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Default Helpful Tips for New Posters - UPDATED 9/10/2005

Well, the new "Vids for Contributions" system has turned One Click Chicks from a pleasant board to something more like "OCC in Crisis: Day 1". Mainstream movie clips, professional photos, watermarked everything... Boy, it just takes the threat of something being taken away to bring out the best in everyone, doesn't it? Here are some tips:

1. Read the **** rules!!! Before you post, take a minute to read the guidelines of the board. This saves Alex a ton of work (and, judging by what I've seen today, he's had to do a ton of a work.) and saves users from wading through piles of posts that have had to have their content removed.

2. Post things in the right section. I have seen both hardcore and exhibitionist stuff in the Sexy Amateurs section, ENF stuff in every place except the ENF section, etc. If you post things in the correct section (it's not too difficult to figure out which section is for what. Descriptions are placed underneath each forum heading), this also saves Alex from having to move things where they belong.

3. Try not to post reposts. If you even think most of us have seen it before, don't even bother posting it. Reposts aren't going to help you access the videos faster and they are just annoying for the rest of us. I have seen the same blonde girl (maybe some of you know which one I'm talking about) in at least 3 different posts, all dedicated to her, over the past few days. If you meant to add pictures of her, you simply should have replied to the original post instead of starting a new one. Besides, she was already posted months ago anyway.

4. Post vidcaps. Please, please, please, if you are posting a video, post vid caps with it. As said in other fine posts today, vidcaps really should be mandatory. In fact, I would go so far as to say that you shouldn't even bother posting your vids if you aren't also going to make caps. This helps those (read: me) on 56K modems know what they are downloading and saves peolpe from downloading reposts and things they aren't interested in. At the very least, if you aren't going to make caps, write a detailed description. "Webcam girl" isn't going to cut it, and only makes me want to close your post and ignore you.

5. Don't waste your time. Don't post thumbnails, don't post at Imageshack and link here (that's what the Manage Attachments feature is for), in short, make things easier on yourself. Don't make seperate posts with only 1 or 3 pictures. You can attach up to 10 pictures for a single post and then reply to that post to continue. This saves everyone involved much time.

6. Don't post just to get the vids. It's alright if that's your intention and you make good posts. But if you just make 5 crap posts, it: A. Doesn't look good and B. Annoys the heck out of the serious members who provide you with what you will proceed to download. There are plenty of other sites to get free stuff. There is a reason that OCC is so quality. Please don't foul it up for your own purposes (We know who you are...)

Some of these tips are directed towards specific members and posts that I've seen today. What's most surprising is that some lurkers who have been around since February (!) are the ones who are making the most mistakes. It's understandable for those who are new here, but long-time lurkers should know better.

Hope this helps.

Update: As you can tell, this post, while still helpful for the board today, has many references to the goings on of late January 2005. Just to clarify.

More importantly, I would like to add this articulate and eloquent "tip" by WidowMaker47, on how and when to post replys to posts you like:

Originally Posted by WidowMaker47
Yeah, you know what, I think you're right about this. Its not just [him] though, because somebody else did this just last week in about 30 threads, so we shouldn't single [him] out. But its very frustrating to see new activity in all these different threads, only to click on them and see its just the same person saying "cool thx" over and over again.

I mean its like a Catch-22. On one hand its nice to see the people who contribute to threads getting some appreciation... so you don't want to snap at somebody just for being polite and appreciative. But on the other hand, posting thank you's all at once in so many different threads is overkill. A "cool thx" doesn't really add anything to a thread, and it only really serves to get people's hopes up, thinking there are new pictures in a great thread only to be disappointed when they see nothing added at all. A handful of thank you's here and there is fine, but don't overdo it.
This is all just my opinion though. I'm in no way any kind of authority, and anyone else is free to disagree with me.

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