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Default observations from a hill

Three things I observed about Charlee , in all the videos I have seen I don't see a wedding ring , I see an engagement ring but not a wedding ring . It looks like her and Zak were sharing a house together , but if they weren't married then it would be slightly easier to part . The other thing I noticed was that in the striptease video , the one with no audio , she is wearing blue jeans and one of the back pockets has a worn section looking as if an I phone has been constantly carried in that back pocket . All of her videos were supposedly made in 2001 to 2002 but I phones didn't come out till 2006 ,or is she wearing Zaks old jeans and that's an imprint of his wallet . Last is that in most of the comments online of her videos one guy constantly inserts the name Lorri Ann xxxx, does anyone think that has any significance . Just throwing out a few thoughts , can anyone add to this .