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Part III - Mallory's Embarrassing Train Ride

Two and a half years had passed since the O'Brien Christmas party. Mallory O'Brien was now 26 years old, and still a virgin, single as ever. She had just re-located to Chicago from her small suburb in Michigan. Unfortunately, she was let go from her teacher job after massive budget cuts. She scrambled for a new job, and was able to get a customer service position for a law firm in the loop. It didn't pay much more money than her teaching gig, but it gave her the opportunity to be on her own. It also gave her the opportunity to get out of her sister's shadow at home.

She rented a small studio apartment, and couldn't afford to have a car. She only had a short train ride on the CTA to her law firm's office in the Loop. She had only been in the city for two days, and was still trying to get used to her new surroundings.

It was a perfect June day - sunny, a little breezy, and 65 degrees. Mallory felt relieved her first day at her new job was over. All she had to do was take the train home, and then she could just relax. Mallory had grown her brown hair a little longer than she normal kept it. It ran down a few inches than her shoulder. Her hair was mainly straight, but curled a lot toward the tips. She liked eye brows on the bushier side, but maintained. She couldn't wait to get home and get out of her cramped, dress clothes. She was wearing a long sleeve black shirt from Nordstrom Rack. The shirt fit her just perfectly and went to the top of her tight, tan-khaki pants from Banana Republic. Her glasses gave her a cute-dorky look.

She got on the train that was headed north, to her small north-side studio. The train was crowded and she quickly snagged the one empty seat. She fit right in the two seater, right next to a middle-aged woman, with short black hair.

Mallory couldn't help but people watch everyone around her. Right across from her was a beautiful, fit, business woman wearing a tight red dress. She had a perfect body, she probably worked out 5+ times a week. She was probably late 20's, and she had long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. Then she noticed a tall, dark haired 20-something male, standing right by the seats holding the rail above him. Everywhere Mallory looked there were attractive people. It was extremely intimidating for someone from a small town. Especially someone as low maintenance as herself. She was more of a "jeans and t-shirt type". She usually didn't wear a lot of brand names.

Mallory had sat down so quickly, her long sleeve black shirt got caught up on the back of her seat. This exposed inches of her pale-white skin, and even whiter Hanes underwear. She had worn Hanes almost her entire life. Her tan khaki pants were so tight, that the back of her pants stuck out leaving a large gap. You could read the words Hanes written in grey script, about 3 times. You could read half of the word Hanes once more before her khaki pants rose up on her right side. It just said "Han".

Mallory bent over her bag to pull out her earbuds. As she leaned over to dig through her bag, her white underwear stuck out even farther in the back, exposing an inch of white cotton under the waistband. The bright white Hanes contrasted so much with her tan pants and black shirt, they were impossible to miss. You could see them from a mile away. She was doing this right in front of tall, dark, handsome man standing in front of her.

The middle age woman next to Mallory noticed her big white, cotton underwear from Hanes sticking out when she sat down. She hoped that Mallory would notice on her own. She wasn't sure if she should bring up the underwear issue to a stranger, but she would want someone to tell her. She was waiving the white flag of surrender, and didn't know it.

The middle-aged woman looked over toward Mallory. She wasn't sure how to say it. "Ma'am, your underwear is sticking out," Said the middle-aged woman. Mallory had her head phones in and was scrolling through social media. She felt lonely seeing all of her friends in relationships and taking pictures with their partners. She never had a romantic, real kiss in her life. She was hoping the new city would be a new start. She has no idea her huge, white underwear was showing, or that the stranger next to her was trying to inform her.

"Ma'am, YOUR UNDERWEAR IS SHOWING!" the middle aged woman said, basically shouting. Almost everyone on the train turned and looked toward Mallory. Her face became bright red. She could her a few of the passengers giggling. Extremely embarrassing for such a private person. Mallory was almost in dis-belief that her underwear was on display. How could she let this happen to herself? With her right hand, she felt behind her back. She could feel the soft, white cotton of the waistband. She pushed the white Hanes waistband back down into her khakis. Mallory tugged up the side of her tan khakis. This was ironic because her underwear was sticking out the back, not out the sides. Even after pulling up the sides, the white underwear still stuck out the back in the gap between her pants. "I'm sorry. I just thought you would want to know," the middle aged woman said.

Mallory looked around the train. Most people were still giggling and looking in her direction. Some of the things she heard:

"That lady is wearing Hanes"

"I'm so embarrassed for her"

"Doesn't she have a belt?"

Mallory then saw the pretty blonde business woman giggling in her direction. Then she saw her immediately texting. How humiliating! She was probably telling all of her friends.

Completely embarrassed, Mallory quickly got out of her seat without saying anything else, underwear still sticking out the back. She just needed to get off this train. She wasn't sure where she was, but it didn't matter if it was the right spot. She could hear the conductor announce the stop. Thud! She accidentally dropped her bag right in front of the beautiful, blonde business woman.The doors were opening to let people out. Mallory crouched down in front of her to pick up as much of her stuff. Once again, her black shirt rode up and exposed her plain, boring white cotton Hanes underwear again. This time part of the waistband was twisted from her just pushing them down. Everyone standing behind her just saw her Hanes briefs. Her most private article of clothing.

Mallory could hear the blonde woman giggle. "Oh my god! Are those Hanes?!" Said the blonde out loud. Mallory quickly stood back up. She tugged her khakis up once again, and pulled her black shirt back down. The door for the train started to close. Mallory quickly tried to get out the door, but got caught in the door leaving, ensuing even more humiliation. What a trainwreck! She had started to cry, she was so embarrassed. Her sides were sore from the train door closing on her. She sat on a bench, completely humiliated as she called for an uber on her phone. She could only pray no one from that train would ever recognize her.

** Would love to keep writing. Just depends if there's any responses or likes to continue!
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