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Originally Posted by dreamer_vi View Post
I strongly agree with you. My gf is just exactly like what you said, she regularly wears low cut tops with padded oversized bra. Yea, she knows she is wearing low cut tops with ill fitting bra but she just assume no one bother to look down her blouse. In fact, they are so many downblouse lover going after her every time in public. Mostly, they saw her nipple I'm guarantee.

From time to time, the lack of risk awareness of my gf encourage me to explore more on this kinda downblouse. With my a lot of misleading input to her, Ex, she looks superb in low cut tops, put up pony tail (to clear the view on chest), wear even larger bra or divert her attention whenever i notice guy coming close to her. Therefore, lately she is even further lower her awareness to guys' vision/attention in public on her chest.

Normally the tops she wears is deep V or collar height is level with bra edge. The gap between the bra n her chest is about 1inch or wider for my gf case. With my gf height 5'3", it is extremely easy for anyone taller than her to get beside her to see her nipple in public.

Sometime she tends to cover her chest if she feels unsecured at crowded place. I guess she probably feel it is quite safe for her attire so this happens about 1 out of 20 times only.Guys that tried to seee her nipple hardly back with disappointment. In the past few years, roughly there are more than 100 guys saw her nipple and this figure is increasing rapid lately.
are those figures belong to your wife? would love to see more!
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