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Default Primrose Has Her Cake

Primrose Has Her Cake


Primrose DuBois at 32 years was a striking beauty of the full-figured variety. She stood 69 inches tall and weighed 145 pounds and while not fat, she had certainly gained several pounds since here youth. She exercised to stay fit, but she has a fondness for sweets. To say she was curvy would have put it mildly. She was a dazzling brunette naturally, but liked to dye her hair blonde. Primrose was VP of operations for The Bastermats Chemical Company in the city of Puttyville and saw herself as the leading influence in both the company and the city. While a very capable executive, she was brassy and had a large mean streak. She was known for her lack of respect for those she considered beneath her, professionally and socially. She felt herself glamourous and loved to be the center of attention….

At Henriette’s, the new pâtisserie in Puttyville, Friday noon

“Annie, I thought I was clear, I want this event to be spectacular” said Primrose as she ate the last bite of the cheesecake from her plate. “To go with the beautiful cake Kate’s Cake Shop has prepared, I want candles-lots of them”. Prim’s oft-chastened deputy VP of operations and oft personal assistant, Annie replied, “Yes Mrs. DuBois, I ordered 50 very nice tiny pink candles”. “Fine Annie, but don’t forget the cake symbolize my remarkable contributions to the company”. Primrose continued, “This party marks my one-year anniversary with Bastermats and I want everyone to know it!” “Yes, Mrs. DuBois, I understand completely”, responded Annie. As Primrose instructed the waiter to bill the company for her treat, she told Annie, “Don’t forget to pick up my dress and run it to my house tomorrow. Annie said “Yes, Mrs. DuBois”. Primrose gave Annie the claim check and noticed the number 74 on the top. As they were leaving, Prim remarked to the waiter, “your cheesecake is excellent but your service is lacking”. “You really should hire more staff, young man”. The waiter, very familiar with Primrose, rolled his eyes.

The Beth’s Dress Shop, Saturday morning

Annie hurried in the shop from the rain. When the owner Beth met her at the counter Annie presented the claim ticket for Primrose’s dress. The dress was a stunning shade of pink and cut to hug the figure very closely. It had a very low sweetheart neckline, wide shoulder straps, a 2-inch belt beneath the bust, and a very snug pencil skirt with a walking vent in the back. Annie was amazed how sexy it was.

After picking up the dress and charging it to Primrose’s’ Bastermats expense account, Annie hurried to deliver the dress as instructed. As Beth was filing the claim tickets she though it odd she had worked on two identical pink dresses this week, one a size 6 and one a size 8. As she passed the racks for pickup, she recalled the owner of the size 6 would not need hers for another week. As Beth walked to the back of the store, she did not notice the pink dress remaining was tagged number 74 and was a size 8….

The stately home of Primrose, Saturday Afternoon

At home, Primrose was soaking in her Jacuzzi bath dreaming of the Edward French, the new VP of finance. She felt he would surely be smitten after her performance tonight and she could then develop their friendship into a romantic affair. Surely he would forgo his homely wife for her sophisticated charms! In anticipation of him, she had shaved her lovely brown bush into the shape of a heart. She touched herself with the loofa in the steamy candle-lit room imagining him ravishing her body with his manhood and then more. After nearly boiling the bath water with her reverie, she was startled by the clock chiming and realized she must now get moving.

She towed off and dried her hair then she continued prepping her coiffure with a new product from France that Primrose had to try because it was so expensive at the boutique she frequented. After her hair, she finished her makeup and moved to her dressing room where here clothes were laid out. First Primrose donned her sturdy yet elegant pink support hose. Then she put on her delicate demi-bra and went to open her dress bag. She though it odd that the claim number on the attached ticket was 47. She could have sworn that she remembered it being 74. No bother, she went about unzipping the sexy Jean-Paul Gaultier creation and putting it on. “Whaa?” she whined, this dress was far tighter than she recalled during her fitting sessions. Perhaps it was the cheesecake? ”More likely an incompetent seamstress!” Primrose fumed. She struggled with the zipper but finally got it closed and fastened the hook at the top. She pulled on her designer Magli four-inch heels and swept in front of the full length mirror. Prim looked amazingly provocative, even sexy in the dress, but the outfit was straining quite a bit. The neckline dipped very low displaying her swelling breasts to their best. The slit up the rear was alarmingly high. She reminded herself to be careful and not make any sudden stoops or bends lest disaster strike. Primrose tittered to herself imagining a minor wardrobe malfunction in the presence of Edward which caused him an embarrassing visible erection.

As she moved to get her necklace, her leg brushed against the dressing table leg and she heard a terrible ripping noise, but certainly not the last one she would be hearing tonight. She looked down and saw her hose had caught on an errand nail and shredded all up her left leg clearly visible through the rear vent. Now she was in trouble indeed as the hose were the last pair she had. Her mind raced as she carefully took off the dress. She realized she would have no hope of squeezing into the dress without the “support” offered by the now ruined support hose. She tore through her three walk-in closets hoping to find some more hose but came up empty handed.

Just when she considered calling Annie and making this as usual her problem, Primrose spied an older lingerie case in the back of a drawer. Inside from years ago early in her first marriage, was a pair of seamed pink silk stockings, a sexy pink bustier complete with shoulder straps and garters, and a tiny pair of string bikini panties. She breathed a deep sigh of relief for the bustier would provide the “support’ needed to get into her dress. The memories this outfit brought back were also very fond although her first husband was a real loser. As she held the bustier up, she noticed it was indeed designed for a more slender woman. Still, it was her only option. Primrose though the combination smelled a bit stale which simply wouldn’t do if things worked out as planned with Edward tonight. She had just enough time to tumble them in the dryer with a jasmine-scent pouch. Failing to check the faded washing care tags she popped the lingerie in a bag then into the dryer for 10 minutes while she checked her makeup. What she forgot about these unmentionables was they were never to be machine dried, only line dried. Combined with their age, the hot drier cooked up a disaster in-the-making for Primrose.

She cooed as she positioned the drier-warm and perfumed bustier to her full chest and fastened the many hook and eye loop fasteners to secure it around her midsection! She was careful pulling up the tiny should straps for fear the aging and delicate material would tear. Although it was very snug, the garment seemed secure. Next Primrose slid on the sexy stockings and thought how much better they looked than the support hose. She lengthened the garters and fastened them to her stockings. Finally the panties and these would be a trick indeed as they were at least two sizes too small. She glided them up her silky thighs gingerly and positioned the side strings to provide the most possible coverage. She caught herself in the mirror and gasped. She blushed at her appearance. She looked like a pink pastry puff. The bustier cups were brimming with her large breasts. Her areolas were clearly visible above each cup and Primrose’s nipples were ready to spring forth as well. The shoulder straps strained against her curvy shoulders indenting the flesh slightly but held fast for now. Her sexy belly protruded slightly across the six inches between the bottom of the bustier and her low panty line. Her lovely bellybutton winked. The garters were pulled taut holding up her stockings. They seemed to be in a tugging match with her shoulder straps and dimpled the flesh of her thighs where they attached to her stockings. Atop the garters and low on Primrose’s hips were the tiny panties. The side strings pressed into her hips imprinting her flesh only so slightly. The tiny front triangle did not completely cover the top of her bush! The back was equally minimal with much of her generous cheeks exposed as well as nearly an inch of butt crack. Primrose tugged here and there at the panties, but she could not get them to cover more. Primrose felt slightly breathless staring in the full length mirror and grasped. She was scarcely covered and barely contained by her choice of lingerie. Still, everything was holding together. Just as before, she reminded herself to be careful and not make any sudden movements or something would jiggle free. Maybe this deadly combination would send Edward falling into her arms. She put her dress back on feeling reassured as the zip closed without too much struggle. She completed her look with gloves, solid gold bracelets, a long pearl necklace, diamond earrings, and a fascinator hat with a small net veil. She just finished as her butler and driver rang the doorbell. He nearly lost his breath when she opened the door and came out. Primrose’s heels clicked loudly as she walked to her door which he held open. As she got in, he thought he heard a popping sound from Primrose as she slid across the seat, but could not be sure. He held his tongue as she preferred and drove her to the gala.
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