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Default Namaste - Yoga and an A cup

Today I opted to go for a yoga class. Besides the calm atmosphere and good stretching, maybe there would be some nice voyeur opportunities. Mhhh yes there was. While checking in for the class other participants slowly came. One girl was already changed wearing a black zipped hoodie. The hoodie did not bring much joy, but as she talked to the teacher checking us in the hoodie was unzipped to reveal a pretty creamy white tank top in a thin fabric. No bra to be seen there, instead two sweet little A cups topped off with perfect little nipples and small areolas, dark, slightly pointy and nearly completely visible through the top.

As I entered the class, it was to my luck that nobody was next to the braless girl and such an opportunity could not be passed upon. Smiling I rolled my mat out and got into positing while trowing some hidden glances at her sweet chest. Throughout the exercises her nipples and breasts were showing beautifully and at times they even got a bit hard pushing extra through the fabric to get attention. I felt more relaxed than ever during that class.

Her top was of the tight but slightly loose kind so when she was on hands and knees her delicate little breasts would hang showing a perfectly shaped cleavage just waiting for a hand to gently caress them. In the final part of the class we went from squatting to hands and knees a few times. I was able to place myself facing her and as she was getting up, the top was gaping more and more till it finally let the breast hang free and exposed a tiny peek to her perfect little dark nipples <3
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