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Default wife

If you read our above post, you may notice that the wife likes being shared... after a session like that she is always a little horny for a while.... true to her form, I expected something,,, what --who knows???..

I came home today to find her dressed in a schoolgirl skirt & a Hooters shirt w/fuzzy maribu heels making dinner in the kitchen?... Now What!??...

She kissed me hello, and I could smell the sent of sex on her... In a scarcastic way I asked what have you been doing all day?.... She said she was a bad girl....." Why"...... she embraced me and put my hand under her skirt and said, "I've been fucking your friends again"...

"Friend S.. as in plural?"... her pussy felt wet, and she told me she asked 2 select friends to stop by this afternoon... they came at different times, when one left, the other showed up...
Needless to say, my horny wife had 2 sessions of fucking today.. not to mention our morning romp together... What a sl*t !! .. shes riding cock all afternoon while I'm playing golf.?? I guess the guys were the only ones who got a "hole in one"

So she offered me sloppy 3rds , pulled off my pants, sat me on a kitchen chair, and climbed on my cock and started fucking me w/ her sperm lubed pussy.. I asked what they did to her, and she told me everything in graphic details while fucking me... the doggy rough hair pulling-- hard missionary--- and her on top riding like a wild woman until they exploed in her...she said the second guy didn;t know she fucked the first guy, and after he pumped his load in her, she knelt up over him letting it drip out on him.. he thought he put a massive load in her.. she sucked their cocks clean after fucking them......///..... then she told me how she saved a little sperm lube in her pussy for me so I could feel what my friends did to her.... "do you like knowing your friends come over and pump their hot sperm in me?"".. which sent me off into orgasm putting my load in her... she really knows how to talk dirty,, and it drives me wild!!
She got off me and lifted her skirt to show me her pussy which was dripping sperm down her she walked away toward the shower, It was visually hot to see her swaying skirt & ass w/ sperm running down her leg to her knee.... she showered and we ate dinner.
My sl*t wife shared again w/o me knowing..between me fucking her once or twice a day, and her occasional "select friend" romp, I don't know where she puts all these cum loads in her really tight pussy??.. shes only 101 lbs??? .. maybe 105 lbs w/ all the cum she takes in... lol
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