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Old 07-09-2024, 07:40 AM
ted roberts ted roberts is offline
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Default spoiled pampered wife gets her cum upance

my wife after previously detailing her teasing of the migrant workers at our local car wash and her masturbatory fantasies afterwards in a previous post in the my wife spanked and put in her place by a older guy thread
i coaxed her into exploring the theme of being dealt with by strict men from a different culture and she surprised me with this fantasy of being at a disadvantage of a couple of brown guys and having no choice but to surrender her bottom and pussy to them for chastisement and their pleasure

i loved it and have tried to illustrate it with some video clips i found on line and my wife loved watching them and imagining herself in their position and receiving their treatment

its wet her pussy many times and been a great one for her wank bank

anyway it goes like this my wife was at the local convenience store and hit the owner mr patel's car
thinking in her arrogance that it was a old car and it didn't matter and no one had seen her do it she just went in to get her cigarettes

unknowing that mr patels assistant who was our local skinny large cocked negro was loitering outside the store and had seen all

he entered the store and asked if mr patel needed someone to take his car to be fixed

which revealed the truth about my wifes collision and her non reporting of it

she denied it accusing our negro friend of lying and making up the story as she claimed he'd catcalled her asking for money and sex and shed told him to fuck off

but when mr patel checked the security cameras it was there plain to see

confronted with the truth my pampered spoiled wife arrogantly said his car was a wreck before and no worse now and he should write it off and buy a new one with the insurance money

she was told that was illegal and she was a rude stuck up dishonest pompous woman who needed putting in her place and teaching some humility and manners

and if she didn't agree to him dealing with her he would call the cops and she would be in serious trouble with criminal prosecution being a possibility

being from a different culture mr patel had a somewhat different view on how a woman should behave and how they should be treated and kept in line

so after much arguing and threats back and forth my wife has no choice other than to surrender herself to mr patels suggestion that she was dealt with without the police's involvement and she would have to do as mr patel told her to without complaint and pay for the damage

mr patel said as our negro friend was the good fellow who brought this to light and was insulted and rudely slandered by my wife ,he could and should be the one to administer and assist with her correction

first she was mortified at being made to strip naked in the filthy back room of the shop and in front of these two brown men and be aware of their obvious satisfaction and lust at having a spoilt married now naked white woman who had abused them both verbally under their control and they intended to expose and humiliate her as they taught her a lesson

she was taken to and laid out on a grubby bed while she was strapped across her bare arse by our skinny brown friend as mr patel instructed him and recorded it on his phone ,as it progressed our negro friend couldn't resist and was soon slapping her pampered married bottom and groping her with obvious delight
at his touch and her knowing these two brown men had her completely exposed and vulnerable her submissive side came over her and she would be lifting her arse and pussy to give them a better view of her charms in the hope the strapping would stop and something more adult and intimate than a humiliating spanked bare bottom would be substituted for her punishment

thatdidnt turn out quite as she hoped as she would be made to go across skinny negros knee for a childish spanking of which the humiliation of would break her will and her married pussy would be so wet by the humiliating circumstances she found her self in bare arse across this scruffy skinny guys knee getting her red stinging bottom spanked it is unavoidable that skinny black man will see this and will take advantage of it and bend her over and fuck her doggie style with his big smelly cock and the humiliating view of her well spanked red married arse and wet pussy receiving his cock will be recorded for anyone to see as she is made to bounce her pussy against his big smelly cock filling her pussy up

follow the link below

skinny black mans cock would be working its magic on her wet pussy and he would be reveling in the power he had over this stuck up white woman

with her arse stuck up
and his cock stuck up her pussy
she would be stuck up in more ways than one lol

and she would be powerless to stop him and if truth be known she would be un consiously responding to his instructions to move her arse and getting lost in the feeling of sexual submission to a socially incompatible bully who she under normal circumstances would touch with a barge pole but here she was with her red spanked arse in the air and her wet married c*nt on the end of his brown cock as he made her watch the live recording patel was making of her punishment and fucking ,while he fucked and spanked her which increased her embarrassment and increased her pleasure as her orgasm built inside her

her final humiliation would be when this skinny nego made her call him daddy and cum on his cock*r*-9372273

and all this time mr patel would be watching and recording then when she had composed herself after cumming while taking the negros dick and load

mr patel would be ready for her final submission as he sat there and beckoned her over to him while playing with his unwashed cock while she crawled across the floor on all fours with her well spanked arse in the air and her white married titties swinging and freshly fucked and wet c*nt throbbing for more attention , mr patel was relishing the thought that this haughty married white woman was his to degrade as he wished
and soon her tight pink arsehole would be impaled on his stinky brown cock

she would know her place and how to behave around brown men after that​
the recording of her punishment and submission would be duplicated and sold or rented to the men of his community and seeing her response to firm strict brown men tanning her bare arse and the resulting sexual submission from her she would be marked for similar treatment by them all given the slightest provocation they would all bare her white spoiled married bottom and spank it rosy red and enjoy her white titties and wet married c*nt lol
this is a often used fantasy of hers to masturbate to and over and she'd love to hear any thoughts comments or continuations on this theme any may have on the subject

my wifes pampered bare bottom titties and pussy and how they would look presented and surrendered to the shopkeeper and his assistant for them to deal with and teach her humility and obedience take her down a peg or two and show her whos boss and her masturbating with this scenario in mind
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Old 07-17-2024, 06:40 AM
ted roberts ted roberts is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2020
Posts: 113
Thanks: 70
Thanked 706 Times in 107 Posts

f the above was to really happen and not just be a product of my wifes masturbatory fantasy wank bank

on her returning home and me seeing her bare bottom red from being spanked by them and her pussy and bum hole streched out by their cocks id probably tell her off for being so careless when driving and being such a stuck up spoiled woman and about her rude disgraceful behavior and attitude towards them and that she deserved her treatment she received at their hands

id make her present her bare spanked bottom and pussy to me doggie style and then make her relive the full story to me in excruciating detail
fit would be excruciating or her she would me squirming in embarassed arousal having to admit to me her having surrendered her pampered bottom for a spanking and her pussy for a fucking to the corner shop guys derpy skinny black guy and stinky old mr patel as she called them
not to mention what mr patel did to her bumhole lol lol
all while i slow fucked her pussy id get her to admit how embarrassed it made her feel being nude and under their control and have to present and display her bare bottom and pussy to them but that she loved the feel of their dominance over her bare arse and pussy and how they used them and made her feel so aroused and helpless to resist but eager to comply and to please them

id be teasing her from then on along the lines of

if she stepped out of line or was stroppy at home id threaten to send or take her to strict mr patel at the corner shop for a smacked botty and a wet pussy

or tell her id ask mr patel to call round to smack her arse and deal with her spoiled behavior and put her in her place again lol

and in real life and even though it didnt happen the fact that she invented and told me about that scenario and she masturbates to it so i still tease her about stinky mr patel and his assistant and what they would do to her lol

my wife making a visit to the wank bank while thinking about strict men from other cultures taking charge of her and putting her in her place lol
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enforced female nudity, female humiliation, reparations, spanked, stuck up

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