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Originally Posted by dreamer_vi View Post
Knit tank top. My favourite as well. Wash it frequently, after wash, don't dry up the water before put on the the clothes hanger. Let the weight of the water helps you to lengthen the strap naturally.

My GF own this, the neckline is used to 2 inches higher than her bra but now is half a inches lower than her bra. She still wears it and constantly lifting up her neckline because I told her this tank made her look like a princess. Showing a bit of bra is not a big deal for shopping in town. Wonder how and why she would think there are no guys in this world would look down her top with this level of exposure.

She caught a lot of eyes when she is not lifting up. Usually after our groceries shopping, on the way home, both hands carrying bags, guys stood beside her on purpose or not ,everywhere, they are rewarded with nipples view about 1 feet away from their naked eyes and yet my GF still busy complaining to me how pricey the fruits and etc are instead of making some move to avoid her brownish nipple being studied in detail for so long.
I love that they can stare and analyse her nipple for so long without her even having a clue. Imagine how horrified she'd be if she knew how exposed she was to them while they just go home and jerk off to what they've seen.
We need more pics!
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