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Originally Posted by peteflip View Post
I NEVER expected Naomi's nipples to be so big and brown, and 'DOUBLY' never expected them to be crinkly.
I love when the view is completely different than expected. I remember seeing a down a friend's pajama top one morning, and since she had really pale skin, I assume her nipples would be pale, too, but nope, her small areolas and nipples were extremely dark.

Another time way back in college, this gal with extremely small breasts sat down while I was standing and I got a perfect view (she was braless). She had teeny breasts alright, but her areolas were absolutely gigantic--at least 2.5" across or more. They were wrinkly, too. I just assumed she would have tiny, pointy nipples, but nope; complete surprise.

The roommate of a friend in college had tiny breasts but gigantic areolas, too. The shade was dark as I expected, though, but the size was a shock. (She changed her top away from me but in front of a mirror. She never knew that I saw, though.) Her breasts were super saggy, too. Tiny and saggy with enormous super dark areolas at 19yo. No problem with me, though!

Even my own wife seeing hers for the first time... I assumed they would be medium sized and medium dark, but they are as pale as her skin--you can't even make out her areolas unless you know where to look. And the nipples themselves are completely flat, so you can't make them out, either!

Usually, though, you can pretty much predict the size and shade after seeing so many, but it's fun to be surprised sometimes!
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