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Part IV - Mallory's new friend

It had been a few weeks since Mallory had moved to Chicago. She was finally settling in. She had basically forgotten about getting humiliated on the train, weeks ago. It was a "Casual Friday" at work; Mallory had on her favorite pair of worn-in light blue, signature Levi jeans. She had on a long cozy, over-sized solid gray sweater. She was wearing a pair of white, Nike cross-training shoes. She was always one for comfort over style. It was only 60 degrees when she was commuting to work in the morning. She also liked wearing the sweater because of how high the A/C would be in the office.

Mallory was staring through her glasses, just waiting for Friday to end. She had started to become friendly with one of her co-workers, Ashley. Ashley was a manager at the firm, so she always had to be dressed at least business casual. Ashley was wearing tight black business slacks, and had a black and white striped long sleeve shirt. She had her shirt tucked into her slacks, and had on leather dress belt. Ashley was a little taller than Mallory, and a little skinnier. Ashley had medium length, red hair and piercing green eyes. Ashley had bigger boobs, but Mallory had a better ass. They were the same age and seemed to have a lot of common interests. Ashley was a dork through high school and seemed to relate a lot of experiences with Mallory.

As the day winded down, Ashley invited Mallory to come out and watch live music in the park. Even though Mallory enjoyed being around Ashley, she felt reluctant to accept the invitation. She was nervous of what she might think of her outside of a work setting. Mallory was also dressed a lot more casual than her co-worker. She turned down the invitation, but Ashley teased her about pale she was, and that she needed to get some sun. "It's a great source of Vitamin C," Ashley said with a smirk. She continued to peer-pressure Mallory by telling her it was free. Mallory finally said yes. She knew she had to make an attempt at having a social life. If she went home, she would just put on sweats and watch re-runs of the Bachelor.

The temperature was now up to 73, it was still a little cool for late June. Mallory and Ashley walked out to the park after work. Ashley ran to one of the vendors quickly, as Mallory scoured the area for a good spot on the grass. She found a great spot to squeeze in at the front of the field. There were hundreds of people already scattered behind her, some in portable chairs, some on blankets, Mallory unpacked and set up their red blanket, and waved down Ashley who was walking back with two beers. Mallory was sitting with her legs out, and her over-sized sweater went comfortably down to her butt. Mallory still wasn't much of a drinker, but didn't want to refuse the drink and give off the wrong perception. Mallory finished putting her brown hair up into a pony tail, and then reached her hand out to grab the drink from Ashley.

"Oh shit! I'm so sorry, Mal!" Ashley said, as she spilled her beer all over Mallory's gray sweater. "It's okay! It's getting kinda warm. I was going to take it off anyway." Mallory replied, but she was lying about taking the sweater off. It was so comfortable, and she wasn't planning on taking it off until she had gotten home. Ashley checked her back to make sure her shirt was still properly tucked in, then set down next to her co-worker.

Mallory pulled the beer-soaked sweater over her head, As she pulled the sweater off, her white t-shirt she was wearing underneath got caught half-way up her back. This exposed a few inches of her skin. This also barely exposed the waistband of her underwear out the back of her Signature Levis. Mallory felt the shirt rise up, and reached behind herself and pulled the t-shirt down. She knew most of her t-shirts were short, and barely went down to the top of her jeans. Because of this, she decided to tuck the white t-shirt in. Instead of tucking it to the space between her underwear and her jeans, she tucked it between her body and her underwear unknowingly. The waistband of her underwear was about 3/4 of an inch. It was bright white, and had the words Hanes stamped in cursive repeatedly. It wasn't sticking out much, really just the waistband.

Unaware of the wardrobe malfunction, Mallory and Ashley chatted away. Ashley had been in a relationship for a year, and was surprised to hear Mallory wasn't dating anyone. She also didn't know her co-workers embarrassing underwear from Hanes were tucked into her shirt. Ashley encouraged her to get on Tinder and Bumble. She had met her boyfriend through online dating, and was trying to egg Mallory into trying it. Mallory hated talking about her love life, or lack of it. She hated that everyone was always trying to "fix her". Ashley adjusted herself on the blanket. Her butt stuck out a bit as she moved around, but she has no panty lines on her tight black slacks. She then layed on her stomach with her face on-top of her hands. She did not have any view of Mallory's wardrobe malfunction.

Mallory legs were falling asleep, and she needed to sit in a different posture too. She adjusted herself into an Indian-style seat. The waistband of her white Hanes was rapidly crawling up her back. The Hanes waistband was in full view, as well as about 2-3 inches of the cotton below it. The cotton was a different color than the waistband, it was a solid gray. The cotton of her underwear would have matched her sweater very well. Unfortunately, it contrasted with her white tee-shirt. The contrast made it easier for the hundreds of people behind her to notice her un-mentionables. A couple sitting right behind her, were the first ones to notice. "How doesn't she know?" The man said. "She's waiving the white...err...gray flag of surrender." The woman joked back. Mallory was buzzed and too invested in listening to music to hear the couple talking behind her.

Ashley then adjusted herself again, kicked her legs forward and sat back. She looked over toward her brunette co-worker. She noticed the white waistband sticking out the side of her Levis. Is that her underwear? Ashley silently thought. That can't be? They are so big and nerdy! The gray cotton was now all bunched up and was almost eating up the white Hanes waistband in the middle of her back. Maybe it's some type of undershirt, Ashley continued to ponder. On Mallory's sides the cotton wasn't as bunched up, and you could still make out the bright white waistband. Ashley slid back slightly, to take a better look at Mallory's side. She saw the words Hanes written over and over in gray. She kinda chuckled. Oh my God! Those are her undies. And they're Hanes. I can't tell her. She'll hate me.

Ashley turned around with her green eyes and could see the couple starting at Mallory's butt. The guy looked like he was trying to take a picture on his phone. She could then noticed another couple staring as well. Ashley thought about how many other people have probably already seen the underwear. I have to tell her, Ashley thought.

There was a good 3-4 inches of Mallory's underwear sticking out in the back, and it got a little smaller as it disappeared into the wide sides of her blue jeans. "Mal," Ashley nervously asked, "Are you wearing Hanes underwear?" Mallory looked puzzled at first. Once she realized what happened, she got the deer in headlights look. Her dark brown eyes and bushy eye brows froze. She reached her right hand back and felt the surplus of gray cotton. Mallory was so humiliated, she had just shown off her underwear to hundreds of people. She had no idea how long her shirt was tucked in. Mallory's face was so bright red, you could hardly tell she had any freckles. She was absolutely mortified. She had seen many people tuck their shirts into their underwear over the years, but never imagined she would do it someday.

Mallory tried to quickly un-tuck the white shirt out of the gray underwear. Mallory reached with her hand to pull out the shirt, and instead got a hand full of the gray cotton underwear. Thinking she had a hold of the shirt, she pulled the gray cotton up 5-6 inches. "Ow!" Mallory grimaced as she had just wedgied herself of everyone. She had now given her first herself. She started to think about when her sister Chelsea had given her a wedgie at the Christmas party. This one wasn't as high and the underwear didn't rip, but it was even more embarrassing to do it to herself. And in public!

Mallory could hear laughing, and then heard multiple comments behind her.

"Did you just see that lady give herself a wedgie!"

"Did you see that? She tried to pull down her shirt and grabbed her underwear and gave herself a wedgie instead!"

"My Mom has a pair of those!"

"She must be so humiliated!"

Ashley watching the whole thing play out, and felt her heart sink for her new friend. The red head felt crushed for the brunette. She didn't mean for this to happen. She just wanted to look out for her friend. Mallory finally un-tucked her shirt, and pushed her panties back into her jeans. Mallory looked like she was about to cry. "Don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone," Ashley said. "This secret is safe with me."

Mallory still at a loss of words, quickly stood up. Her shirt rose and her pants fell as she stood, briefly showing her gray and white Hanes, one last time. Once she fully stood up, the shirt came down and fully went down to the top of her Levis.

"I have to go," Mallory said about to go into tears. Ashley tried to convince her to sit back down, but Mallory was having none of it. She grabbed her gray sweater and weaved out of the crowd as quickly as she could. Mallory started to cry as she got out of the crowd. She continually checked behind her back every few steps, just to make sure another clothing malfunction didn't happen. During the commute home, Mallory pondered ever showing up to work again. How could she ever see Ashley again and not feel instant humiliation?
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