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Default Halloween in New Orleans

So I'm looking for advice, maybe some stories to give me some ideas.

We are going to be in New Orleans Halloween weekend. It's mostly for business, but we will have the evenings to ourselves. We'll also be leaving on Monday, so we won't actually be there Halloween. But I have heard the Halloween in the craziest time of year outside of Mardi Gras. So I'm looking for advice, ideas, etc.; especially if it's something that is rarely found on the "things to do" lists.

I'm hoping to find some nudity, obviously, though I've heard bodypaint is more of a thing at NOLA Halloween than flashing. I'm also hoping to find places that are conducive to such activities so, with a little alcohol and motivation, my wife might join in the fun. If I'm really lucky, I might even have some photos (of other people) to post.
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