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Default swim instructor warms the winter

There isn't usually much to look at while my kids are in winter swimming lessons at our local pool; bodysuits are the norm for most of the 20-something instructors and even those who wear more revealing one-piece swimsuits are in the water up to their necks most of the time. And while the instructors are mostly in good shape, none of them are head-turners in the looks department.

Today, however, there was an attractive 20-year-old woman leading one of the groups. Dirty blonde, slim waist, shapely legs and bubble butt, with C-cup breasts in a tight blue one-piece. Attractive enough to catch my attention, but she quickly led her group into the water and the show was over. Until she came over to the side of the pool directly in front of my seat, and leaned over to grab something. Waaay over--grab the edge of the pool, hoist herself up a bit and stretch out with both arms--over. With her suit pinched by her stomach and the edge of the pool, the suit stayed down while her chest went up... Nothing popped out, but her breasts came out far enough for me to know that she doesn't have pancake areolas. Deep, beautiful cleavage on perfectly full and firm boobs. Then back into the pool, where she had to adjust her swimsuit. She went with the both-hands-two-straps-out-and-up adjust--not enough for anyone to see anything, but a birds-eye view would have seen it all. Even better, she came back two minutes later and repeated the whole show. Something to keep an eye and imagination going for the rest of the lesson.

So not the most exciting DB ever, but a pretty good show for a winter full of ski jackets, sweaters, and (ugh) scarves. Cheers to life's small joys.
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