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Default Not To Worry

Originally Posted by Thebigg View Post
I have no idea what your issue with me is. Nobody else seems to share your thoughts on my use of punctuation, grammar and sentence structure. I was only looking to your advice on our evolving and confusing new experiences. But not to worry, I won't bother your personal forum any longer.
Hey Bigg,

Not to worry about grits. This isn't his personal forum, in fact if I recall correctly somewhere along the line - he even said as much. And about your punctuation, grammar or sentence structure - all one needs to do is take a look at his post directly above your original response I have quoted in this one.

He has apparently forgotten the long referenced proverb, the one about glass houses.

We are all here for some fun, advice, suggestions or just simply to hang out. Don't let someone like grits scare you away. His bark is bigger than his bite.
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