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Default Reverse Grope

I was at a meeting at work the other day, about some international relations with my organization. One lady who I interact with a few times per year was there. She is mid 40's, somewhat attractive, and has a habit of adjusting her posture frequently, by straightening her posture and pushing her chest out, looks to have C cup boobs. However, she doesn't wear suggestive clothing (low cut blouses or short skirts), and is normally only professionally touchy. She is a bit of a ditz, but very pleasant. We seem to like each other well enough, our interactions are usually positive and productive. I wouldn't mind having a taste of her, and giving her a taste of me. But she's too ditzy to have a real relationship with, I'm twice divorced, kids grown, and am happily single. The ditziness is of a character that I've often thought to myself that this is a woman who just hasn't been fucked recently enough, and is probably horney as hell. I know that she is divorced, and has a college aged kid. But, I have no idea whether she dates anyone. BTW, I don't have a serious relationship at the moment, so there are no issues about anyone cheating on anyone.

Anyway, we had our meeting, with 2 other people there, all very professional. As we go to leave, I offer her my hand to shake, normal business practice. She takes my hand, but then comes in for a hug. At first I thought that she was going for the kiss on the cheek thing, which is an alternative greeting/leave taking among professional friends. Anyway, she really hugs me to her, her left arm going around my neck, but she keeps hold of my hand, pulling it into her body as her other arm goes around my neck. As she pulls me to her, she pulls my hand up against her body, and up against the bottom of her boobs. This was no accident, she was controlling the dynamics of the greeting, and definitely pulling me in to the point of running my hand along the bottom of her boobs, and held it long enough that it wasn't just an accident, or awkward dynamics. If I had put my hand there on my own, I'd be in the HR office being fired for sexual harrassment.

Now, more than before, I'm pretty sure that she is terminally horney, and indeed needs a good fucking. I doubt I will follow through by asking her out. I suspect that she would not be someone I could have a few nice adventures with, without having lots of drama for not pursuing a serious relationship. I never have been the most skillful person at 'fucking and flying' and I don't think that she is just looking for a random roll in the hay. And I have enough sexual partners anyway that I'm not hurting for female companionship. But, you can be sure that I'll find an excuse to have more frequent meetings with her, to see if she guides me to 'copping a feel again.
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