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Old 11-15-2017, 09:12 PM
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Default A series of Unfortunate events

So I had recently read Bad Luck Lacey. An enf story by hail2thechief. (You should really check it out.) And I was really inspired by it to write something similar seeing as how they finished the story. I felt that such a concept was open to more scenarios, so here we are.

Yes, I know my stories first ‘arc’ is glaringly similar to Bad Luck Lacey’s. But I’m just using it as the jumping off point. The rest of the content will be stuff I come up with myself, or stuff you guys suggest or request.

Other than that, enjoy the story. And remember; Nothing to see here, move along.


Chapter-1 Part-1

Luck. By definition it is success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. However the degree of success or failure can vary depending on the situation. Some people find themselves to be very lucky. Others find themselves to be cursed by bad luck. And then there are those that believe that luck is simply nonsense. Something that you pin blame on for bad things and stick praise on for good.

However in actuality, the truth is that luck is real. It is something bestowed upon people at the time of birth by the god of luck. The god dispenses luck to humans in order to give them an edge against fate. However not all receive the same amount of luck. The amount they are given is decided based on a number of factors. Their parents luck, their belief in luck, their skills and whether or not they need a boost, all these things and more are what the god uses to appropriately proportion luck. Because, in the end there has to be balance. No one persons luck can severly outweigh anothers. For if that were to happen, all the good luck would be drawn to them whilst those around them would suffer from bad luck.

And it is on that note that we begin our story. You see, gods are not perfect, despite what some may think. They can make mistakes from time to time. And the god of luck is no different. So when one girl was born he accidently gave her too much luck. And it wasn’t until she was eighteen that he managed to notice and fix the problem.


Erica always considered herself to have the luck of the Irish, despite her German heritage. She would constantly find herself in situations in which she lucks out. Finding lost money, winning a scratch-off lottery ticket, being able to make it to class just in the nick of time when she overslept, you know, stuff like that. There was a time when she was climbing the rope in gym class and her pants fell down, exposing the thong she happened to be wearing at the time. However she was saved because everyone was distracted by another student who had fallen off another rope. Then there was the time she was at a Fourth of July party at a friends house. She had accidently gotten BBQ sauce on her skirt and her friends dog had run over and ripped her skirt off in its quest for a snack. Fortunately the fireworks had just started and everyone’s attention was elsewhere whilst she chased after the dog in her panties. Eventually the dog tired and she retrieved her skirt.

Yep, Erica was always the lucky one.

However her friends on the other hand weren’t so fortunate. Where Erica was fortunate, her friends were plagued by misfortune. One friend in particular had it the worst.

Amber, though Erica considers her a friend, is anything but. The girl acts all nice and friendly to Erica, but that’s only so she can try to take advantage of her. After all, Erica is their schools star cheerleader and is extremely popular. Perhaps it was her ill intentions that caused Amber to befall so much bad luck.

There was the time in gym class when they were having a three-legged-race. Amber and her teammate took the lead and passed Erica and her teammate, but just as they did Erica tripped and fell. As is normal with any human, Erica’s automatic reaction was to grab something to stop her fall. That something just so happened to be Amber’s pants. So down went Erica along with Amber’s pants. But that wasn’t the end of it. Erica happened to also grab the waistband of Amber’s panties as well, so when the pants went down, so did the last defense for her modesty. Amber tripped over her pants and panties which were bundled at her ankles, and fell face first onto the ground with her bare ass in the air for all to see. It would be weeks before Amber was comfortable showing her face in class. And even though Erica apologized, Amber never forgave the shame that was inflicted upon her that day.

Another time, the girls along with some boys decided to go for a swim down by a nearby river. All the girls were in their swimsuits and having fun whilst the guys were fishing. Erica then asked one of the guys if she could have a shot at fishing. He graciously lent her his fishing rod. And when Erica arched the rod back to cast, the hook caught on Amber’s bikini bottoms. Erica cast and off went Amber’s bottoms, leaving her ass and pussy exposed.

Yes, Erica was the bane of Amber’s exitence. She swore that one day she would get back at her, and when that day comes should would burn with shame the likes of which Erica could only have nightmares of.


The 18 year old Erica let out a yawn as she woke up in her bed. It was a flowery, pink affair that looked so sweet and innocent that it might give one diabetes. Needless to say the rest of the room matched. Erica was a very reserved girl who had a liking for cute and childish things. Almost everything she owned was plush or pink. That included her underwear. As Erica hopped out of bed she grabbed a fresh set of clothes and headed for the bathroom to shower. Once inside, she disrobed, exposing her killer body. Erica had shoulder length blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Her face was smooth and round, hightening her beauty. She had a perfect hourglass figure, accented by her huge breasts, shapely hips, taught round ass, and sculpted thighs. Being a cheerleader allowed her to keep in shape and maintain her figure. She glanced down at her crotch. A puff of curly blonde hair covered her womanly folds.

“Hmm, a few more days.” she said as she pulled at her pubic hair. She had a schedule for when she trimmed her pubes and even though they were a bit much, she was a creature of habit and didn’t want to through off her schedule.

Erica hopped in the shower and turned the hot water on. After a thorough rinsing and scrubbing she hopped back out and began putting on her clothes. Her choice of panties for today were standard bright pink panties with white frills at the edge, along with a matching bra. Covering her garden with the panties and squeezing her massive melons into the bra, she then put on her outer clothes. Once all was said and done she headed downstairs for breakfast before heading to school.

As Erica arrived at school she was in high spirits. This week was the annual pep rally and she was going to make sure her cheer squad was a hit. She already informed the rest of her team that they would have to stay late after school in order to learn the new routine for the rally. Something that the prissy girls on her team weren’t too enthusiastic about. Most of them were cheerleaders for the sake of appearances. You know, in order to flaunt their stuff and attract the jocks. Not many of them were very interested in working hard.

Erica however, was somewhat oblivious to all this, and simply assumed the girls were just nervous about the new routine. It was a complicated routine after all, and it would require absolute perfection of the entire team to pull it off.

And it was on the first day that the gears began to turn in the direction of Erica’s humiliation. Erica waved to her friend Amber as she and the rest of the team arrived at the locker room. Amber had a body that would rival Erica’s, but slightly less so. Her long brown hair hung loose down her back and her green eyes stared at Erica with concealed hatred. As the girls one by one began changing into their practice shorts and shirts, Amber noticed Erica adjusting her shorts.

“What’s the matter Erica?”

“The waistband on these damn shorts must have stretched.” the blonde answered. “See, they look loose.”

Erica posed for Amber who watched as the shorts slowly slid down her hips, just barely able to stay up. Any extreme movement would jostle them free.

It was then that Amber came up with a devious plan.

Meanwhile Erica swapped to her backup shorts.

After practice, Amber approached Erica with a proposition. “Hey Erica, there’s this formation I was hoping we could work into our routine. If we nail it it will be a total hit with the audience.”

Erica was unsure of adding a new move to the routine this late into practice, but she also wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. “Sure. What is it?”

Amber explained the routine to Erica. It basically required one of them to do several flips before getting caught by the legs by two of the other cheer leaders with the persons legs held apart. Essentially the person who did it would have their legs spread and facing the audience.

“Hmm, I think we can incorporate it.” mused Erica. After all, it wasn’t too hard of a move to perform. “But who should be the center?”

Amber smirked. “Why, you of course! You’re the head cheerleader! The star of the show! It only makes sense for you to be the one to pull it off.”

“Gee, you think so?” Erica asked as she blushed slightly from the praise. “All right girls!” Erica called out. “We’ve got a new move to learn. So be extra attentive tomorrow. Otherwise that’s it. Practice is over.”

And with that Erica took her leave and headed back to the locker room. The rest of the girls however, had stayed behind and glared at Amber.

“What’s the big idea, adding more to our routine?” one grumbled angrily.

“Yeah, you got a death wish or something?”

“I have places to be and you’re adding to the time I have to waste here.”

“Girls calm down. I have a great plan.” Amber said, trying to placate the angry cheerleaders. “Did you notice how Erica’s shorts were practically falling down?”
Some of the girls nodded whilst others shook their heads.

“Well, my plan is to embarrass her in front of the whole school. If we steal all the cheerleading skirts and hide them before the pep rally, then Erica will be forced to have us all perform in our shorts. Then all we need to do is make sure that Erica is wearing her crummy shorts, and the routine will do the rest. Think about it.”

The girls took a moment to imagine Erica there at the pep rally, her pants around her ankles with her childish panties on display. They one by one began to giggle sinisterly.

And so the gears continued to turn.
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Old 11-16-2017, 02:06 PM
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Default Great start

That was a good start, I like this build up, can't wait for part two.
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Old 11-16-2017, 06:46 PM
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Yep brilliant start on this one, can't wait for the next installment!
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Old 11-17-2017, 05:01 AM
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happy i could inspire it! keep it up
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Old 11-17-2017, 10:41 AM
nothing_to_see_here nothing_to_see_here is offline
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Default A series of Unfortunate events

So, here’s part 2 of the first chapter of A series of Unfortunate events.

I am not entirely sure if a girl simply wetting her pants counts as watersports, and therefor is not allowed to be posted. As such I am posting this part even though it’s a little shorter, to see if it complies with the rules or not. If it doesn’t, then I’ll have to rework a good part of the story, if not, then I’ll proceed as planned. I just don’t want to put alot of effort into something that I can’t post.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy.

I feed on your responses to my story... AND IT MAKES ME ALL THE MORE POWERFUL!

And remember; Nothing to see here, move along.


Chapter-1 Part-2

It was the day before the pep rally and the principal had come to inform Erica that, since their school was so prestigious, the pep rally was going to be broadcast live to multiple middle and high schools across the county. Erica was ecstatic. Her cheer squad would be strutting their stuff to the viewing pleasure of thousands. Of course she was a little nervous, but so long as everything went according to plan, they would be a hit. She might even get scouted for college if she left a good enough impression!

Little did she know, she would be leaving quite the impression. Just not in the way she hoped.

Erica went to inform the girls of the big news. All of them were absolutely elated to hear about the broadcast. Amber seemed to be in the highest spirits of all.

Running through their routine one last time, Amber made sure she would have a good hold of Erica’s legs for tomorrow. She did.

As training ended, Amber and some of the girls stayed behind saying that they had to meet someone. Erica paid it no mind and left. Once she was gone, Amber and the girls broke into the lockers and stole all the cheerleader skirts. And Amber made sure she took Erica’s good shorts and left her the ones with the damaged waistband. Tomorrow she would perform her flips and when she lands in Amber’s grip, her pants will have flown off, leaving her in her panties with her legs spread.


As the clock turned midnight, the god of luck finally noticed his mistake with giving Erica to much luck. In order to fix this, he had to take away not just some of her luck, but all of it. This was the only way to balance things out. For a scant few weeks or months, Erica would have to make due with no luck at all.


Erica woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Today was the day of the pep rally and nothing could get her spirits down. However, as she hopped out of bed she hit a snag. One of the springs of her mattress had poked through the bedding and caught the back of her panties. Walking out of bed, she was almost immediately assaulted by a serious wedgie as her panties bit into her pussy lips. At the sudden stimulus, Erica fell to the ground grasping her crotch.

“Oooooooohhh!” she groaned as she slowly got back up. Once standing, she took note of her now ruined panties. The waistband had stretched out and they were barely doing their job of covering her naughty bits. The curly blonde hairs that were peeking out over the top were a testament to that.

“Damn. And I really liked these panties.” Erica said as she slipped out of her panties and tossed them on the floor for the time being. Putting on her robe and grabbing a fresh set of clothes, she headed out of her room and towards the bathroom to get ready for the day.

After washing up and getting dressed, Erica put her hair in a short ponytail, save for the sides of her bangs which framed her face.

“Looking good girl!” she said as she posed in front of the mirror. She wanted to make sure she looked her best for the pep rally. However it was then that the nerves hit her again. The possibility of it being a disaster crept into her mind and her nervousness skyrocketed. Fortunately she had a remedy to that. Her mother was a doctor and had some anti-anxiety pills somewhere in the medicine cabinet. So, reaching in, Erica grabbed what she thought were anti-anxiety pills and popped one in her mouth. Unfortunately for her, she misread the label. What she actually took was a diuretic. Blissfully ignorant of her slip up, Erica slipped another into her pocket for later, just in case.

The rest of her morning went pretty well. She had a healthy breakfast, made it to school on time, even bumped into her crush. Yes, the day was shaping up to be good. Despite her earlier kerfuffle.

Heading into class, Erica glanced at the clock as the teacher took attendance. It was still a few hours before the pep rally. The thought of it made Erica’s nervousness return. It was like a strange tingling sensation in her stomach. In fact, it was a really tingling sensation in her stomach, or rather, it was closer to her crotch. It was then that Erica felt the sudden and uncontrollable urge to pee.

She raised her hand and the teacher took notice. “Yes Erica?”

“May I go to the bathroom please?”

“No, we just started class. I’ll let you go in a little while.” answered the teacher.

Erica wasn’t sure how long she would last. The urge to piss was growing more and more with each passing moment. She raised her hand again.

“Yes Erica?”

“Can I go now? It’s kind of an emergency.” she said as she squeezed her legs together and held her crotch with her free hand.

“Hahh, very well. Go ahead.”

“Thanks.” Erica said as she bolted out of her seat and made a b-line for the nearest bathroom. Unfortunately when she got there, all the stalls were taken.

“Come on, come on, come on...” she muttered as she danced in place, doing her best to hold back the pee. Finally one of the stalls opened and Erica nearly bowled over the girl who was exiting it as she slammed the door shut behind her. However she hit a snag. The belt for her pants was stuck and she was having trouble undoing the latch.

“This is not happening!”

One hand was already delegated to holding her crotch to act as a dam, so she was fiddling with the belt using only one hand. After a few moments with little progress, it became apparent to Erica that she would need both hands. The only question was, could she undo the belt and drop her pants fast enough before she peed? Thinking luck would be on her side, she took her hand away from her crotch and opened the belt. Erica quickly slid the jeans down her legs and sat down on the toilet.

“Haaaaahhhh...” she sighed in relief as she relieved herself. Only to realize her mistake. She hadn’t pulled down her panties. Now the undergarments were soaked with piss.

“Damn it!” Erica cursed. Weighing her options, Erica came up with a solution to her problem. Her mom was off work today. She could call her and ask her to bring a fresh pair of panties. But until then, she would have to go commando. Sliding her pants off completely, Erica then hung them on the door before pulling off her soiled penties and tossing them behind the toilet. She would have nothing to do with them anymore. It was then that she realized another problem. The stall was out of toilet paper. And here she was, crotch drenched in piss.

“Is there anybody here who can pass me some toilet paper?” she asked aloud. But as luck would have it, there was no longer anyone in the bathroom. Steeling herself, Erica had only one course of action to take... at least in her rational mind, which was currently in panic mode. She would have to open the door to the stall, run over to the sinks, wet her hands, rinse her crotch, and then dry with paper towels, before hopping back in the stall to put her pants on.

“Alright luck, don’t let me down now.” she said as she grabbed the door handle. Opening the door and moving like lightning, Erica made it to the sink, cupped some water in her hands, splashed her crotch with it and scrubbed. She was just about to grab a paper towel, when she heard footsteps approaching. Dashing back into the stall, Erica wasn’t thinking clearly, and immediately slipped her pants back on. The wetness of her crotch had soaked through the pants, leaving a large patch of dampness on the jeans. It looked like she had pissed herself, which she pretty much did.

Noticing her new dilemma, she let out an annoyed huff. “Perfect...”

She would have to do her best to dry the stain with paper towels before heading back to class.
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Default Where have you been.

It's been a while since this thread has been updated and I really want to know what happens next. Such great work and it would be ashamed if you stopped.
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