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Originally Posted by Fango View Post
Long-time readers of the Naked Charity Calendars thread know what this is. Fe-lix, the student newspaper of ImpXerial CollXege LonXdon has featured a "naked calendar"-style centrefold picture, featuring either individual students or members of student clubs, in almost every issue since Fall semester 2005. Here's a collection I've compiled from the freely available archive of issues on the Fe-lix website, 133 pics in all. It includes every picture featuring at least one girl, except a couple where there was no exposure from the girls whatsoever. I've gone through every issue and actually extracted the original pictures from the PDFs, so what you're getting are the source pictures, rather than just a screengrab of the page, or even the page simply converted from PDF to JPG. It's the real deal. The process was tedious as hell, so much so that I had to take a two-month break because it was so mind-numbing, so I hope the effort is appreciated. Ultimately, I think it was worth it because this is one of the best collections of covered and Hidden Nudity ever assembled, if I do say so myself.


Thanks Fango. Superb work.

Originally Posted by Murperfleem View Post
Truly impressive Fango. However, as usual, I'd need a rapidshare ( or other site) upload to actually download. I'd be terribly grateful if you did, but would be more than understanding if you couldn't. Thanks for the samples though!
Maybe I've misunderstood your comment but you simply have to click the link in Fango's first post where it says " (110.17 MB, xxx views)" and you can download the whole lot from this very thread.
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