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I hope everyone reads this thread.. This thread really needs to be a "sticky".. A tip on the repost problem. If you people think you may be reposting, use the search option and type in the title of your vid. Thats the easiest way to find out if you have a repost..
I've been a member for a long time now and I'm just used to Alex capping all my vids for me(ThankYou Alex)... Now it looks as though I'll have to cap all the vids myself... I think its a great idea for a vidcap to be mandatory, OCC should really look into that... I can't believe the number of uncapped post, Alex is going to be swamped if he decides to try to get vidcaps for all those post...
For all you who think posting just 5 crappy vids will get you in, don't be surprised when you don't.. The quality of the vids is a big part of your acceptence here into the OCC family...
You guys were concerned on people posting content in the wrong places.. This weekend all those people who couldn't access the Video section had to post their 5 crappy videos in the other sections just so they can have access to the videos.. I think that problem has been solved. I don't think people will be posting in the wrong sections anymore...The best advise any of us can give is READ THE RULES before you do anything.... See you on the boards Fango and Stony... Great Post...
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