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As luck goes, we were unable to get away today. After many request from my wife inquiring as to her two dares I finally told her my plan. Her reaction was as I thought. First she flat refused. I in turn told her that it was her decision. Later this afternoon she wanted to negotiate the terms and pay her debt. She requested her halter top sundress for the ride. Upon exiting onto the interstate she would pull the top down to her waist exposing her breast only. She would wear her dark sunglasses and recline in the passengers seat till we made it to the exit to our house in the country. As for dare number two she was good as planned because the bridges are so far away from civilization but requested three horns or three minutes.

I told her I would like to keep the debt payment as originally offered but would consider her counter propisal. Several things now. One my wife is being overly nice since and I'm loving that. She now keeps asking if I will accept her offer over and over and over... Two I think her riding topless solves the quick coverup issue but would a truck driver notice a passenger reclined topless as much as one fully nude? As for dare two, if I accept her offer on dare one then I may offer 13 horns or 13 minutes as a counter offer.

The plan now is for my wife and I to leave Saturday for a few days in the country. I think I will respond Wednesday to her offer leaving time for possible additional negotiations but not too much. I think I'm having as much fun with the negotiation process because of how nervous and embarrassed she is now.
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