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Default keeping her all to himself?

sometime back, I lost almost my entire collection of pics and vids of my wife. However, I had sent most of them to my buddy as backup. So he has the entire collection, and has enjoyed seeing my wife in all shades of naked, in showers, on our bed spread eagle, et al. So I recently was talking to him about getting therm back.or at least copies. He says he either lost or misplaced them..or accidentally deleted them himself. So he has been rather cagey about them. Wondering if he is getting off on having all of those pics to himself while I don't..sort of like "having my wife and keeping this aspect of her for himself". He has made mention of perhaps putting them in a dropbox acct ..but two weeks and nothing. no, they have never gotten together, and I certainly don't blame him for wanting her as I opened that door..or never deleting them, as they are a treasure that is as I have discovered, irreplacable. I certainly would never delete a collection of a friend's wife that he gave me, even if he asked me to..thoughts?
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