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AND, most importantly, is to keep the compliments flowing, especially for clothes which display her beauty to most advantage!! Your "Princess" comment is perfect. Even if she is a little hesitant to wear something, even something she has had for a while but now [for some reason?? ] now seems to reveal more, she will be more likely to wear it if she thinks you really like her in it - or mostly out of it... Same thing for going clothes shopping with her - get her to try on more daring things by saying she would look really good in it, and reinforce when she actually tries it on. If you can get a sales person to agree that it looks really good [they almost always will to get the sale] then the odds she will want to wear it go way up. All good! Her general mood will greatly affect how far you can push the envelope to try new things, but a few glasses of wine [maybe at a light lunch] before a fun and carefree afternoon of shopping is a great way to boost your chances at getting her to come home with some hot new clothes.
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