Thread: [Request for Non Fiction Stories] Women and Repairmen, deliverymen, contractors, etc.
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Originally Posted by juliets View Post
Haven't posted for a while but this thread brought back memories of a very successful exhibiting session I had with a guy who came to update my electric meter. He arrived quite early in the morning and having just showered I answered the door with a towel wrapped around me. I had not long returned from holiday and had a really good tan and as he came in he commented on it and asked where I had been. I showed him through to the kitchen to show him where the old meter was and left him to get to work. I went upstairs to put on some moisturising cream and get dressed but feeling a bit horny I decided to apply the cream in the lounge and see if I could distract him from his work. As I passed back through the kitchen is told him to let me know if he needed anything and went into the lounge leaving the door half open. I was not in view but I hoped he might pop his head round the door if he needed something. I slipped the towel down around my waist and began to put some cream on rubbing it over my breasts and teasing my nipples until they were big and hard. I was enjoying myself and my pussy was getting moist. He called through saying he would have to turn the electricity off for a while and I asked if he could give me a few minutes to finish moisturising and dry my hair. He said he could wait a few minutes so I told him to have a seat . This meant he had to move across the kitchen to where he would have a good view into the lounge. I carried on creaming my tits and made sure I would be in view when he sat down. Wow, that is a beautiful tan he said. His eyes were fixed on my tits and I was rubbing my nipples. Fantastic nipples he said I bet they got some admiring looks on holiday. I wouldn't mind betting you have an all over tan he continued. I smiled and told him that was my secret.........

To be continued. ...
. I guess everybody wanna hear the rest of this story
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