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Default First time

Originally Posted by PuffyNips View Post
The first time I ever had intercourse with a girl I came inside her. Oops. I was 16, she was 15. It was her first time too. Her parents had gone out for the evening. We ended up on her living room floor naked.

Neither of us had a condom, but that didn't stop young lust.

It took all of two minutes. I was inside her and was overcome by this incredibly tingly feeling and then bam, I started shooting in her pussy.

Feeling me tremble, she started shouting, "No no, what are you doing? Not inside me! STOP! STOP!."

Too late.

I don't know why I did it. I had no control over the situation. I was a nerdy kid who got an A in health class, so I knew the consequences. But all that went out the window as I came inside her.

She never got pregnant, but the next few weeks were the worst of my young life.
It happen to me the first time also,only me and her was fucking in a old abandon barn. In my case I was on her for a while and ended up shooting off in her twice,she didn't get pregnant that I know of because me and my family moved a few months later to another State and I never heard from her again but my mother and her mother still kept in touch for a while. I haft to say I was scared shitless for a while also
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