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Default Fastlane

So it turns out Fastlane is actually in THREE WEEKS on March 5th. I guess I thought it was December. I'll see everybody in March.

Originally Posted by MKDude View Post
So if I'm not mistaken, that leaves Lita, Melina, Ashley Massaro, Candice, and technically Lillian Garcia as currently unbroken. Can't recall other 2006 divas. Maybe Christy Hemme and Michelle McCool?

What do you plan on doing if Mickie runs through the roster and there's no more unbroken divas?

And I dig the historical accuracy. Makes this feel like it was part of the show back then. Nice job as always!
You missed a couple. And don't forget about ECW, where there's a certain exhibitionist who wants to strip naked.

Melina is going to be Mickie's main opponent in this chapter. In the meantime I'm building towards a Mickie/Lita match at SummerSlam. In between those two feuds Mickie may decide that since she's worked through all the talent on Raw that she might want to show the girls on Smackdown and ECW some love.

It may help to actually watch those episodes of Raw to see what changed because of my Mickie. I never thought I'd quote a John Cena promo in this story but I did it anyway just to show that Mickie's presence is even effecting him.

And after SummerSlam I'll be moving into the story's final phase.
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