled good naturedly and made her way to the ice cream cart. Harry loved her big, bouncing breasts, but What caught his eye was that she seemed Very sweet, not sl*tty like the other girls in the beach. Thats What would make this so fun! She was getting lots of glances as her cleavage gently wobbled in her bikini, and the attention to her breasts made her blush adorably.

As she walked down the boardwalk with her friends, Harry snuck closer and closer, watching her big firm ass jiggle side to side and then FINALLY he took some zip ties out of his pocket, grabbed the poor girl’s wrists behind her back and zip tied to her the boardwalk railing. She gave him a panicked, confused look as he grinned for a second before grabbing her left titty, squeezing as hard as he could for a second and then ripping off her bikini top. She screamed at the top of her lungs, causing everyone on the boardwalk to stop What they were doing and turn to see her huge milky boobies jiggle all around as they were freed from her bikini, revealing cute dark pink nipple Witt medium sized areolas,then bounce up and down as they tried to free herself as she screamed. Her friends turned and chased Harry, leaving the poor girl exposed with no one to help as dozens of people surrounded her, some taking pictures, many laughing, thinking it was a prank. Her huge milky titties wiggled and jiggle as she tried to get her arms free, and although her eyes were clenched with tears as she screamed, she could see many of the men were getting erections. She was so ashamed, she was usually such a nice and modest girl. All her struggling soon caused her bikini bottoms to come undone, sliding slowly down her supple thighs and revealing her neatly trimmed black bush. She tried in vain to cross her beautiful legs to cover her cute little bush, but it was no use. Her face burned red with shame
, tears streaming with all these strangers laughing and taking photos. Her breast was still sore from when Harry squeezed it.

Harry was blocks away sprinting but he could hear the poor girl’s screams and he was satisfied he had completely sexually exposed another busty young babe in public. He couldn’t stop thinking about how jiggly her titties were and how warm and soft that poor innocent girl’s boob felt in between his open palm right before he exposed her nipples to the world. He
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Old 07-09-2018, 03:17 PM
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Big fan of this!
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