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Default my story

I am an avid practitioner of martial arts. About 15 years ago, this happened. I switched from a night class to a lunch-time class. In this particular class was a lady who was about 40 years old. I was 30 at the time. She was 5'7", tan, and very fit with nice b-cup tits and very shapely thighs and ass. As we were 2 of the higher ranked people in the class, we would often team-up together for drills.

One of the drills involves grabbing your partner around the waist while standing behind them. At that point, they are supposed to do something to loosen your grip. After a few months, when I would stand behind her, I would press my cock into her firm ass while caressing her hips with my hands as I encircled her waist. She ALWAYS hesitated when trying to release my grip. A few times she even commented "I just forgot what I was supposed to do." When she had to perform that technique with other guys, she never had a problem and always performed it instinctively. I may be wrong, but I think she loved feeling me against her.

Anyway, during our 4 years together at this class, I got to feel her tits, ass, pussy, and legs while "wrestling" on the mats. I even placed my lips on her pussy a few times. And she likewise felt-up all of me during our wrestling.

We flirted with each other constantly, but it never went beyond that.

I accepted another job elsewhere after a few years. She gave me a big hug on my last day and whispered in my ear that she was going to miss me. And I have not seen (or touched) her since.
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