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I guess I would define what my wife is attempting as experimental. By this I mean she would like to be more open sexually. Her conscious tells her that good christian women do not openly flaunt their sex. When we left bob's lake house after a week of fun, some on her on others not, my wife felt so guilty and for the lack of a better word "trashy". We discussed that week to the point we never mentioned it for years. Then that Saturday at our pool with Mr john. After the funeral she wanted to talk about everything. I listened to all her reasons that she has to act a certain way or wear certain clothes or talk certain ways. All her reasons centered around my opinion of her and others impressions of her. The conclusion was as long as I am happy and she is happy and no one is offended by anything we should do or wear then we should be happy and enjoy each other. This conversation has inspired my wife to do her best at not thinking she is trashy for being braless.

Now the bet. Yes by taking a sleeping aide she avoided the "embarrassment" of others seeing her bare breast but she did it and was very happy with herself. I will explain later with the completion of dare two. I read a post that said take our time and no pressure. That's exactly what I'm doing. I have asked for pictures but she is definitely not that far yet. I have my phone and it crossed my mind to take a quick pic but as she is really doing things I only day dream about I do not want to screw this up.

So the long answer is above. The short answer is, I don't want to screw this up and my wife has said no pictures.
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