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Default another groping

We went visit my in-laws when my daughter was about 6 months old. A co-worker of my mother-in-law stopped by to see the baby. Well, this woman was fairly short (5'2"), slim, very pretty, about 45 years old at the time (I was 33 then) with really big tits for a small woman. I swear she was probably a 36DDD. I had met her before so I knew about her gigantic gazongas. To make a long story short, while she's holding the baby, I realize how it is my chance to get a feel. I go to take the baby from her and place at least 6 fingertips on her boobs. Damn they felt nice, big, soft, and plush!!! She continued to hold the baby and play with her while my fingers were moving on her tits so she must have knew what I was doing and let it go on for a little longer. I still remember how they felt to this day!!!!
Cum to Alaska!!!!!!
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