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Originally Posted by GRITS View Post
You got it wrong... its not puncuation.... I have no idea what this guy Bigg is talking about??... I really think he assumes the world is familiar w/ his personal life/situtations ?/... I'm not, and have been trying to be polite about it,, BUT its just too overwelming... I have no idea what he talking about most if the time?? .. I feel hes re-living his ex in a fantasy and believes its real.... It seems bizarre and frankly SCARES ME somewhat..... I hope you can understand that feeling... its taking our fun away if that means anything.
Bigg is only attempting to participate by sharing his fascination with his ex in this thread, one that has plenty of views, postings and opinions. This is a public thread, open for all to post and enjoy. That includes you, Bigg and me.

What concerns me is that you are taking his response to your condemnation way too seriously, being overwhelmed by it, that it scares you and taking YOUR fun away. This is an open, sexual forum for everyone - not just you.

I would ask the same of you and other posters here, as to which of those that are re-living an ex in fantasy and believe it is real, and those of us that have been sharing adventures in real time, whether current or in the past. Does it really matter? I think not. We are all here for a little fun. And I doubt his intentions with his response was anything more than to say he won't ever bother you again.

Take down your Do Not Disturb sign and have a little fun. It is what we are all here for anyway.
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