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Originally Posted by Honeys poppet View Post
Hi friends

Y'all who know me know I'm a bit of a naughty nympho

Sorry I don't get to post as much as I used to but I've been with my guy a while now and we keep each other very busy.... guy knows what I'm like, we have such naughty fun together and he loves me being such a perv, but his buddies just don't believe the things he tells them about us

It's normal for us to have a night out, go home after, screw for hours and then fall asleep, but I usually wake up all horny before he does, and coz he's worked so hard pleasuring me already I just masturbate next to him while he sleeps and try not to make too much noise and wake him up, he knows I do it and he loves it!

Last weekend we went out to a party then came home for a long loving session before falling asleep exhausted. I woke up a couple of hours later, still horny, so I reached for my little vibrater and stuck it in my butt....I got a bit worked up and noisy and woke my guy up, he pulled back the sheet and I just looked at him with a grin, vibrator still in my ass...he just shook his head, smiled and kissed me on the forehead and said "see you in the morning honey" before rolling over and going back to sleep - I carried on where I'd left off until I'd had a couple of orgasms and worn myself out

He told all his buds in the locker room and not one of them would believe my poor guy, they say he's full of shit and that no gal would do that

So I guess I'm asking are there girls on here that do the same sorta thing or any guys whose lady friends are like me ??

I've had some pretty similar experiences with my wife. Not anymore, but when we first met and for like the first 2-3 years I would regularly wake up to her giving me a blowjob. At first we were long distance so we would be together all day after not seeing each other for a week or two and would spend all day fucking. still it was rare for a night to go by without waking up to her going down. i recall this being the case after we moved in together and even in our second apartment after a year in the first, it was more often than not that i would wake up to her sucking me. at that point, we were settling into regular working lives but would obviously doing a good deal of fucking still- but tons of midnight bj's.

she also told me that sometimes she would masterbate next to me but i never had the pleasure of waking up to it. maybe once now that i'm thinking of it.

thanks a lot for contributing this wonderful thread and your other contributions.
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