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It had been even more exciting than Stacey had expected. The baying audience had lapped it up and doubtless the millions watching at home on television would be enjoying it too. There was one person in particular who she hoped was watching. Her ex-boyfriend Gavin would be kicking himself for cheating when he could have been with this television star. All his friends would tease him forever about how they had seen his girlfriend naked.

The rush of adrenaline almost made Stacey miss Nick announcing that the next category would be girl’s names. Stacey didn’t care. She had no intention of giving an answer. She barely paid attention as Olivia answered “Alice” and Heather answered “Anna”. All she craved was the spotlight back on her.

As the ten seconds counted down, she wiggled her eyebrows at the audience and smiled, imagining Gavin’s face as he watched her expose herself. She was already reaching behind herself as the clock hit zero. She threw her bra away theatrically. She was proud of her breasts, but had never exposed them so publically. She felt surprisingly little shame. She could hear the audience as they sat in darkness but with the spotlights on her and Nick, the situation seemed strangely intimate. Nick’s expression was almost hungry as he stared at her, transfixed. The spotlight moved before his eyes did.

“The next category is food. Olivia, it is your turn.” Nick regained his composure.



Heather hesitated. The pathetic girl seemed to shrink in on herself every time Nick spoke to her. Stacey could see why she had been called boring. Just when Stacey thought that someone else was going to take the spotlight from her, with two seconds left, Heather thought of an answer. “Asparagus,” she said.

There was an excited murmuring in the crowd as the spotlight returned to Stacey. This was it. They could sense what was going to happen.

As the digital display again hit zero, Stacey reached down and slipped off her pink thong as elegantly as she could while perched awkwardly on the platform. Opening her legs slightly towards the camera she revelled in the cheers of the audience. Her perfectly shaved pussy was on view to everyone who wanted to see it. She had had it waxed especially for the show, forgoing her usual landing strip to make sure that Gavin knew that she had been prepared to go further for this show than she had ever done for him. Camera flashes were going off all through the audience. Stacey tried to pose as seductively as she could.

After what felt like a long time, the noise died down. Stacey felt satisfaction that she had achieved what she needed to. For the first time she looked down at the green slime. She had known what sort of show this was when she applied, but the thought of messing up her perfect hair and make-up didn’t appeal. How much more jealous would Gavin be if she went on to win the show? Sitting naked and on display before millions of viewers, Stacey resolved to preserve her dignity.
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