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Originally Posted by Tony25 View Post
Every single year thr Durham Universoty Charity Komitee (DUCK) makes a whole calendar with more than 12 photos... how is it possible that none of them are in the internet? I'm sure u all understand how frustrating it is... so many incredible naked girls in photos as wonderful as the ones I posted... but where are the photos? Isn't it amazing that they were not published yet?
Its the same story with many charity calendar photos. They are made to raise money, and so they are purposely kept off the net. Otherwise, how are they going to meet their fund raising goals? Low res versions ought to be out there though so that you know what you are paying for. But scanning fs ones is going to be illegal.

Here's a nice one I found recently. There are 11 more, but nooooo......... You must PAY to see the rest. And so it goes...

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