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Default Female Friend's Relaxed Family Nudity

So this girl I know, who's taking the same degree as me, is driving us through town today on the way to the pub and we start talking about living with family - which at the moment, to afford our Masters degrees, we both do - and I'm mentioning how goddamn intrusive my mother is, cos she is, and so this girl starts giving me a detailed explanation of the relaxed nudity and instrusive nature of her parents and family!

I've attached a pic of her from facebook below.

"My family are pretty relaxed about that kind of thing." she was saying
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah we're always walking in on each other naked or having sex. My Mum always walks in on me and Will (her boyfriend) whilst we're at it and says "I can see Will's willy!""
"... ha! No way... That's... really cool, very liberal!"
"Yeah although it feels kinda weird to have your Dad watching you, fucking your boyfriend!"

So there we were, stuck in rush hour traffic and me with a semi hard on wondering what to say next.

Her Dad... gets to watch his beautiful, big boobs, perfect body, daughter, get fucked. And imagine being her boyfriend and getting to fuck her Mother's daughter, right with her there!! That totally turns an exhibitionist, like me, on.

She went on to explain that she only didn't like it the one time she walked in on her mum and dad having some kinky sex, her mum dressed in an all-body fishnet somethingerather...
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