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Thank you for your quality pics, creative themes, and for putting several Beatles earworms in my head.

Originally Posted by Fox Mulder View Post
First of all thanks to everyone who sent PMs and other messages AND those who have responded here. It's nice to feel appreciated. So here's my idea...I will continue SOME of my threads, but not in the main forum. I'll use the ALBUM SECTION where no one can add their off theme headless wife pics. I'll only revive threads that seemed really popular and ones I enjoyed collecting pictures for. There will be less volume, so hopefully more quality. A couple of thread ideas will blend together, (softcore and hardcore) and some of the titles may change. I was told by a mod that fewer people visit the albums. I see that as a good thing. Finding albums is only slightly more involved than finding threads, but maybe the extra step or two will discourage the brainless. Also, those who find my albums will be looking for my posts, not just stumbling upon them during a furious wank fest. I'd rather have just a few people really enjoy my posts than endure the off theme posters or the unappreciative slugs with a sense of entitlement who demand more anal. It will still be a bit before I start up again. Here's a thought: it might take a hardware update that probably ain't gonna happen...but I suggest to administration that there be an option for posters to "Go Solo" and close/lock out particular threads to comments and picture posts from anyone but the poster and the mods. Everyone can enjoy the thread and leave thanks, but unwanted comments, headless wives and "more of her" requests wouldn't dominate the threads. At the same time, there should be an "orgy" option for posters who encourage anyone and everyone to add whatever to their threads. This would avoid a lot of the reasons I closed my threads. I would use both options, by the way. Just a thought. Meanwhile, look for my future posts in the album section, or find the albums on my profile.
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