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Originally Posted by greendoor View Post
She always tells me her ass is exit only, makes a big deal about it. But once in a while during a really hot session I'll start gently rubbing my finger against her asshole as I'm eating her. She immediately starts breathing harder so I slip just a little of my finger into her ass and she cums and cums like mad. If I mention it she will get annoyed and leave for some reason. So I keep my mouth shut and just do it now and then. If the subject about anal or anal play every comes up she's right back to "my ass is exit only". Go figure.
That's exactly my ex-girlfriend! She made it very clear that her ass was exit only. But then one night after a shower I was fingering her, and she was dripping wet with her own juices. So I slowly started moving my finger against her butthole and eventually eased it in. No objections. Only moaning. In the end I had two fingers all the way in her ass and she had a massive orgasm, and even uttred something like "well, that was new". Afterwards she snapped right back to "no anal for me" mode, and even gave me a long talk about how she thinks it is not a thing to do, even though "all boys want to do it". But she let me repeat the same procedure again, jus as long as I didn't ask for it. It was like if it was not mentioned, it did not happen.

It's a long story, but fucked her in the ass eventually.
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