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Default Wife's Bachelorette

My wife told me at her bachelorette her friends tricked her into thinking they were going to a nightclub for some drinks and dancing so she wore a tight mini skirt dress. They brought her to a male strip club. She told me every dancer her friends got her would spread her legs wide open revealing her thong and pick her up to bring her to the private rooms. Some of the dancers would lift her from the front and grab her ass while they carried her. She told me she was embarassed at first because the dancers kept grabbing her ass or spreading her legs in front of her friends, but after a few shots she didn't care anymore. There is one part that turns me on so much whenever my wife tells me the story. During her private dance, a dancer had her sit and watch him do his stuff. He then made her hold his towel out like a curtain and started spreading my wife's legs so he can put a bill in the front of her panties by the hip so he can take it out with his mouth. While he was down there trying to take out the bill, he put her legs on his shoulder so he can get really close to her pussy.. She told me she was so tipsy and wet that she didn't care that he was testing her if she would say something that he was kissing her inner thigh. This got her so turned on, that she just pulled her front part of the thong to the side, spread her pussy lips with her fingers and asked the dancer if he liked what he sees. He nodded yes and she told me that he got up, picked her up from the front and as he did, his hands were from grabbing her ass cheeks, to putting two fingers in her wet pussy quickly in a clever way as he carried her to another seat in the booth. He then asked her if she's gonna tip him extra for getting her wet and she replied "I did already by keeping you hard at the sight of my pussy while you were getting your money and I think you got a better tip when you stuck your fingers in my pussy while you were moving me to another seat to finish the dance." She told me he agreed that she did give him more than a tip and danced 3 more songs for her for free.
Her story always turns me on whenever she tells me it..
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