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Thanks for the responses

The holy grail of this kind of thing is the Justine Shapiro clip. She is a presenter on Pilot Guides, and visits a nudist beach in Germany. I had always wanted to see her naked and couldn't believe my luck when they sent her there.

I can't post links at the moment but if you type 'Shapiro' in the search engine the clip has been posted, great stuff.

Oh yeah, another good one is Spencer Tunick and his nude shoots. Sometimes you find minor celebrities taking part. Also, in the documentary 'Naked World' he travels around with his partner. She is really hot, and is clothed the whole time until towards the end when she decided to go nude. Another instance involves two typically nerdy but hot art students who help organise his shoot in London. They are just meant to be helping, but at the last minute have a chat "Should we pose? Do you think we should pose?" and than giggily strip off in front of the camera. I'll make a few more posts so I can put up some rapidshare links.

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