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Default Reverse Grope

I had occasion to go over to the international office again, to introduce a visiting dignatary at my business. I shook hands with the ditzy lady again, as I was presenting the visitor. As before, she took my hand, and pulled into my space and gave me a kiss on the cheek. However, this time, instead of pulling my hand up against the bottom of her boobs, she pulled my hand up almost up to her throat, which means she pulled the back of my hand across her breasts. It was quick, and she was wearing a bra, so there was no question of feeling a nipple, but a feel of a boob is nice under any circumstances. It was clearly very intentional, and there was a decided 'fuck me now' look in her eyes as she pulled away to greet the visitor, who got a normal professional handshake. I think that this lady definitely wants to fuck, as I don't think she is sophisticated enough to be a tease. At the risk of starting a relationship I don't want to be long term, I may have to see if she wants to go out to dinner, and............
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