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Default Chapter 6 Part 3

Mickie's Title Rampage

I’d like to thank everybody for their patience. This chapter was mostly plot and character building but we’ve finally reached the climax.

Chapter 6 - Star-Making Performance - Part 3

Monday Night Raw - July 10th 2006 - Sioux City Iowa

Raw begins with a recap of last week’s triple threat match for the WWE Championship which saw Edge nail John Cena with the championship after Cena hit RVD with an F-U and then pick up the scraps and pin RVD to become a two-time WWE Champion.

The cameras show the cheering crowd in the Tyson Events Center before focusing on Lilian Garcia who is waiting in the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen… here is the new WWE Champion… EDGE!”


plays and smoke spews up on the stage as Edge struts out from the back in black pants, a black dress shirt and sunglasses. As usual he’s holding hands with Lita but this time he has the WWE Championship on his shoulder. Edge takes the title belt off of his shoulder and spins the WWE logo in the middle before raising it over his head. Lita is in an extremely low-cut, cleavage-baring, black tank top and black pants decorated with chains. She hangs onto Edge’s arm as they make their way down the ramp and get in the ring.

Lita advances on Lilian Garcia and rips the microphone out of the ring announcer’s hands and barks at her. “Get out of here!” Lilian scrambles out of the ring while Lita turns and presents the microphone to Edge.

“What did I tell you?” Edge addresses the crowd. “Two weeks ago, I stood in this ring and told everyone that the Rated R Superstar would own this summer!” Edge once again spins the spinner on his WWE Championship. “Well, I don’t want to say ‘I told you so’… so instead I’ll let Lita do that for me...”

Edge holds the microphone out to Lita who loudly jeers, “HE TOLD YOU SO!”

Edge takes his microphone back, “I bet J.R. is sitting there at the commentary table wishing that the triple threat match had ended differently last week. And he wishes with all his heart that it was John Cena standing here with the WWE Championship instead of me so he can shout ‘The Champ is here!’ But he’s not and he isn’t! Because once again I outsmarted him. Now I’m the champ! I’m scheduled to defend this championship at Saturday Night’s Main Event. This’ll be the first time the WWE Championship has been defended on NBC in over ten years! And who’s the one doing it? Not John Cena. Me! I told you that the Rated R Superstar would own the summer! And now I am! Ladies and gentlemen… THE CHAMP… IS…”


John Cena comes out from the back and immediately charges down the ramp in his black shorts and ‘Hustle Loyalty Respect’ t-shirt.

J.R.: It’s John Cena! He doesn’t want to wait for his championship match on Saturday!

Cena slides into the ring and Edge immediately goes to blast him with the WWE Championship but Cena ducks then spins around and hoists the off-balance Edge onto his shoulders. Cena goes for the F-U… BUT LITA HITS HIM FROM BEHIND! Edge slides off of Cena’s shoulders, runs to the ropes, bounces off AND LEVELS CENA WITH A BIG SPEAR! Edge and Lita bail out of the ring and leave Cena lying flat on his back.

The Rated R Superstar and his ‘steamy sexpot’ hop the barricade and run off into the crowd. Cena rolls over in the ring and glares after them. Edge and Lita head up the stairs and appear to be leaving the arena.

“Not so fast! Where do you think you’re going?”

The pervert-filled crowd erupts in cheers as the camera tilts upward to reveal Mickie James standing at the top of the stairs in her cropped pink ‘Rated M’ t-shirt, a white skirt, a white sash and white boots.

“Sorry Edge but I noticed a pattern,” the Women’s Champion informs the WWE Champion. “Two weeks ago, you and Lita hopped that barricade and stormed up the stairs out of the arena. Last week, you hopped that barricade and Cena chased you up the stairs out of the arena. And now this week… once again you hopped that barricade and now you’re trying to run up the stairs out of the arena. It was only a matter of time before someone caught on. Now I’m here to stop you from running away again.”

Edge glares up at Mickie. He doesn’t have a microphone but shouts loud enough to be heard, “YOU AND WHAT ARMY?”

A wide smile spreads across Mickie’s face, “I’m so glad you asked that!” She turns and shouts to the crowd, “PERVERTS! TO ME!”

The crowd of perverts is already excited for the Anything Goes Women’s Championship Match scheduled for WWE After Hours tonight so they quickly comply and close in around Mickie.

Edge and Lita begin to backtrack as they see Mickie and her army of perverts march down the stairs towards them. There’s no way they’ll be able to get up the stairs. Meanwhile the fans lining the stairs are a literally wall that prevents Edge and Lita from slipping out around Mickie and her army of perverts.

They reached the bottom of the stairs and Cena is waiting on the other side of the barricade for them. He grabs Edge and drags the flailing WWE Champion back over the barricade and the brawl starts all over again.

Lita is distracted watching Cena drag Edge around the corner and bounce his face off of the announce table. She doesn’t see Mickie coming from behind until the Women’s Champion leaps up onto her shoulders then swings around and takes Lita over the barricade with a hurricanrana. Mickie pulls Lita up off of the floor and rams her into the side of the ring then lifts her up and rolls her into the ring before following her in.

All four of them are now going at it. WWE Champion Edge and John Cena are brawling by the commentary table while Women’s Champion Mickie James and Lita are fighting in the ring.


Johnny Nitro and Melina come running out from the back. There’s no red carpet in sight and they’re both in ring gear. Nitro is in a pair of white tights with his usual design on the legs. He’s left his fur coat and title in the back. This appears to be a mission of destruction. Melina has learned her lesson about wearing skirts last week and is now wearing brand new ring gear. Her gear consists of a yellow top with a black strip around the bottom and a pair of black tights with a yellow band around the waist and yellow designs on the legs that match the designs featured on Nitro’s tights. The outer side of each leg of Melina’s tights is made up of a series of straps that expose a large expanse of Melina’s long, toned and tanned legs.

(See Melina’s ring gear from her 7-10-06 match against Trish Stratus for a better visual)

Mickie shoves Lita away from her and turns to face Melina who goes right after her. The A-List Diva sees this as an opportunity to weaken the Women’s Champion before their Anything Goes Women’s Championship Match later tonight on WWE After Hours. Meanwhile, Nitro races straight across the ring and climbs through the ropes on the opposite side before jumping off and nailing Cena with a flying roundhouse kick to the face. If John Cena were to be taken out before his championship match against Edge at Saturday Night’s Main Event… that would leave an opening which Nitro would be more than happy to fill as one of the men that took Cena out.

Lita comes back and hits Mickie from behind then grabs her arms and holds them behind her back so Melina can lay into the Women’s Champion with a series of hard strikes to the midsection. Outside the ring, Edge has recovered. He and Nitro grab Cena and throw him face first into the commentary table and nearly knock it over in the process. Edge pulls the top off of the commentary table so that Nitro can throw Cena on top of it. They look intent on putting him through it. Meanwhile, Mickie is still being worked over by Lita and Melina in the ring. It’s a four-on-two mugging.


All The Things She Said
plays as the cavalry arrives. Victoria comes running out from the back wearing red ring gear under her usual black ‘BROKEN’ hooded sweatshirt. This week the jagged crack painted on her face is dark red instead of black and looks vaguely like blood.

But Vicky isn’t alone! She’s got Carlito with her! Carlito Caribbean Cool is wearing his usual trunks and his yellow Spit or Swallow t-shirt. Vicky and Carlito sprint down to the ring. Carlito slides in first but Victoria is only three steps behind him as she rolls into the ring and immediately goes after Lita and hauls her off of Mickie. Carlito keeps running and only stops to grab onto the top rope on the far side of the ring before he vaults over and takes down Edge and Nitro with a vaulting body press.

Carlito pushes himself up again and keeps up his attack on Nitro. He hasn’t given up on his hunt for the Intercontinental Championship just yet. Carlito’s attack on Edge has given Cena just enough time to regain his wits before he rolls over and throws himself off of the commentary table and onto the still prone Edge. The four men are now all brawling outside the ring in front of the commentary table.

Meanwhile, it’s chaos in the ring as well. Melina is briefly distracted seeing her boyfriend get taken down which gives Mickie the split-second opening she needs to recover and tackle her opponent for later the night to the mat. Mickie and Melina start clubbing and clawing at each other in a vicious catfight.

Over in the corner, Vicky pauses in working over Lita so she can grab hold of the red-haired diva’s low cut top and tear it completely open. YYYEEEEAAAAHHHH! The pervert-filled crowd lets out a loud pop as Lita’s revealing black bra is exposed. Lita lets out a scream of fury and surges out of the corner and knocks Vicky on her back and proceeds to lay into her with hard forearm shots to her painted face.

Raw hasn’t been on for fifteen minutes yet and it’s already broken down into chaos as the eight-person brawl rages on in and around the ring.


Vince McMahon storms out from the back with a microphone and no less than two dozen security guards.


The twenty-four uniformed security guards charge down the ramp but only the ten bravest get in the ring and attempt to separate the four women. The other fourteen split up and rush around the ring where they proceed to swarm Cena, Edge, Nitro and Carlito and pull them apart.

Edge manages to get in one last cheap shot on Cena before he allows himself to be pulled away while Melina and Lita are both kicking and screaming as their dragging out of the ring. The rest of the in-ring security form a human barricade block Mickie and Victoria so they can’t go after the other two divas again. The Broken Diva’s dark red facepaint has been smeared by some of the shots Lita got in.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” McMahon demands. “This is my show and I make the matches! If the eight of you are so intent on fighting then you can do it in a sanctioned match! So tonight it will be Edge… Lita… Melina… and Johnny Nitro versus John Cena… Carlito… Victoria… and Mickie James in an Eight-Person Mixed Tag Team Match!”

At some point Melina had managed to slip away from the security because she grabs a microphone and loudly objects to the Chairman’s decision. “Hold on! You can’t do that! I have a Women’s Championship match later tonight! I didn’t even start this fight!”

“Then you should’ve thought of that before you started running amok on my show!” Vince snaps. “I don’t care who started it! I’m finishing it! I won’t be humiliated two weeks in a row! In fact, I’ve got half a mind to humiliate someone myself. The eight of you had better make yourselves scarce unless you want that to be you!“

No Chance starts up again and Vince McMahon turns and stalks to the back.

J.R.: It looks like Mr. McMahon managed to make order out of the chaos we just witness here. And now we’ve got a blockbuster Eight-Person Mixed Tag Team Match coming later tonight!.

King: But what does that mean for the Anything Goes Women’s Championship Match on WWE After Hours later tonight?

J.R.: Well, it looks like Mickie James and Melina are gonna have to pull double duty in order to get to their Championship Match.

A graphic is shown promoting the match that the Chairman had just announced. One side of the split-screen shows WWE Champion Edge and Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro in the middle with Lita and Melina over their shoulders and slightly behind them. On the other side John Cena and Women’s Champion Mickie James are front and center with Carlito and Victoria slightly behind them.

J.R. and King make a point to remind the audience at home that after D-X had humiliated Vince McMahon from outside the arena last week, he’d issued an open invitation for Triple H and Shawn Michaels to attend Raw in Sioux City. It’s clear that the Chairman is hell-bent on getting revenge and humiliating someone tonight. The entire roster should be careful to stay out of the warpath or else they might end up being humiliated in Degeneration X’s place.

After that, Raw goes to its first commercial break.


A video package is shown detailing all of D-X’s pranks from last week which cumulated with rigging fireworks to explode in Vince McMahon’s limo that left the Chairman covered in green soot.

Eugene is laughing at the video backstage with Snitsky when Vince and Shane McMahon show up. The Chairman takes offense to Eugene laughing at his expense and announces that he and Shane will be facing the Special Superstar in a Handicap Match in tonight’s main event.

After a brief encounter with Maria backstage, Ric Flair comes out to the ring and addresses Mick Foley. He isn’t happy about being left in a puddle of his own blood at Vengeance. Go figure. But Foley appears on the TitanTron and refuses to meet Flair out in the ring. The Hardcore Legend took offense to the Nature Boy calling him a ‘glorified stuntman’ in his book and goes on to claim that Flair had a ghost writer. He insists that he’s done with Flair and wants nothing to do with him anymore.

But it turns out that Paul Heyman and Big Show want something to do with Flair. After showing a recap of Heyman screwing RVD out of the ECW Championship last week, Big Show challenges Ric Flair to an ECW Championship Match on ECW tomorrow night which the Nature Boy accepts… before being attacked by the ECW Champion after Heyman provides a distraction.

D-X is still nowhere to be found, so Vince McMahon vents his frustrations by continuing to bully Eugene. The Special Superstar comes to apologize to Vince McMahon for laughing at him only for Vince and Shane to dump green paint on him and stuff his head in the toilet before kicking him out of their office and insisting that they will use him to send a message to D-X.

The love triangle between Viscera, Charlie Haas and ring announcer Lilian Garcia reaches it’s boiling point while Viscera and Charlie Haas are facing off in a brutal grudge match. Both men are attempting to impress the ring announcer with their increasingly violent attacks on each other. Eventually, Lilian Garcia can’t take anymore and enters the ring in an attempt to get them to stop. She insists that she just wants to be friends with both of them. But Haas and Vis are still intent on fighting. Haas rakes the World’s Largest Love Machine’s eyes and the blinded giant grabs Lilian Garcia, thinking she was Haas, and hits her with a huge Samoan Drop.

That finally stops the match. Referees and a trainers rush down to the ring to check on Lilian while Viscera and Haas briefly look on with concern. But then both men laugh and leave together. They seem unconcerned about any potential injuries that the woman who just friend-zoned them both has incurred. The trainers and referees fit Lilian with a stabilizer collar and bring a stretcher into the ring as Raw goes to a commercial break.


Raw returns from the break and the cameras immediately go to the back where Candice Michelle, dressed in tight black pants and a snug black tank top, is sitting against the wall outside the women’s locker room.

“Well, aren’t you just the poster girl for alienation.”

Paul Heyman walks on screen and Candice pushes herself up so she’s standing. Candice lets out a weary sigh. “Have you ever had a crazy person look you in the eye and tell you that you’re worthless? Mickie says that I’m not even worth breaking and that I’m not allowed in the locker room when her stupid harem is in there because apparently ‘I upset Whorrie’.”

The Playboy Covergirl grimaces as she folds her arms across her chest and once again did her impression of an emo kid. “I ran out on Torrie at Vengeance because if I had stuck around I’d be just as damaged as she is now. It wasn’t worth sticking my neck out and fighting that monster to save a woman that I have known animosity with.”

“Hold on… I come from the Land of Extreme,” Heyman stated, “I know a thing or two about monsters and crazy people. Mickie James may be unbalanced… but she’s just a woman.”

“It figures,” Candice scoffs derisively. “I’m the only one who sees her for the monster that she is. She took Victoria… the toughest diva on the roster… my best friend… and she cracked her like a walnut. And now she follows Mickie around like a second shadow. And Maria? The woman who ran out and me and Torrie at Vengeance? Mickie broke her too. Now the little ditz does anything that psycho wants and prances around here without a care in the world.”

“In that case, it sounds like you could use a change in scenery,” Heyman suggests. “Why don’t you visit ECW tomorrow night? You can dance with our resident exhibitionist during Kelly’s Expose. Let it be noted that I can be a generous messiah. If you decide you enjoy yourself on ECW… you’re welcome to stick around. Unless, of course, you’d rather stay here and continue to spend all night loitering outside the locker room.”

Paul Heyman doesn’t wait for Candice to respond and walks off.

Candice looks thoughtful, “It might be safer…”

“Get her to the ambulance!”

Candice blinks in surprise and watches as Lilian Garcia is rolled passed her on a stretcher by a group of trainers. Candice’s face lights up with sudden inspiration, “And now I know what I’m going to do for the rest of the night.” Candice turns to leave but then Maria walks passed her going in the other direction and gives a cheery wave.

“Hi Candice!” Maria is wearing a snug silver dress with the straps of her black bra peeking out from underneath as well as matching black and silver heels.

“Dumb tramp…” Candice mutters as she stalks off screen in the direction of the ring.

Maria stops and blinks in surprise, “What’s her problem?” She backstage interviewer shrugs and writes it off. “Oh well!” She turns and smiles at the still-rolling camera. “Hi camera-guy! Come with me! I’ll bring you into the locker room for an exclusive interview with Mickie James!”

The camera follows Maria into the locker room and is greeted by the sight of two half-naked women. Mickie James is sitting on a bench. Her pink cropped top is gone and she’s down to her white bra and white skirt. The straps of Mickie’s bra have been slid down off of her shoulders so that Torrie Wilson, who is only wearing a pale pink set of bra and panties, can massage Mickie from behind the bench.

The camera pans to the side and gets a quick view of Victoria who is sitting on the bench on the other side of the locker room. Vicky is staring unblinking at a small compact mirror in her hand and is seemingly in a trance as she reapplies her face paint which had been smudged and smeared during her earlier fight with Lita.

“Hi Mickie!” Maria calls out as she prances right up to the Women’s Champion. “I’m here to interview you!”

Mickie looks back at the blonde behind her, “Whorrie… that’s enough for now. Go help Vicky reapply her facepaint.” The blonde nodded and climbed over the bench so she could join Victoria off screen. Maria has a wide smile on her face as she plops herself down in Mickie’s lap. “Now remember our deal, my pet. Every question you ask will cost you one article of clothing.”

Maria blinks in surprise, “You were serious about that?”

Mickie grins and she spins Maria to the side and unceremoniously removes the interviewer’s silver heel and tosses it away. “Of course I was.” Mickie doesn’t even wait for a second question and immediately removes Maria’s other heel, leaving her pet barefoot.

“But that was only one question!” Maria protests, “Why did did you take off both shoes?”

“Because that was a question,” Mickie replies. “I was being proactive. And also, I wanted to get to the fun part of the interview as fast as possible. You’re starting to run low on clothes. You’d better choose your next questions carefully or you’ll be interviewing me in the buff.”

“I… I had a great first question,” Maria assures her “But you’ve gotten me so flustered that I can’t remember it anymore.” Maria glances downward, “Now the only question I can think of is what size bra do you wear?”

Mickie follows Maria’s line of sight downward to her bra. Torrie had slid the straps off of Mickie’s shoulders in order to give her a better massage which has caused the sporty white bra to slip down a bit and expose a great deal more of Mickie’s cleavage than it was originally designed.

“I’m a 36D,” Mickie informs her with a confident smile. “Best money I ever spent.” She grabs hold of Maria’s snug silver dress and slowly slides it up her body until Maria’s black panties are revealed shortly followed by her black bra. Maria is now down to her underwear.

“You mean those are-”

Mickie cuts Maria off and holds a finger to the interviewer’s lips, “Ah-ah-ah. You’ve got two articles of clothing left and you still haven’t asked me anything important. Take a couple seconds and gather your thoughts before you ask me the question that’s gonna cost you your bra.”

Mickie removes her finger and then grabs Maria’s legs and twists her so she’s now straddling her lap and facing her. Mickie smiles warmly as she holds Maria’s sides. “Ready?”

Maria nods, “Mickie… tonight you’re competing in two matches. First the Eight-Person Mixed Tag Match and then your Anything Goes Match for the Women’s Championship against Melina on WWE After Hours. Are you worried that having to compete twice will negatively impact how you perform in your title defense?”

Mickie pulls Maria into a hug so she can reach around her and skillfully use one hand to undo Maria’s bra the pushes Maria back a bit and pulls the bra off completely. Maria is now sitting topless in Mickie’s lap. Of course, since she’s facing Mickie, all the camera sees is her bare back.

Mickie tosses Maria's bra aside and then picks up her Women’s Championship which has been resting on the bench next to her this whole time. She holds her title up in front of Maria.

“You see this Women’s Championship? I’ve been holding it since I beat Trish Stratus at WrestleMania. In case you haven’t been counting… that’s ninety-nine days. Ninety-nine. After tonight, I’ll reach one hundred and I’ll be in the triple digits. Over the course of these last ninety-nine days I defended this Women’s Championship against the likes of Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, Vicky and even you. I’ve beaten every diva on Raw. Trish, Beth, Vicky, Whorrie, Candice, you and as of last week, Lita. The only one left is Melina.”

“I’m not just looking to survive that Eight-Person Mixed Tag Team Match tonight. Vicky and I are going to make sure our team wins the Eight-Person Mixed Tag Team Match tonight. A win for our team means a win over all four of our opponents. And as an added bonus, all I have to do is tag in and I’ll automatically get my hands on either Melina or Lita. After that, I’ll rack up another win over Melina when I beat her on WWE After Hours. With that win, I’ll cement myself as not only the Women’s Champion but the top diva on Raw.”

“I’ve got an extra special celebration planned once you do!” Torrie calls out from off camera.

“I like the sound of that,” Mickie remarks before she turns her attention back to Maria. “So no, Maria, I’m not worried about wrestling twice tonight. In my eyes these last two matches are just the last two hurdles I have to jump in order to reach the one hundredth day of my reign as Women’s Champion.” Mickie smirks and glances down at Maria’s black panties, “Do you have any other questions for me?”

Maria looks back over her shoulder and smiles impishly at the camera as she slips off of Mickie’s lap and stands up in front of her. “Do you want me to help you warm up for your match?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” Mickie exclaims before she grabs the waistband of Maria’s panties and yanks them down to her knees. Maria’s bare ass wiggles on the screen as she steps out of her panties and is left wearing nothing be her large silver earrings and a smile.

“Ric Flair told me earlier that there’s a time for business... and there’s a time for pleasure,” Maria recites. “I guess now’s the time for pleasure!” Maria climbs back into Mickie’s lap and the Women’s Champion pulls her pet flush against her. The two are soon in the middle of an intense make out session.

Vicky suddenly steps into the shot and blocks the screen. Her dark red crack facepaint now looks smoother and thicker after being reapplied by Torrie. The Broken Diva directs the cameraman back to the door. “This is about to get graphic which means it’s time for you to go. If you want to see Mickie in action and uncensored… tune into WWE After Hours later tonight.”

The cameraman backs out of the locker room but is able to get one last shot over Victoria’s shoulder of Maria burying her face in Mickie’s cleavage and motorboating her before the locker room door swings shut and raw goes to another commercial break.


Back from the break and D-X is still nowhere to be found as the cameras go out to the arena where Mike ‘the Miz’ Mizanin - the Host of Smackdown comes out to announce the start of the third annual quarter million dollar Diva Search. The Miz brings out the eight hopefuls. One of which is a spunky Brit named Layla El and another a French-Canadian, platinum blonde named Maryse Ouellet who is barely comprehensible and flubs her lines.

Following that, the cameras go backstage where Hacksaw Jim Duggan confronts Shane McMahon about his and Vince’s treatment of his friend Eugene. Duggan calls Shane spoiled and spoonfed before being blasted with a surprise chair shot from Vince McMahon. Vince passes the chair off to his son who lays out Duggan with a chair shot to the face. By taking out ol’ Hacksaw, the McMahons have ensured that there would be no one to help Eugene in his handicap match.

After another commercial break, Randy Orton squashes Val Venis in about a minute before announcing his intention of introducing himself to the legendary Hulk Hogan during his appearance on Saturday Night’s Main Event after which he’ll introduce himself to Hogan’s untalented daughter Brooke who is trying to be a pop star.

J.R. and King go over the card for Saturday Night’s Main Event which consists of Triple H and Shawn Michaels of D-X facing off against Kenny, Johnny, Nicky, Mikey and Mitch of the Spirit Squad in a Five-on-Two Elimination Match, Sabu competing in the first-ever Extreme Rules Match in the history of Saturday Night’s Main Event, an appearance by Hulk Hogan… and potential encounter with the Legend Killer, a big Six-Man Tag Match from Smackdown pitting World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley and Drax… uh… Batista against King Booker, Finlay and Mark Henry and finally the WWE Championship Match where Edge defends his title against John Cena.


The red carpet is rolled out which prompts Johnny Nitro and Melina to strut out from the back to a chorus of boos. Melina is still wearing her new ring gear from earlier but Johnny Nitro has put on his fur coat and sunglasses and now has his Intercontinental Championship dangling out of the front of his tights.

Candice Michelle is in the ring and is replacing the injured Lilian Garcia as ring announcer for the rest of the night. “The following contest is an Eight-Person Mixed Tag Team Match! Introducing first, Melina and the WWE Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro!” BOOOOOOOOO!

Nitro doesn’t even have to bother blocking everyone’s view anymore as Melina does her signature split entrance in her new tights. He then slides between her legs and gets in the ring. Nitro and Melina pose in the middle of the ring then step back and await their partners.

Metalingus plays and once again smoke spews out on stage as Edge and Lita come walking ot hand-in-hand. Edge has changed into a pair of black Rated R tights and has the WWE Championship around his waist while Lita is wearing a cropped Sex and Violence t-shirt along with her pants from earlier. “And their partners… Lita and the WWE Champion… Edge!”

Edge and Lita join Nitro and Melina in the ring but the fans are even less pleased to see the Rated R Superstar and shower the four gathered heels in boos. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

My Time Is Now hits and John Cena comes running out to his usual mixed reaction. Which, due to the fact that Raw has been garnering an older audience because of it’s more mature content, is notably more boos and cheers. BOOOOOOOOOOOO! YYEEAAAAHH!

“And their opponents… first from West Newbury Massachusetts… John Cena!” Cena shows no fear and runs down the ramp and slides straight into the ring regardless of the people already inside it. But before Edge and Nitro can decide to jump him… Carlito’s music hits.


plays as Carlito comes out from the back and immediately pulls off his yellow t-shirt. Carlito receives a modest pop as he makes his way down the ramp. YYYYEEEEAAAAHHH! “And from the Caribbean… Carlito Caribbean Cool!” Carlito joins Cena in the ring and now Edge and Nitro are set on not attacking their opponents before the match.


Tonight’s an Anything Goes Match on WWE After Hours. So the crowd is predominantly perverts. Those fans erupt in the loudest ovation of the night as Mickie James comes jumping and skipping out from the back with Victoria walking behind her. Mickie has pulled her top back on and now she and Vicky are in the same outfits they had on during the big brawl earlier. “And their partners… Victoria and WWE Women’s Champion… Mickie James!” YYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH! MICKIE! MICKIE! MICKIE! MICKIE!

Mickie stops skipping after hearing her introduction and leans back to loudly whisper to Victoria. “I miss Lilian already. It’s gonna be a pain to train a new ring announcer but I’m sure we can get her squared away before After Hours.” Vicky simply nods in response. Her intense gaze briefly flicks over to the guest ring announcer as she leaves the ring but then returns to their four opponents. The Shameless One and the Broken Diva continue down the ramp and join the others in the ring.

Chad Patton is refereeing this match. He separates the teams and orders them to go into their separate corners. The three champions have all handed over their respective Championship Belts and Cena is standing in his team’s corner. Edge wants no part of him so that leaves the Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro in the ring to start the match against John Cena. Patton sees that Mickie, Vicky and Carlito and Edge, Lita and Melina are all on the ring apron in their designated corners and calls for the bell. The match is finally underway.

Cena and Nitro lock up and the Intercontinental Champion decides to try and out-wrestle the two-time WWE Champion. Nitro catches Cena with a wristlock but Cena counters with one of his own but Nitro counters Cena’s counter by doing a cartwheel and pulls the Doctor of Thuganomics into a side headlock. But Cena pushes the A-Lister off of him and into the ropes. Nitro bounces off but runs right into a wall in the form of a shoulder block from Cena. Cena pulls Nitro up and whips him towards one of the empty corners but Nitro reverses and Cena hits the turnbuckles again. The Intercontinental Champion charges after his opponent and hits a turnbuckle clothesline then drags Cena back into the middle of the ring with a front facelock. But Cena powers out and hits a big northern lights suplex. Nitro rolls away towards his corner and Melina quickly reaches down and tags herself in looking to stop Cean from gaining anymore momentum.

Melina tagging in automatically brings in one of the divas on the other team. Mickie James doesn’t hesitate for a second and immediately joins Melina in the ring. But Melina doesn’t look like she wants to face the Women’s Champion just yet so she slaps Lita on the shoulder and slips out of the ring. Lita blinks in surprise after being involuntarily tagged in. Mickie simply shrugs and calls out. “It makes no difference to me! Come and get your ass kicked!” Lita gets in the ring and charges at Mickie but Mickie ducks Lita’s attempted clothesline and catches her with a spinning back kick. Lita doubles over as Mickie spins and runs to the ropes but instead of bouncing off of them she drops down and drives her feet into Melina’s face for a baseball slide. Lita recovers and once again charges Mickie but the Women’s Champion rolls away from the ropes and catches the red-haired diva with a drop toe hold. Lita falls on the middle rope and Mickie quickly springs back up then runs across the ring, bounces off the opposite ropes and comes back so she can hit a running knee drop across LIta’s back. Lita falls off of the ropes and drops to the mat but Mickie pulls her back up and drags her to her team’s corner where she tags in Victoria. Vicky comes in and she and Mickie briefly double team Lita with a double irish whip into the ropes and then they catch her when she comes back and flip her clear over their heads for a big Double Hip Toss. Mickie exits the ring while Victoria make the first pin attempt of the match.



-Lita kicks out!

Victoria doesn’t let Lita recover and pulls her up to her feet and hits a quick snap suplex then drags Lita back up and whips her into an empty corner where she clobbers her with a turnbuckle clothesline. Vicky lifts Lita up off of the mat and carries her out of the corner and then drives her opponent down onto her knee for a pendulum backbreaker. The Broken Diva doesn’t bother going for another pin attempt and instead goes to her corner and tags Mickie back in. Mickie climbs up onto the top rope and motions towards Lita. Vicky drags Lita back up and whips her towards Mickie who catches with a headscissors and then swings out of the corner for her signature elevated hurricanrana. MICK-A-RANA! Lita goes rolling back into the middle of ring and Mickie runs passed her to the ropes. Referee Chad Patton is caught up ensuring that Victoria is exiting the ring so he doesn’t see Melina jump back up and grab Mickie’s ankles as she’s coming off of the ropes. Mickie trips and falls on her face but soon starts to push herself back up onto her knees but Lita jumps back up and hits a low dropkick to her face. Lita rolls into her corner just as Melina jumps back up onto the apron and accepts that tag.

Now that Mickie is down, Melina is all too happy to get in the ring with her. The A-List Diva charges the Women’s Champion and drives her down into the mat with a hard ax kick to the back then begins laying into the Shameless One with a series of hard knees to the back. The Title Match between Mickie and Melina is now less than an hour away. Every attack that Melian hits Mickie with is meant to weaken the Women’s Champion going into their second match. Melina drags Mickie back up and whips her into an empty corner then goes after her and stretches her leg up and presses it into Mickie’s throat of a foot choke. The referee comes over and admonishes Melina but she ignores him so he starts his count. Melina uses every second before she finally pulls her foot away and allows the gasping Women’s Champion to drop to her knees in the corner. But Melian isn’t done she grabs Mickie and throws her back-first into the middle turnbuckle. Mickies bounces off of the corner and crumples to the mat in a heap. But Melina shows no mercy and drags Mickie across the ring to her corner where she tags Lita back in. Lita is perfectly willing to help soften up Mickie and hauls Mickie back up to her feet with Melina then the two heel divas each throw one of Mickie’s arms over their shoulders before falling backwards for a double russian legsweep. Lita automatically rolls on top of Mickie and makes the cover.




Melina looks annoyed at Lita. “Don’t finish her off yet! The more you hurt her the better my chances are of becoming Women’s Champion tonight. And then you won’t have to deal with her acting like she owns the place anymore.” Lita pulls Mickie back up and flips the Women’s Champion passed her with a snapmare then spins and delivers a stiff kick to Mckie’s face that knocks her flat on her back. Mickie rolls over and once again starts to push herself back up but Lita runs passed her and bounces off of the ropes and immediately levels Mickie with an extreme neckbreaker. Mickie’s head bounces off of the mat and she rolls away from Lita and starts crawling towards her corner. If Lita and Melina keep going like this she might not even make it to her Championship Match tonight. Cena, Carlito and Victoria all have their arms outstretched as they await a tag from Mickie. But Lita cuts Mickie off and grabs her by the leg so she can drag her back into the middle of the ring. Mickie trashes on the mat and forces herself back up so she’s standing on one leg then jumps and swings her leg around into the back of Lita’s head. Enzuigiri! Mickie begins to frantically crawl to her corner but just when she is within an arm’s length of Cena, Edge comes from behind and yanks Cena’s feet out from under him. Cena’s head bounce off the apron as he crashes to the floor. Mickie turns in time to see Johnny Nitro do the same thing to Carlito. Edge and Nitro crack up and ruining Mickie’s chances of making a tag. Mickie reaches out towards her only partner left but Lita suddenly surges passed her and knocks Victoria off of the apron with a cheap shot!

Mickie is left staring passed Lita at her empty corner in frustration. Now she has no one to tag. But the Women’s Champion soon has other things to worry about as Lita turns around and hits her with another dropkick to the face. Lita kicks Mickie in the side and sents her rolling back into the middle of the ring then grabs Mickie by the hair so she can drag her back to the opposite corner and tag Melina back in. Melina comes in and she and Lita are now on the same wavelength. They both throw one of Mickie’s arms over their shoulders and then hoist her up over their heads for a double vertical suplex. But while she’s hanging upside down in midair Mickie starts kicking her legs like a madwoman and then swings down and drives both Melina and Lita’s faces into the mat DOUBLE SWINGING DDT! All three women are down. Mickie is the first to stir as she rolls over and starts her desperate crawl to her team’s corner. But she stops short when she sees that none of her partners are on the apron. At least none of them were. Carlito jumps up onto the ring apron and stretches his hand into the ring. Mickie dives… AND TAGS CARLITO! MICKIE FINALLY MAKES THE TAG!

Carlito rushes into the ring and is met by Nitro who came in automatically. Nitro goes for a clothesline but Carlito ducks it and then counters with a cool spinning neckbreaker. Nitro rolls away and staggers back up. Carlito charges him and takes him down with a clothesline. Nitro pops back up but Carlito takes him down again with a dropkick. Carlito pulls Nitro up off of the mat and whips him towards the ropes but Nitro reverses. Carlito jumps up and springboards off of the middle rope and catches Nitro with a springboard back elbow to the jaw. Nitro goes rolling over to the ropes. Carlito goes after him but the Intercontinental Champion lashes out his leg and hits a desperation kick to the knee. Carlito rolls away while Nitro slips out onto the ring apron then hoists himself up onto the top rope and springboards off looking for a springboard forearm. But Carlito runs under it. Nitro lands on his feet but Carlito grabs him from behind and hits his signature double knee backbreaker. BACK CRACKER! Carlito goes for the pin.




Edge pulls Carlito off of Nitro and into a front facelock so he can hit his signature lifting DDT, EDGECUTION! But Cena takes Edge’s interference as an invitation to come in as well and levels the World Champion with a running shoulder block. Edge scrambles back up but Cena takes him down again with another running shoulder tackle. But this time Cena stays on him and lifts the Rated R Superstar up from behind and hits his signature spin-out powerslam. Carlito and Nitro have both rolled out of the ring leaving Cena standing alone over Edge. Cena bends down and waves his hand in Edge’s face “You can’t see me!” Cena runs the ropes and nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Edge rolls over and starts to get up while Cean measures him up and then hoists the Champion onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry looking for an F-U… BUT LITA RUNS IN AND HITS CENA FROM BEHIND! Edge slips off of Cena’s shoulders and scrambles away into the corner. Cena turns to glare at Lita only for Victoria to run in and hit a shoulder block of her own. Lita staggers backwards from the impact but Vicky surges after her and knocks LIta over the top rope and out of the ring with a big lariat clothesline.

Lita goes crashing down to the floor while Victoria stares after her. But Melina comes in and hits her from behind. Vicky is knocked into the ropes and Melina quickly capitalizes and dumps her over the top. Victoria goes crashing down right on top of Lita. Now both women are down on the floor. Cena raises an eyebrow as he’s left alone in the ring with Melina. But for long. Melina turns around and runs right into a thesz press from a recovered Mickie James. Mickie tees off and hits a series of forearm strikes to Melina’s face then rolls off of her and stretches her leg back as she measures Melina for the Mick Kick. Melina staggers back up and Mickie lashes out her leg… MICK KICK! “EEEYAAH!” Melina let’s out a high pitched scream and drops to the mat which causes Mickie’s kick to sail through empty air. Melina rolls over the ropes and bails out of the ring. SHe nearly trips over Lita and Victoria in her haste to avoid getting hit by Mickie’s finisher. Mickie and Cena stand by the ropes and stare after Melina. Neither of them see Edge crouching in the corner and measuring Cena for a Spear. Cena finally turns around and Edge charges. SPEAR! But Cena dodges! MICKIE DOESN’T! EDGE HITS MICKIE JAMES WITH A HUGE SPEAR!

The arena goes completely silent. Everyone is staring at the ring in shock. The Women’s Champion is out cold. Even Edge looks surprised by what he just did which shows that he hadn’t actually intended to spear Mickie.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to the crowd. Because suddenly it’s like the mute button is hit and the audio returns. The entire arena is on their feet booing Edge at the top of their lungs. This isn’t just heat. This is a full-blown inferno of hatred. Edge damn near broke Mickie in half with the spear that had been meant for Cena. And now the Women’s Champion is unconscious which means there might not be a perverted Anything Goes Match for WWE After Hours.


Edge bails out of the ring and he and Lita hightail it up the ramp. A wise decision because the fans look on the verge of a full-blown riot. Lita decides to add one last bit of fuel to the fire, “SAY HI TO LILIAN FOR US!” A torrent of boos follow them as they run to the back.

The match has completely stopped. Victoria, Carlito, Cena and Chad Patton are all crowded around Mickie James who is still unresponsive. Even Melina has come over and is leaning through the ropes and is looking on with apprehension. Her concerns are, of course, entirely self-serving because Mickie being injured puts her title match in jeopardy.

Cena growls and slaps the mat then turns and rolls out of the ring and sprints up the ramp after Edge and Lita. A small portion of the crowd actually pops for Super Cena. But almost everyone else is still focused on the fallen Women’s Champion.

“I’m getting her to the trainer!” Vicky suddenly announces as she scoops Mickie up into her arms. Victoria carries Micke out of the ring and up the ramp to the back. Melina spares Carlito one last glance then runs off after them.

Carlito is left alone in the ring with referee Chad Patton. But Johnny Nitro suddenly slides in and hits Carlito from behind. Carlito staggers forward but then lashes out and catches Nitro with an elbow before he slips around behind him AND NAILS ANOTHER BACK CRACKER! Carlito hooks Nitro’s legs and Patton dives to make the count.




sounds through the still shellshocked arena. The referee calls for the bell and raises Carlito’s arm. Carlito picks up the win for his team.

Candice is as shocked as anyone by what just transpired as she stands up to make the announcement, “Here are your winners… Carlito… John Cena… Victoria… and Mickie James!”

Carlito receives a muted response as Raw goes to a commercial break. Everyone in the arena would likely be willing to sacrifice up a piece of clothing to have just one major question answered: Will Mickie James be able to compete again tonight?


Back from the break, things are looking grim. Replays of Edge spearing Mickie James and Carlito pinning Johnny Nitro are shown.

J.R.: As you just saw… Women’s Champion Mickie James appears to be injured after being speared by Edge in their Eight-Person Mixed Tag Team Match tonight. We are currently standing by and will give you an update on the status of Mickie James once we get one.

King: I hope Mickie’s alright! She’s what makes WWE After Hours what it is. We might as well cancel it if she can’t compete.

J.R.: What we can tell you is that Carlito pinning Johnny Nitro has earned him an Intercontinental Championship Match at Saturday Night’s Main Event. But that’s hardly a consolation because it seems like everyone here is concerned about the well-being of Mickie James.

The cameras suddenly cuts to the back and shows Edge and Lita scrambling into a limo outside of the arena. Both of them are still in their ring gear. A cameraman follows them inside just in time to catch Edge yelling to the driver “GET US OUT OF HERE!”

The limo peels out of the parking lot where the camera can still pick up the torrential boos coming from the furious crowd inside the arena.

But the feed suddenly cuts to another camera out in the parking lot as a white Range Rover goes speeding after the limo. The camera gets a brief glimpse at the driver… CENA’S AT THE WHEEL!

CENA! CENA! CENA! CENA! For the first time in a long time, Super Cena has an entire arena rooting for him. The cameras go back out to the ring where the raucous crowd is actively cheering for Cena to reap vengeance upon Edge.

King: I hope Cena catches him! Because Edge deserves whatever punishment John Cena inflicts on him.

J.R.: At the risk of sounding biased and unprofessional, I whole-heartedly agree with you, King. I hope Cena beats him like a government mule!

A bell rings and Candice stands in the ring and announces that the Handicap Match between the McMahons and Eugene has been made a No Disqualification Handicap Match. This means the Spirit Squad is free to get involved which leads to a seven-on-one beatdown for Eugene until D-X finally show up to put a stop to it. Shane and the Spirit Squad stand at the bottom of the ramp and wait for the perfect time to strike while Vince McMahon tries to get Michaels and Helmsley to stand still in the middle of the stage. Mr. McMahon’s ‘devious’ plan would make Wile E. Coyote grimace. A net drops from the rafters… and completely misses D-X. Vince is distracted by another one of his brilliant plans failing and doesn’t see Eugene. The Special Superstar rolls up the Chairman from behind and gets the surprise upset. HHH and HBK laugh from the top of the ramp while Vince looks on furiously. D-X informs the McMahons and the Spirits Squad that until Saturday if they’re not down with that they have two words for them.

The crowd is subdued through the majority of the main event. Everyone’s awaiting an update on either Mickie James’ potential injury or Cena finally catching up with Edge. J.R. delivers the go-home line as Raw goes off the air.

J.R.: I’ve just received word that Mickie James has regained consciousness in the trainer’s room. The cameras are standing by.and are going live in less than a minute. WWE After Hours will begin with an update on the condition of Mickie James!


WWE After Hours goes live to a chaotic trainer’s room. Melina and Victoria are arguing while a trainer checks on Mickie James. Mickie’s eyes are open but they appear to be glazed over. She’s just barely conscious as she lies on one of the beds.

A panicked Coach comes running in. “What’s going on? Is she awake? Can she compete?”

“Nothing’s broken but she has bruised ribs and is barely responsive,” the trainer answers. “I can’t clear her to compete in this condition. It’s going to be a struggle for her just to sit up.”

This is not what Coach wants to hear right now. “We’re supposed to have a Women’s Championship Match on WWE After Hours! Mr. McMahon is already furious after his plan backfired. Even I don’t want to give him this bad news!”

“If she can’t compete then that means I win by forfeit!” Melina quickly jumps in. “I won the right to face her for the Women’s Championship. I wasn’t the one that issued the challenge for the match tonight… she did. I even agreed to her stipulation to leaving Johnny backstage. It’s not my fault she can’t compete. I had nothing to do with her getting speared. I can go out to the ring and you can coronate me as the new Women’s Champion for tonight’s episode of WWE After Hours.”

Melina reaches for the Women’s Championship that was brought backstage for Mickie. But Vicky dutifully yanks it away. “No one’s handing you anything! You haven’t earned this!”

”Thanks… Vicky…”

Everyone’s attention turns to Mickie James. The Women’s Champion lets out a high-pitched whine as she struggles to sit up. “Vicky… help…”

Victoria swoops in and helps Mickie sit up. Mickie’s breathing is labored and she’s biting her lip to keep from crying out. The Women’s Champion’s eyes still seem partially unfocused as she stares straight ahead into the camera that’s filming her.

“Mickie… take it easy,” the trainer cautions her. “You’ve got bruised ribs. And you might be delirious. Do you know where you are?”

“I’m… going to the ring…” Mickie answers, “I’ve got a title match…”

“There, she’s fine,” Melina points out. “Have her meet me in the ring and I’ll win the Women’s Championship fair and square.”

“FAIR?” Vicky growls. Mickie won’t last a minute in her current condition and everyone knows it.

“Absolutely not,” the trainer cuts in. “Mickie is not medically cleared. I doubt she could even make it to the ring in her condition. Forcing her to compete like this will just make things worse.”

Mickie shakes her head, “No one’s forcing me... It’s voluntary… I have to fight…” Each sentence is punctuated by a shallow gasping breath. She points directly at the camera. “That camera… it’s rolling... After Hours has started... All the perverts watching right now already paid for it... We have to have a Title Match... I can’t let them down...”

“She’s got a point,” Coach admits, “I don’t want to be faced with a lawsuit. We’ve been advertising a Championship Match all week. We have to do something! All of our jobs depend on it!”

“Then carry her out to the ring and I’ll pin her!” Melina offers.

“Making her compete this way would be a breach of the health and wellness section of her contract,” the trainer insists.

”I’ll fight her.”

Everyone turns to stare at Victoria.

“I’ll fight her,” Vicky repeats as she strokes the Women’s Championship that she’s still holding to it away from Melina. “I’ll defend the Women’s Championship in Mickie’s place. It’s my fault the little cheater even has this match in the first place.”

“That’s… unconventional,” Coach admits.

“Her perverts are already on the verge of a riot after what Edge did to her,” Victoria reminds her. “Stripping her of her championship without giving her a chance to defend it would be just the thing to push them over the edge. You know that any other night she’d be more than capable of fending off Little Miss A-List. She’ll be recovered enough to defend her title by Saturday Night’s Main Event. But you need a match for tonight and that’s what I’m offering you. I’ll fight Melina and defend the Women’s Championship for Mickie.”

Coach looks uncomfortable and glances over at Mickie, “Are you okay with this?”

Mickie stares at Victoria for a moment… and then nods. “Yeah. I trust her.”

“Melina?” Coach asks.

Melina doesn’t look happy but she still agrees. “Fine! I already beat her to get this match! I can do it again. This time there’ll be no rules for you to complain about being broken.”

“Then it’s settled,” Coach resolves, “Tonight’s Anything Goes Women’s Championship Match for WWE After Hours will be Victoria representing Mickie James against Melina.”

Melina shoots Victoria a glare, “See you in the ring.” She heads out of the trainer’s room and Coach follows behind her. The trainer backs away to give Mickie and Vicky some space.

Mickie places her hand on Vicky’s arm, “Remember… it’s not just about winning the match… you’ve gotta appeal to the perverts too.”

“Right,” Victoria agrees. “I’ll think of something. Are you going to be okay back here on your own?”

“Where’s the patient!?”

Mickie and Vicky turn to see Torrie and Maria standing in the doorway. The two newcomers look like they’d just gone shopping in the adult costume section of a Halloween Store.

Maria is a Sexy Doctor. Her costume consists of a skimpy white uniform that bears most of her legs and a generous amount of her modest cleavage and includes a stethoscope and a cute white hat with a red cross.

Torrie is a Sexy Nurse. Her pink uniform is even more revealing than Maria’s. Not only is it extremely short but the cut of the top goes all the way down to her stomach and exposes almost half of the hot blonde’s large breasts. Torrie’s costume also comes with small pink hat.

“What’s the status of this patient, Sexy Nurse Whorrie?” Maria asks.

“Edge speared her and now she’s hurting all over, Sexy Doctor Maria,” Torrie reports in a breathy voice from a bad soap opera.

“Where did you two get those costumes?” Mickie can’t help asking.

“I got us all sexy outfits for your victory celebration,” Sexy Nurse Whorrie answers. “I got you a Sexy Cowgirl costume since you like to call yourself Hardcore Country in the bedroom... and I got Vicky a Sexy Cop costume.” Torrie leans towards Victoria and loudly whispers, “That one came with a nightstick and a sets of handcuffs.” The Broken Diva grins.

“We were originally going to go as a Sexy Sailor and a Sexy Native American…” Sexy Doctor Maria admits, “But Torrie said those would make us look too much like the Village People. So we went with Sexy Doctor and Sexy Nurse instead. I’m really just surprised that she was able to get so many sexy costumes this far away from Halloween.”

“That’s because I wasn’t shopping in a Halloween Store,” Torrie informs her while shooting Mickie a quick wink. “But you’ll find out about that back at the hotel.” Sexy Nurse Whorrie switches back to her breathy soap opera voice. “What’s your final diagnosis Sexy Doctor Maria?”

“Edge is a big, mean jerk and I’m prescribing two generous doses of TLC stat!” Maria replies.

“Right away Doctor!” Torrie agrees. “I think I’ll start with a sponge bath.”

Unlike on Raw, the WWE After Hours camera is in the perfect position to see that Torrie isn’t wearing any panties under her uniform as she swings her leg up and climbs onto the bed so she’s straddling Mickie.

“But Sexy Nurse Whorrie… we don’t have any sponges…” Sexy Doctor Maria points out.

“No?” Torrie questions as she reaches up and pulls her costume even further open to reveal her large 36C breasts. “Then I suppose we’ll just have to improvise.”

“I like improvising…” Mickie remarks. A wide smile spreads across her face as she reaches out and cups Torrie’s exposed chest with both hands and begins to knead her tits in her hands. She licks her lips then quickly glances over at Victoria, “You know what? I think I’m gonna be okay.”

“Your doctor’s a quack,” Vicky dead-pans with a wary glance at Maria. “But if you’re sure… I’ll go handle business and leave you under their care. By the way… where did you leave that Sexy Cop costume?”

“Mmm! It’s in your locker!” Torrie gasps as Mickie starts to pinch her nipples.

Call her a quack if you want but Sexy Dr. Maria’s prescription seems to be working already. Mickie is in much better spirits and is well on the road to recovery.
“Hey… what happened to Edge?” Maria suddenly blurts out.


The camera cuts to inside a familiar limo as it pulls up outside the Marina Inn.

“Here we are!” Edge announces as he and Lita get out and head into the hotel with the camera following behind them.

Edge and Lita make their way to the reception desk and Edge rings the bell until a man in a suit with a bowlcut showed up.

“Can I help you, sir?” the man asked.

“Yes you can,” Edge glibly replies. “Obviously you know who we are.” Edge taps his WWE Championship. “And we have a reservation for a suite.”

“There seems to he a problem with your reservation…” the man informs Edge has he clacks away at his computer. “The room you reserved was actually already reserved from Women’s Champion Mickie James… by someone named… Whorrie Wilson? Is that real name?”

“SHE GOT MY SUITE!?” Edge yells.

“We’ve been trying to contact-”

“LOOK PAL!” Edge snaps. “I just ensured that Mickie James won’t be Women’s Champion for much longer. So since I’m the WWE Champion… I think you should just give us that room!”

“But we received special instructions on how to prepare that suite,” the man protests.

“It’s got a bed doesn’t it? And a working toilet?” Edge demands. “It’s not rocket-science brainiac! Mickie James won’t even make it to your sorry hotel tonight. So all you’ve gotta do is take her key… and give it to me.”

“But it’s not your…”

Edge glares at the desk clerk. “Listen to me for a second, okay? You see, there’s a reason people like me are champions. And there’s a reason why people like you are standing behind a desk in the middle of nowhere in your mid-thirties with a haircut like someone put a bowl on your head AND CUT AROUND IT! SO GIVE ME THAT KEY! NOW!”

“Yes sir…” the man reluctantly complies. He holds up a key card and hands it to Edge.

“That’s more like it,” Edge says, “And be sure to send up some room service.”

Edge and Lita stalks off for the elevator and the cameraman whispers a quick ‘sorry’ to the man at the desk before hurrying after them.

The cameraman follows Edge and Lita to the elevator and rides with them up to their stolen suite. Edge swipes the key and they walk along a small hallway into the suite’s spacious sitting room. There are separate doorways off to the side that lead to the suite’s bedroom and bathroom. But the main feature in the entry room is the large red loveseat that is big enough to double for a bed. The loveseat is situated in front of an extra-wide screen tv.

But it’s not the loveseat or the huge television that draws their attention. It’s the massive banner above it that is hanging across the wall and reads ”Congratulations Mickie! 100 Days!” It’s clear that Torrie had the suite prepared preemptively so they could celebrate Mickie’s successful title defense

“That banner’s a lie!” Edge growls, “I’m taking it down!”

Edge sets his WWE Championship down on the red loveseat then charges to the wall and tears down Mickie’s congratulatory banner before tossing it aside like garbage.

“Hey babe, look at this,” Lita calls out from by a glass table covered in scented candles and various bottles and jars. She pulls a bottle of champagne out of a fancy ice bucket that had been set near the table and shows it to Edge. “They’ve got chilled champagne.”

“Mickie’s not gonna have any reason to celebrate tonight,” Edge insists. “So I think you and I should have a belated celebration for me becoming the WWE Champion… at Mickie’s expense of course.”

“Look at all of this stuff…” Lita remarks as she bends forward to read the labels on the bottles and jars on the glass table.”They’ve got massage oils and incense and…” Lita trials off as she eyes on particularly large bottle. “Okay who would ever need this much lube?”

“There’s more here,” Edge observes as he surveys two baskets beside the loveseat. “Whoa! They’ve got a treasure trove of sex toys!”

It is now crystal clear what kind of store Torrie got their costumes from.

Lita joins Edge by the baskets of sex toys and the two of them begin picking \through them. “They’ve got handcuffs… blindfolds… ball gags... I knew that crazy b*tch was a pervert but I didn’t expect her to be this kinky.”

“Is this a riding crop?” Edge wonders as he pulls a long thin stick out of the basket. “Tell no one but maybe that nutjob is Rated M. She’s got everything here but condoms.”

“Whoa!” Lita gasps and actually lets out a laugh as she holds up an utterly massive purple dildo. “Oh, hey, a vibrator.” Lita tosses the dildo aside and pulls out a much small phallic-shaped toy.

“What about these?” Edge asks as he holds up a string of large beads.

Lita smirks and raises an eyebrow, “We’ve got enough lube there to drown someone.”

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door and a vaguely familiar voice shouts through the door.


“That was fast,” Edge remarks as he goe around the loveseat and opens the door.
But it’s not hotel staff outside… IT’S JOHN CENA!

Cena charges into the room and immediately levels Edge with a stiff clothesline. Lita screams in alarm as Cena drags Edge up off of the floor and throws him into the back of the red loveseat. The loveseat pitches forward and nearly flattens Lita as it flips and knocks over the baskets of kinky sex toys.

Cena throws himself down on Edge and starts wailing on him with hard shots to the face. He eventually backs away but only so he haul Edge back up and throw him across the glass table. The bottles and jars crash to the floor as drops down on the far side of the table.

Edge tries to crawl away but Cena races around the table and catches him. Cena lifts Edge clean up off the floor then spins AND SMASHES EDGE THROUGH THE GLASS TABLE!

“HOLY SH*T!” Lita shrieks in alarm from the other side of the toppled loveseat as Edge is left lying on the shattered remains of the table.

“Uugh… uuggh… no…” Edge groans as he crawls off of the broken glass and struggles to push himself back up onto his knees. There are a number of shallow cuts on his chest from the broken glass.

“This is for Mickie, you son of a b*tch!” Cena yells as he pulls the champaign bottle out of the ice bucket AND SMASHES IT OVER EDGE’S HEAD!

Edge’s long hair goes damp as he collapses on the floor. A small puddle forms around him from the spilled champagne.

But Cena still isn’t done. He leans over Edge and glares down at him. “Like I told you… that was for Mickie. But now this is for me!”

Cena drops down on Edge’s back with an elbow drop and then starts clubbing Edge on the back as he continues to beat the ever-loving crap out of him. Cena spots the WWE Title lying underneath the flipped loveseat and gets off of Edge to pick it up.

“Uuugh… no….” Edge rolls over and tries to crawl away.

“Hey don’t go, don’t go!” Cena calls after him. “Look, you dropped this… let me give it back!” Cena charges Edge lays him out with a shot to the head from the WWE Championship. Edge is left lying out cold on his back while Cena stands over him.

Cena turns to address Lita who is still crouching on the other side of the flipped loveseat. “You tell him that I’ll see him again on Saturday and that I’m taking this!” Cena drops the WWE Championship on top of Edge and turns to leave.

“Wait… was that…” Cena turns back around and goes back to the loveseat where he bends down to pick up a dual pronged dildo then turns to stare at Lita. “Seriously?”

“THAT’S NOT MINE!” Lita exclaims. “It’s Mickie’s! That woman is a depraved sex maniac!”

“Coming from you, I’ll consider that an expert opinion,” Cena quips as he shakes his head and tosses the dual pronged dildo aside then head back to the door. A familiar man in a suit with a bowlcut is standing in the open doorway.

“Sorry about the mess,” Cena apologizes. “You can get housekeeping in here to take out the trash. I’d say that counts as both of them.”

Cena walks out and leaves a trashes suite and an unconscious WWE Champion in his wake.


The cameras return to the arena where the earlier phenomenon repeats itself. An entire arena is chanting and praising Cena for taking out Edge and avenging Mickie. CENA! CENA! CENA!

Paparazzi once again sounds through the arena and the red carpet is rolled out for a second time as Melina makes her way out from the back for her big championship match. Johnny Nitro is nowhere in sight. Melina is greeted by emphatic boos. The perverts in the crowd are none too pleased with the A-List Diva after her attempts stealing Mickie’s Women’s Championship without fighting for it. The paparazzi swarm Melina and snap pictures of her as she struts down the ramp to the ring. She climbs up onto the ring apron and then drops down in her signature split. Melina’s new ring gear means that she is no longer flashing her panties to everyone as she gets in the ring. Melina stands back up and casts a wary glance at substitute ring announcer Candice Michelle and referee Jack Doan before striking her signature wide-legged pose in the middle of the ring.


All The Things She Said
plays as Victoria comes out onto the stage. Vicky is still wearing her red ring gear and her hooded sweatshirt but now the Broken Diva has Mickie James’ Women’s Championship around her waist. Her intense gaze is locked on Melina as she heads down the ramp and gets in the ring. She pauses to remove her sweatshirt and police officer hat and hands them to a crew member outside of the ring. But then she steps out into the middle of the ring and removes the Women’s Championship. The fans pop when it’s revealed that Victoria stopped off at the women’s locker room and found her costume at some point while Cena was beating the hell out of Edge at the hotel. Melina’s eyes go wide in horror as she stares at the handcuffs and the nightstick that are hanging on the belt from Victoria’s Sexy Cop outfit. It’s Anything Goes in this match. Handcuffs and a nightstick are perfectly legal. Melina is now feeling slightly less confident than she was when she first came out.

Candice steps in between the two women for an official pre-match introduction. “Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one-fall and is an Anything Goes Match for the Women’s Championship. Introducing first… the challenger… from Los Angeles California… MELINA!” Melina once again strikes her signature pose with her legs spread and her arm curled up overhead. “And her opponent… representing Women’s Champion Mickie James… from-”

“WAIT!” Vicky suddenly interrupts. “I almost forgot!” Victoria drops down and rolls out of the ring then approaches the barricade facing the hard camera. “Mickie always gives someone her shirt before a title match.”

The hard camera is already in the perfect position to see the entire wall of fans’ jaws drop as Victoria grabs her top and pulls it off. She’s not wearing a bra! The fans are left staring in shock as the Broken Diva stands right in front of them… COMPLETELY TOPLESS!

Victoria takes in the stupefied reaction. “What? Did I do it wrong?”

“NO!” a man in the front row quickly blurts out. Victoria nods and tosses him her top. But he makes no move to give her his own in exchange.

Victoria’s firm 34B tits are out in the open for everyone to see and she doesn’t even care. The fans are all too happy to show their support for Vicky’s alternative take on Mickie’s pre-match tradition. THANK YOU VICKY! THANK YOU VICKY! THANK YOU VICKY!”

Candice and Melina are both staring in open-mouthed shock as the topless diva gets back in the ring. “Alright. Now I’m ready.”

“I… right… um….” the flustered substitute ring announcer stammer before regaining her wits. “And-and her opponent… representing Women’s Champion Mickie James… from San Bernardino California… VICTORIA!” Vicky glares at Candice and takes issue with the replacement ring announcer's introduction but Candice doesn’t want anything to do with the Broken Diva and quickly flees the ring with the Women’s Championship. But Melian steps up and confronts the referee before he can call for the bell to start the match.

“She’s topless! She can’t wrestle like that!”

“There are no rules in an Anything Goes Match,” the referee reminds her. “And even if there were, there certainly wouldn’t be any against her stripping herself. If I was you, I’d be more concerned about the foreign objects on her belt.”

A wide, sick smile spreads across Vicky’s painted face as she pulls her nightstick off of her Sexy Cop belt.

“Great… now you reminded her…” Melina complains as the referee finally calls for the bell and starts the much-delayed but now, once again, highly anticipated title match.

Victoria immediately swings for Melina’s head with her nightstick but Melina lets out a loud shriek and ducks under it then lashes out her leg and boots Vicky in the stomach. Melina grabs onto the free end of the nightstick and tries to pull it away but Victoria has a firm hold of the handle. The two divas engage in a quick tug a war which causes Victoria’s naked and unbounce chest to jostle and shake. The A-List Diva is briefly distracted by the sight which allows the Broken Diva to yank back on the nightstick and pull her opponent into a stiff knee strike. Victoria lets go of the nightstick and instead grabs Melina by the collar. Melina drops the nightstick and tries to beg off but Victoria doesn’t buy it and whips her into the corner. Melina slams back-first into the turnbuckles but then Victoria charges her, jumps up into the air and collides with her opponent for a jumping turnbuckle bodysplash that rams her bare boobs into Melina’s face. Victoria steps back and pulls Melina out of the corner then grabs her and hoists the other woman clear over her head with a military press. It’s a picture-perfect moment as Victoria stands topless in the middle of the ring lifting her opponent off her head. Vicky chucks Melina up into the air and steps forward which causes the A-Lister to come crashing all the way down to the mat for an impressive military press drop.

Melina bounces off the mat and rolls onto her back. Victoria casts a glance over her shoulder at her opponent and then launches herself up into the air with a backflip and crashes down on Melina boobs-first for her Victoria’s Secret standing moonsault. Vicky doesn’t bother going for the pin. She rolls over to the ropes and climbs out onto the ring apron. Victoria watches as Melina pushes herself up onto her hands and knees then shoots herself over the top rope for a slingshot somersault leg drop that drives Melina back down in the mat again. The Broken Diva’s bizarre antics at the start of the match have thrown Melina off balance which is extremely dangerous when she’s in the ring with a veteran like Victoria. Vicky pulls Melina back up to her feet and into a side-headlock which squishes Melina’s face against her naked boobs. Victoria is all too aware of this and actually wiggles her chest against Melina’s face to further fluster her opponent before she whips her across the ring into the ropes and then catches her as she comes back with a big powerslam. Being topless hasn’t hurt the Broken Diva in the slightest. in fact, she’s using her half-naked state to give herself a firm advantage as the match continues with Vicky once again neglecting to go for a pin.

Victoria sits up and stares straight ahead of her for a moment. There’s no telling what’s going through her mind. But as she rolls around on the mat, Melina’s flailing hand makes contact with the discarded nightstick. Victoria’s back it to her as she stares off in a distance so Melina seizes the moment and grabs the nightstick AND NAILS VICTORIA WITH A SHOT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Victoria lurches forward in her seated position and her head nearly slams into the mat from the impact. But she actually does hit her head on the mat when Melina springs up and comes off of the ropes with a dropkick to the back. The challenger stands back up, despite all the offense that Victoria has gotten in, the A-Lister has found her second wind. Victoria rolls over and gets on her hands and knees but Melina catches her with a near decapitating ax kick to the back of the neck. Victoria won’t stay down and starts to push herself back up again. Melina runs to the ropes comes this time comes back with a dropkick to the face that sends Victoria rolling over onto her back. Melina swings her leg up over her head and the brings it down on Victoria’s chest as she drops down into a split leg drop. Melina remains in that position so she go for a pin.




Melina growls and goes for the nightstick again. She stands up behind Victoria and waits for her opponent to push herself up off of the mat then winds up like she’s wielding a baseball bat and shouts, “TAKE THIS! TOPLESS FREAK!” Melina swings… BUT VICTORIA CATCHES THE NIGHTSTICK! Melina’s eyes go wide in shock as the Broken Diva slowly stands up while seemingly staring straight through her opponent. Melina tries to pull the nightstick away but Vicky’s one-handed grip is too strong. Victoria grabs Melina’s wrist with her free hand then spins and throws her opponent and the nightstick clear across the ring. Melina bounces off of the mat and rolls into the corner where she slowly pushes herself back up. Victoria charges her and rams her shoulder into Melina’s stomach for a turnbuckle shoulder thrust. Melina doubles over and Victoria quickly climbs up onto the middle rope then grabs both sides of Melina’s face and stuffs the A-Lister face-first into her cleavage. Vicky wiggles her chest against her opponent’s face then jumps backwards out of the corner and drives Melina down into the mat with a big facebuster. Melina bounces off of the mat and flips onto her back and then Victoria forcibly sits her up, “You seem to have a problem with me fighting topless… here let’s even the odds, shall we?” Victoria grabs the back of Melina’s yellow top and yanks it off of her head. Melina lets out a shrill scream when she realizes she’s been stripped to her black sports bra. “EEEIIIYYYAAAAH!”

Victoria tosses Melina’s top aside then grabs her embarrassed opponent and hoists her up off of the mat and onto her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Victoria swings Melina off of her shoulders, looking for her signature Spider’s Web swinging sidewalk slam, but Melina slips out and lands on her knees behind her. The desperate challenger once again reclaims the Sexy Cop nightstick AND BLASTS THE BACK OF VICTORIA’S BRACED KNEE! Vicky’s leg goes flying out in front of her and she falls flat on her back. Melina raises the nightstick up over her head and then drives it down on the front of her opponent’s braced knee. But she doesn’t stop there. Melina has gotten worked up into a frenzy and wails on Victoria’s bad knee with shot after vicious shot from the nightstick. “RAAH!” The Broken Diva howls in a combination of pain and rage as she sits up and bashes Melina upside the face with a wild forearm smash. Melina lurches back but then clobbers Victoria with shot to the face from the nightstick. The A-Lister climbs on top of Victoria and drives the shaft of the nightstick down into her opponent’s throat and starts choking in an unorthodox pin attempt that would be illegal in a standard match.



-Vicky violently bucks Melina off of her to kick out!

Victoria rolls over and crawls towards the ropes in an attempt to put some space between her and Melina. But Melina dives after her and catches her by the ankle. The challenger drags the champion’s stand-in back into the middle of the ring then lifts her leg up and drives Victoria’s knee down into the mat for a rough knee smash. Melina then drives her boot down into the back of Victoria’s knee and starts stomping on it. Victoria’s braced knee has a huge bullseye on it. If Melina keeps this up the Broken Diva won’t even be able to stand let alone fight back. Melina grabs Victoria’s foot and rolls her thrashing opponent over then lashes out her own leg and kicks the back of Vicky’s knee. Vicky lets out a howl of pain before melina stretches her leg all the way up into the air and then dives into a roll and snaps Victoria’s leg down onto her shoulder with knee snap. Melina rolls passed Victoria who sits up and clutches at her injured knee. The challenger comes back and hooks her arm around her opponent’s neck from behind for a chin lock. Melina cranks on the pressure and decides to talk some trash, “It’s okay Victoria! Just give up! Everyone will tell Mickie that you tried your best. I mean, what was she expecting? You haven’t won anything important in a long time.”


Victoria is sitting up facing the hard camera with her naked breasts on full display. But everyone’s focus is suddenly on the Broken Diva’s eyes as something clearly snaps within them and she starts seething. Vicky starts to violently thrash and struggle against the Melina’s hold. Her boobs are jiggling and shaking wildly and she flails and claws at the mat AND THEN SURGES UP TO HER FEET! Melina is left hanging off of Victoria’s back with her big mouth hanging open in shock. “But… your leg…” Either Vicky’s gone numb or she’s doing a masterful job of ignoring the pain in bad knee. Victoria yanks Melina over her shoulder and spins around then sprints across the ring, regardless of any pain in her knee, AND NEARLY DRIVES MELINA THROUGH THE MAT WITH A VICIOUS RUNNING POWERSLAM! Victoria rolls off of Melina and both women lie on their back on the mat. The sudden burst of insane adrenaline has faded and Vicky looks like she’s out of energy now. The referee stand between them starts to do the double Ko count. That motivates the two competitors into stirring. Victoria rolls over and crawls towards the ropes while Melina grabs referee Jack Doan and uses him to pull herself back up. “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” Melina shrieks. “I AGREED TO FIGHT ANOTHER WOMAN! NOT THE FREAKING TERMINATOR!”

Melina turns away from the referee just as Victoria stands back up and lashes out with her bad leg AND NAILS A STIFF SUPERKICK TO THE FACE! Melina is knocked flat on her back and Vicky collapses on top of her. The referee goes to make a count but Victoria rolls off of her opponent and shakes her heads. “Mickie says… please the perverts…” Regardless of the fact that she might have already done that by competing in a hard fought battle completely topless, Victoria grabs Melina’s boots one at a time and pulls them off. “No more kicking.” The Broken Diva makes short work of Melina’s sock and tosses them away. Victoria’s next target are Melina’s new tights. She grabs the yellow waistband and begins to peel the tights down Melina’s tanned legs. Melina finally regains consciousness when she feels her pants being pulled down and her black thong being exposed. She immediately starts screaming bloody murder. “NO! NONONO! YOU CAN’T STRIP ME!” “Quit your squawking,” Vicky growls as she reaches back and grabs one of Melina’s discard shoes AND CLOBBERS MELINA WITH HER OWN BOOT!

Melina is once again knocked flat on her back which makes it all too easy for Victoria to peel her tights the rest of the way down her legs and pull them off. Melina is down to her black sports bra and her black thong! But that’s when Victoria digs further into her bag of tricks… and pulls the handcuffs off of her belt. The Broken Diva latches one of the cuffs onto Melina’s right ankle and then stands up and uses the other cuff to drag her opponent across the ring into the far corner where she attaches the cuff to the top rope on the right side of the turnbuckle. Melina is left lying on her back in the corner with her right leg dangling in the air from where it’s cuffed to the top rope. Melina is helpless. This situation is also somewhat reminiscent of the match where Mickie broke Victoria. And everyone watching remembers how that particular Anything Goes Match ended. The blood rushing to Melina’s head causes her to regain consciousness again. “What? What’s going on? You can’t do this! Let me go! This isn’t fair! What are you doing?” Victoria kneels over her trapped opponent and leers down at her. “I’m about to follow Mickie’s example… and break a b*tch.”



Victoria kneels on Melina’s arms and pins them down to the mat then grabs hold of her trapped opponent’s bra. Melina has gone silent but still shakes her head in a silent ‘no’. But Vicky ignores the unvoiced plea and lunges backwards… AND RIPS MELINA’S BRA OFF! “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Melina screams as her large tanned 38D breasts capped off with two delicious dark pink nipples are unveiled to the world. Due to the fact that her ankle is cuffed to the top rope her huge boobs are hanging down near her chin. She frantically wraps her arms over her chest in an attempt to hide her dangling tits from view. The perverts are happy. Now there are two topless women in the ring. They start up a familiar chant. THANK YOU VICKY! THANK YOU VICKY! The Broken Diva cocks her head to the side and stares out at the crowd. “But I’m not done yet…” The crowd goes silent and holds their breath in anticipation. Considering Melina only has one article of clothing left on her body… it’s not hart for her to guess Vicky’s plan. The topless A-List Diva is busy covering her chest so she can’t do anything to stop her opponent so she starts pleading and begging for mercy. “No! No! Please don’t! Victoria-Vicky! Please! I’m topless that’s enough! Don’t take my panties!” Victoria shakes her head and grabs hold of Melina’s thong. “Any last words?” Melina tries to squeeze her legs together around Victoria’s hand… but it doesn’t stop her… AND VICTORIA TEARS OFF MELINA’S THONG!

YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH! The perverts let out a deafening cheer. Melina is now dangling completely naked in the corner. She has her free leg folded over her bound leg to keep her pussy out of view and she’s still hugging her chest to hide her breasts. But Victoria has succeeded in removing every last stitch from Melina’s body. “I HATE YOU!” Melina explodes. “I hate you, I hate Mickie and I hate your perverted fans for encouraging this!” Victoria reaches down and pats Melina’s cheek patronizingly then turns away from her opponent and picks up the nightstick from earlier. Vicky waves the nightstick over Melina’s face tauntingly. “Since you like using this so much… why don’t you put your mouth to better use and start sucking on it?” Melina let’s out a barely audible squeak, “Why?” “Because it’s about to go inside you. And it will be slightly less uncomfortable if it’s wet.” Melina squeezes her legs together even tighter as she stares up at Victoria in abject terror. The horrifying parallel between her of her ordeal and the one her opponent had gone through at the hands of Mickie James was not lost on Melina and made her blood run cold. Victoria had once been relatively normal. But then Mickie had handcuffed her to the corner and jammed a microphone up her cooch. And now the Broken Diva was about to repeat the process with her. Melina couldn’t live with that and so she did the only thing that could preserve her sanity. “I QUIT! I QUIT! NO MORE! I GIVE UP!”

Jack Doan calls for the bell. All The Thing She Said plays again as the referee leads a reluctant Victoria away from the corner and raises her arm to signify the win. Victoria’s raised arms once again draws the crowd’s attention to the fact that she wrestled an entire match completely topless. The perverts are a little disappointed that Melina had quit before Victoria could bring the match (and possibly her opponent) to a fulfilling climax but they still cheer for Victoria. The Broken Diva has successfully defended Mickie James’ Women’s Championship. Candice makes the final announcement from the timekeeper’s corner, “Ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner by submission… the Broken Diva… VICTORIA! And that means… Mickie James is STILL THE WWE WOMEN’S CHAMPION!”


Everyone’s attention turns to the entrance ramp as Mickie James emerges from the back. Mickie is now wearing her Sexy Cowgirl costume which consists of an incredibly short brown cowgirl skirt that bares almost all of her thick legs, a brown and white vest that is cropped to just below her chest and is fastened with a single button and of course a white cowgirl hat. And while Mickie isn’t jumping and skipping like she normally does when she makes her entrance… she’s walking under her own power. Sexy Nurse Whorrie and Sexy Doctor Maria are with Mickie and are both looking a bit ruffled. Torrie’s tits are still hanging out of her nurse’s costume. This moment spawns an odd but strangely popular online theory that Mickie James is some kind of succubus that gains power from sexual energy. It’s farfetched but still more believable than ditzy Maria actually being a knowledgeable doctor. Mickie, Torrie and Maria join Victoria in the ring. “Thank you Vicky…” Mickie whispers fondly before she reaches out to embrace the woman who defended her title in her stead. But Victoria holds out a hand to stop her and then goes to the ropes to retrieve the Women’s Championship. The Broken Diva comes back and places the championship on its owner’s shoulder. Mickie’s face lights up in a wide grin then she grabs the sides of Victoria’s panting kiss and yanks her mouth to hers before she kisses the other woman with everything she has.

The crowd pops and the kiss goes on for a while until an unwelcome voice interrupts.


Mickie turns and grins at Melina who is still shackled to the corner. “Microphone, Nurse Whorrie.” Torrie acquires one and hands it to Mickie.

“Melina!” Mickie calls out with a cheery wave, “I didn’t forget about you! Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right with you...”

For Melina, the otherwise pleasant statement has a horrible undertone. Maybe drawing the Shameless One’s attention towards her when she was trapped naked in the corner hadn’t been a good idea.

Mickie turns back to Vicky, “You did good. Really good. And because I’m so grateful that you defended my championship when I couldn’t… I’ve got presents to give you. Sexy Doctor Maria! Present the first gift!”

Maria reaches into the opening of her Sexy Doctor costume and pulls out a small round wrapped package that’s about the size of her hand and presents it to Vicky.

“You’ve already got one…” Mickie admits while Victoria begins to open her present. “But I think you’ll still like it.”

Victoria finishes opening the present… IT’S A NEW PAIR OF HANDCUFFS!

“Now… if you’re up for it… I could use those on you,” Mickie offers, “OR if you’d prefer… you can use those on your already captive opponent.”

Mickie and Vicky turn to face Melina with matching wicked grins on their face.

“No! NOO!” Melina screams as she continued to hang upside down with her arms and legs crossed. “You can’t! The match is over!”

Vicky and Mickie advance on Melina but referee Jack Doan steps in the way and blocks them from reaching the diva trapped in the corner. “She’s right. The match is over.”

“Whorrie! I need a distraction!” Mickie requests.

Torrie slips in between Mickie and Vicky and grabs the sides of the referee’s face before pulling him into a kiss and ravaging his mouth. The referee’s eye go wide and are partially glazed over when Torrie finally pulls away.

“Now leave the ring,” Torrie instructs the dumbstruck referee.

Jack Doan nods blankly and leaves the ring. Torrie gives Mickie a thumbs up then steps out of the way and motions towards Melina who is staring after the referee with a look of betrayal.

Melina is screaming like a madwoman and actually uncovers her breasts so she can lash out at Vicky’s knee. But one big stomp to the chest puts a stop to Melina’s pitiful attempts at resistance. Victoria wastes no time in cuffing Melina’s free ankle then yanks her defeated opponent’s legs apart and cuffs her leg to the top rope on the left side of the turnbuckle.

“NOOOOOAAAAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!” Melina screams as she presses her hands over her crotch. She’s given up on trying to hide her boobs but now she’s desperate to keep her pussy from view.

“Hey perverts!” Mickie calls out, “WHO WANTS TO SEE MELINA DO A SPLIT?”


“You can’t… You can’t!” Melina wails.

“Cheer up, Melina!” Mickie taunts the captive while she and Victoria each take hold of one of the cuffs on the top rope, “You’ve always wanted the spotlight. This is your time to shine! LADIES AND GENTLE! PRESENTING… MELINA!”

Mickie and Vicky slide each cuff along the rope and forcibly pull Melina’s legs apart until she’s doing a full upside-down split. Mickie nods and Vcky and they both grab one of Melina’s wrists.. and pull them away. MELINA’S PUSSY IS UNVEILED TO THE WORLD! Melina is shaved bare which causes the thick lips of her pussy to stand out in contrast to the pink inside. Her split has not only spread her pussy wide open but it’s even showing off the puckered brown ring of her asshole.

THANK YOU MICKIE! THANK YOU MICKIE! THANK YOU MICKIE! The fans cheer wildly at Melina’s ultimate exposure while the A-Lister’s face goes bright red in utter mortification.

“Now where’s that nightstick?” Mickie inquires.


“Anything, huh?” Mickie questions. “Well that thick juicy pussy of yours looks good enough to eat.” The fans cheer and chant HLA! HLA! HLA! “Seems like the perverts agree. Does that sound good to you?”

Melina knows she doesn’t have a choice in the matter. She bites her lip and asks in a subdued voice, “After you do it… will you let me go?”

“Sure, sounds fair,” Mickie agrees, “But who ever said I was going to eat you? I’ve got another present to give Vicky. OOOH MARIA! Come be a good pet and give Melina a good licking.”

Maria smiles sheepishly but then nods in agreement. She starts to head towards Mickie but Torrie holds her back.

Torrie has a new microphone that she just retrieved from the timekeeper. “Mickie… before you get carried away… The timekeeper just told me the show’s running long. We’ve got three minutes until midnight. And then we’ll officially be in your one hundredth day as Women’s Champion.”

“That doesn’t give us much time,” Mickie realizes. “Maria, come here and sit on Melina’s face. When I say ‘go’ eat her pussy like you’re starving.”

“Yes boss!” Maria agrees. She goes over to Melina and sits on her face then starts to idly stroke the thick lips of Melina’s pussy with her fingers.

“And as for you!” Mickie addresses Vicky as she pulls the WWE Logo off of her microphone. “Get in the corner and drop your trunks. I’m gonna ring in my one hundredth day on top by making you scream.”

Victoria makes her way to the opposite corner. But she’s walking with a notable limp in her bad leg. She grabs the waistband of her trunks and yanks them down then steps out of them. Now Victoria’s naked bar her boots, brace and knee pads. The Broken Diva turns and leans back the corner with her arms spread and a wide, eager smile on her face.

Mickie turns to Torrie and gives her a lingering kiss then taps the blonde on the nose. “Keep an eye on the time and give us a countdown.”

Torrie nods and Mickie saunters over to Victoria. She cups Vicky’s chin and presses their bodies fully together for another heated kiss. Mickie eventually pulls back and glances back over her shoulder at Maria who is still toying with the bound Melina’s pussy while waiting for her cue.

“Thirty seconds to midnight!” Torrie announces as her quickly conferring with the timekeeper. A graphic with a countdown clock appears on the TitanTron and begins counting down from thirty.

Mickie backs away from Victoria and talks hold of her leg then lifts it up and rests it on her shoulder. Vicky’s pussy is spread wide open and Mickie begins rubbing her microphone against it while she lightly whispers. “Get ready…”

When the countdown clock reaches ten, Torrie and the perverts begin a countdown.












A quick blast of pyro goes off on the stage and a banner drops from the rafters showing a picture of Mickie holding the Women’s Championship on her shoulder with the words 100 Days under it.

“GO MARIA!” Mickie shouts as she jams the microphone inside Victoria.

“UUAAAHHHH!” Victoria howls in pleasure as Mickie begins to churn the microphone inside of her.

Meanwhile, across the ring, Maria starts licking and lapping at Melina’s upside-down and spread pussy. She was sitting on Melina’s face so the A-Lister’s moans were muffled as the adorable backstage interviewer continues to munch her box.


The perverts in the crowd are going nuts and are torn on what to watch. Maria has wrapped her arms around Melina and his squeezing the fleshy cheeks of Melina’s ass as she continues to eat her out. Meanwhile Mickie is pistoning the microphone in and out of Victoria at a rapid pace with one hand and is using her free hand to fondle the Broken Diva’s naked boobs.

Torrie glances out of the ring at Candice who is staring at the depraved scene in disgust. The blonde shakes her head and waves Candice off.

Vicky reaches her climax first and screams out as she squirts around the microphone inside her. “AAAUUGGGHH! AAAAAHH! MIIICKIIIIEEE!”

Melina follows seconds later and she cums all over Maria’s face. “MMMMMMM! MMHHMMMM! MHHHHHHMMMMMM!”

The fans go wild with a loud cheer. THAT WAS AWESOME! THAT WAS AWESOME!

Mickie removes the microphone and steps backwards. Vicky’s legs give out and she drops down to sit with her legs spread in the corner.

“Thanks Vicky!” Mickie exclaims as she kneels in front of Vicky and plants a quick kiss on Victoria’s forehead.

Torrie bents down which causes her skimpy nurse uniform to ride up and expose her ass and pussy to the crowd as she fishes into her shoe and pulls out a tiny silver key.

Maria climbs off of Melina and steps out of the way. The A-List Diva’s mouth his hanging open in a silent moan. Torrie uses the key to unlock both sets of handcuffs. Melina’s legs drop down to the mat and she immediately rolls out of the ring and drops to the floor… then crawls under the ring in a desperate attempt to finally end her exposure.

Sexy Doctor Maria and Sexy Nurse Torrie then cross the ring and help Victoria up and then throw the Broken Diva’s arms over their shoulders as they lead her into the middle of the ring. Mickie crawls over and kneels in front of Vicky then raises her Women’s Championship over her head.

Mickie picks up the microphone that Torrie had been using earlier. “So thanks to Vicky retaining my championship for me… I’ve got an announcement to make! My team won the Eight-Person Mixed Tag Team Match earlier so that counts as a win over Melina for me. No one here can say that I didn’t do my part and take one for the team. So now that I’ve beaten everyone on Raw… I’ve decided to expand my prospective pool of challengers. This Saturday is Saturday Night’s Main Event and it’s a chance to do just that. I’m officially announcing the Mickie James Bikini Bull Riding Contest. It’s an open challenge and is simple in concept… everyone wears a bikini and the diva that lasts the longest on the bull is the winner. And whether that woman is a Raw Diva that i’ve already faced, a diva from Smackdown or one of the ECW Vixens… I’ll put my Women’s Championship on the line against her next week on WWE After Hours in an Anything Goes Match! MAY THE BEST WOMAN WIN!”

The crowd pops at the announcement and WWE After Hours goes off the air with Mickie, Vicky, Torrie and Maria still celebrating in the ring.


And there it is. I hope the big match between Melina and Victoria was worth the wait. The Star-Making Performance referred to in the chapter title was actually referring to Victoria. Now she’s been elevated up close to Mickie’s level in popularity and at the very least it’s no longer a one-woman division.

I know there was a lot of build-up in this chapter. But I’ve always felt it’s the storylines that help elevate great matches up to the next level. If I wanted to watch pointless matches that don’t amount to anything I’ll watch the current Monday Night Raw. You, my readers, deserve better than that so I’m doing my best to create an interesting ongoing storyline.

Now if you’ll excuse me… I’M GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA!
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