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Default Good Position

My wife and I had a friend we saw at least once a week, not a close friend but one we spoke to at times. The strange part was that on some days it looked as though she was very busty and on others as though her breasts were averaged sized. This puzzled me for the longest time until my wife told me this friend was so self conscious about her breasts that she sometimes bound herself so she wouldn't look so large. The reason I found out is that the friend had talked to my wife about her breast reduction (my wife had a reduction back in college in the 80's) and the friend was thinking about having one. Of course I was bummed but since she sometimes bound herself, it was hit or miss as to whether I would see her in busty mode. One of the last times I saw the friend, I was dropping off my daughter and I was sitting in the car. I noticed she was in busty mode and thought I would enjoy the view while it lasted. Once she saw me she approached the car to say hello and started to reach out to give me a hug. Of course being in breast mode I reached to give her a hug and having the confines of the window area limiting my reach, it was easy to hit her tit as I went to hug her. This time though the accident was highly warranted and I got a nice long hug. Again upon the release, I was able to hold onto her side tit as we talked briefly.
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